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Telegram Secret Chat: How Does it Work?

Telegram: How Does Secret Chat Work

We are millennial’s and we have seen different ways of communication. In earlier days, before the arrival of smartphones, we used normal text messages and calling through outdated cell phones to share information and ideas. We live in the 21st century and get ourselves surrounded by advanced technology.

If we talk about the mobile device, then, as you know, these devices can perform every function which could only be performed by computers for ages.

Evolution in digital technology is evident through smartphones. Nowadays, if you look at the features and affordability of smartphones, you would realize how rapidly our world is evolving in terms of providing an ultimate resource to share information. As you know, currently, each smartphone consists of many useful features.

You can install social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter on your device. And enjoy playing games on your device. You can share the message with the different messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Facebook Messenger, etc.

Most Famous Chatting APP – Secret Chats on Telegram

Today we are focusing on Telegram, one of the most famous messaging apps after WhatsApp. According to me, Telegram is far better than WhatsApp, considering the fact that it provides better features, customization, security, and a lot more than WhatsApp.

This article will particularly guide you about the secret chats on Telegram and how it works. Secrete chats on Telegram is one of the most famous features in this application. But, unfortunately, many like us don’t know about this exciting feature.

If you have ever happened to know about this feature, but you are not aware with its functionality, I will be explaining detailed information about secret chats on Telegram and everything that you need to know about this amazing feature. Once you go through with the article, you would have complete knowledge about these secret chats, and along with that, you’ll learn how to use it perfectly.

So, let’s begin!

What is Secret Chat in Telegram

First and foremost, we need to understand that a secret chat on Telegram is different from normal chat, which we use to do on our mobile devices. Secret chat on Telegram is an encrypted feature that means chats happen here are not stored on the Telegram server as well as in the phone’s memory. Which also means that you won’t be able to take a screenshot or save the conversation on your cell phone.


We can say that it is more like a self-destructive weapon, just like the weapon, secret chat on Telegram automatically eliminates the conversation so its tracks cannot be found.

Following are the primary properties of Secret Chat on Telegram.

  •   Unlike regular chat, it provides better privacy and security while chatting