Best 10+ Amazon Alexa Devices for 2024

The smart speaker Amazon Echo was first launched in the year 2014 with the artificial intelligence called Alexa. Amazon Echo got pretty popular over these years, and now there are four different Amazon speakers. Amazon Echo, Amazon Dot, Amazon Show, and Amazon Plus.

The Same Voice Assistant and four different devices can be quite confusing right, and so here we are to help you. We have all the information and details for Amazon speakers you will need to choose the right speaker.

List of Top Amazon Alexa Devices

Amazon Echo Dot – 3rd generation

amazon echo dot - 3rd generation

If you are starting on Amazon speaker for the first time then you go for Amazon Echo Dot. The smallest member of the family and the cheapest. It comes for about $49 and is the 3rd generation model.

It responses to all Alexa commands, it is also compatible with smart home appliances like lights, AC, TV, and more. You can play music and place online food orders. You can Alexa to buy your home grocery from Amazon.

Talking about the appearance Amazon Echo Dot, the 3rd generation Echo Dot comes with lots of modifications and better designs. It has fabric design with three color variants Black, grey, white. It has four buttons on the top volume up and low buttons, microphone mute button, and Action button.

You can enable to set up wifi and turn of alarm and timers. You can also stop anything by commanding “Alexa Stop”.

Another noticeable change on amazon Dot is the cloth that goes around the entire circumference of the speaker, and that’s because it’s got an array of speakers throughout to broadcast sound 360 degrees. The 3rd generation Echo Dot is slightly bigger than the first version, but its speakers are significantly louder.

Echo Dot (3rd Gen)

The four pinholes around The buttons are four independent microphones which were only one in the previous model. This makes it easier for the dot to hear your voice over it’s significantly louder volume. The underside part of Amazon dot is broader and designed with grippy silicone material which will not let it skid.

It’s small and portable it can put it on any room and any corner of your house. Just plug in Echo Dot to a power source, you can keep it on your desk or living room and check for news, sports scores, calendars, etc, you keep it on kitchen for timers and music, you have it on your bedroom and access smart bulb and devices.

Amazon Alexa Echo – 2nd generation

Amazon Alexa Echo - 2nd generation

Amazon Echo got a transformation at the end of 2017, and this new design is more compatible with sound hearing, and speakers are significantly louder. You can experience enhanced speakers with Dolby processing and improved immersive sound.

Amazon Echo has seven speakers that hear your voice from any corner of the room; you don’t have to shout too loud, just say the wake works Alexa and it will easily respond to your question.

Amazon Echo 2nd generation comes in six different design model, which includes fabric colored design, wood colors, and metal designs. You can even play music with Echo from another room.

The multi music features Alexa will play music across your compatible Echo devices. For example, you can Alexa play a movie song in the kitchen, jazz song in a bedroom or play a pop song in every part of your home.

Alexa Echo (2nd Gen)

With a single command, you can control multiple devices such as door locking, turning off lights. Tons of devices are compatible with Amazon echo which includes home devices, lights, TV, thermostats, and many more.

Staying in one place, you turn off lights, coffee maker and smart TV it’s super easy. Alexa Echo (2nd Gen) takes care of your home security by enabling Alexa Guard it alerts you if the device detects smoke alarms, glass breaking or carbon monoxide alarms, etc.

If you want to gift Alexa these to your kids, you make Amazon echo kid Friendly by enabling Amazon Free Time through the Alexa app.

These will automatically filter explicit songs, add approved contact, set time limits, or you will be able to review all the activities with easy to use parental controls in the Amazon Parent Dashboard.

Amazon Echo Plus

Amazon Echo Plus

Alexa Echo Plus was released in the year 2017 featuring a powerful audio system. The new Amazon Echo Plus is friendlier than before. The Amazon Echo Plus 2nd generation comes with a newer design and inbuilt hub that lets you control compatible home devices quickly. Here you don’t have to register for setup or require an extra hub.

You get to plugin with compatible Zigbee smart home devices and ask “Alexa, discover my devices.” soon device will be detected automatically and after setting up the devices you will be able to control multiple smart devices with a command.

Echo Plus allows you to communicate between Philips Hue light bulbs, Nest security cameras WeMo light switches, and many more things.

You can stream music from many streaming applications like Amazon music, pandora, Spotify, Apple Music, you can shop from Amazon or ask Alexa to prepare your shopping list.

Amazon Echo Plus Bluetooth Speaker

The best thing you get with echo plus is the premium speakers with Dolby processing, it plays 360-degree audio firm vocals and also dynamic bass. A new audio feature lets you pair Echo plus with other echo devices and create a high immersive sound.

Plus contains seven far-field microphones so Alexa can hear even if you say it softly, it can catch your voice even in a noisy environment. Another smart addition you get with Amazon Echo Plus is the built-in temperature sensor that monitors your room temperature.

With this standalone feature, you can make use of a wider appliance in your home or office like a smart thermostat to turn up the heating when the weather gets chilled.

Alexa is getting smarter and smarter, with the Alexa skills system you can download enhanced features and capabilities as per your requirement. There are 15000+ skills a massive list of things Alexa can do for you that include booking a can, ordering food, games, news, weather forecast and tons of things. The best part is you don’t have to pay extra for any of these.

The Fabric design makes Echo Plus and standard Echo device quite lookalike. The Amazon Echo Plus is also now considerably shorter, and slightly fatter and weight under a kilo that is 780g. There are three colour variants for the device Charcoal, Heather Gray or Sandstone options.

The physical volume dial has also been replaced with several buttons on the top face of the speaker: two-volume, controls, mute button, and the action button to bring Alexa to attention. There are two noticeable changes in the Echo Plus design the Amazon has been shifted the speaker and the mute button symbol is now represented crossed circle.

Amazon Echo show – 2nd generation

Amazon Echo show - 2nd generation

Amazon Echo Show comes with your visual screen which doubles the fun of using Alexa. With the Echo Show, Alexa gets more skills and is even smarter than before. You can ask Alexa to video call friends, Taking a picture so you don’t have to set times for a group picture anymore.

You can watch your favorite shows on Amazon Prime watch song Albums right on your handy device and you can ask to voice message or send a text message to someone from your contact list.

With smart devices compatible with Alexa you can control your whole house from one place. There are hundreds of device which Alexa can control such as lights, plugs, security cameras, A/Cs and TV.

You can monitor your little one from this device, Ask Alexa to show baby room with a compatible camera or ask her to dim bedroom lights. With Philips Hue bulbs and Anchor plugs, you will not need a separate hub to manage compatible devices.

Echo Show – Premium sound

Talking about appearance Echo Show second generation has a fabric design. With 10.1″ HD 7 inch screen and Dolby sound, you will love to watch movies and shows. You can watch your favorite shoes from video streaming apps like Amazon Prime, Hulu, Vevo music videos.

On the top of the screen, there are control buttons, volume up and volume down buttons and five-megapixel camera with which you can Alexa to video call and take photos.

Echo delivers expansive stereo sound with deep, powerful lows and high sound thanks to the dual premium drivers, a passive radiator and Dolby processing.

This device contains eight microphones so Alexa can hear you from anywhere in the room it can even hear you in noisy environments or when music is on. Echo Show’s HD screen is built for visibility across the room.

You can add items in your Amazon carts set your shopping list and check the forecast, calendars, and photos library and more.

Amazon Echo spot – 2nd generation

Amazon Echo spot - 2nd generation

Amazon Echo Spot is a stylish and compatible echo device that can easily fit in any location of your room. It’s portable and easy to carry around if you want to take it to a new place. The echo spot has a perfect angled screen ideal to keep on your desk or bedside table or kitchen.

You can set alarm, timers or reminders call friend, check whether and all the other kinds of stuff. Echo Spot can wake you every day to your favorite song or artist. You can choose from a collection of clock faces and personalize your spot. You can even set a background image from Facebook.

Echo Spot is like the new Echo Dot but with a screen of 2.5 inches. It comes with four microphones so it hears your voice from any corner of your room. It even eliminates the noise around your surroundings so you don’t have to worry about people’s voices or even playing music.

Echo Spot | Alexa-enabled Speaker

If you have more than one Echo device placed in your house Alexa will respond to the nearest device. You can function a different echo device by commanding to the nearest device. You can play single music in your whole house and you can use Alexa to make an announcement in the whole house like “Dinner is ready” or come downstairs.

If you have little kids in your room then you can monitor on Echo spot through a camera. Even check the security camera set in your house or offices. If you want to listen to loud music then connect it with loudspeakers using 3.5 mm stereo cable or Bluetooth. Add voice control to your home speakers.

With more than 80,000 skills and counting, Alexa is always getting smarter. Skills are like apps and help you do more like playing Jeopardy! or learn something new with wikiHow. Just say, “Alexa, show me skills.”

Amazon Echo show 5

Amazon Echo show 5

The newer version of the show that is Amazon Echo Show 5 is even better and smarter. It is more compatible and lightweight. With the 5.5-inch screen, you can see vivid visual images and videos along with the crisp full sound.

Catch with Entertainment and news whenever you need it. Ask Alexa to show the latest news or everything will be on your screen. Keep Amazon Echo Show 5 on to your kitchen and watch the recipe video.

You can stream videos and music from Apps like Pandora, Amazon Prime and Amazon Music, Hulu, and much more. Listen to music and sing along you can go through the lyrics of songs from amazon music.

You can make hands free video call to the Alexa app or people having Alexa device with a screen. Show 5 instantly connects with supported devices in your home.

What can the Amazon Echo show do?

You can also operate another echo device kept in different rooms for different functions. Turning off kid’s room light, play music in the living room, turn on the TV in the bedroom and more. You can even make voice announcements to each room through different echo devices.

Control device privacy and settings if you can turn off the microphone button & camera button and save your device from mischievous kids. You can manage plenty of smart devices with your voice like lights and thermostats, home appliances and security cameras.

All about Best Alexa Devices in the year 2024

All the devices operate with the same voice assistant called Alexa they vary in functionality. Alexa is the brain behind your device that does your thinks and reacts to your question through Cloud network. You have all the information you need to select a suitable Alexa device for your home or office.

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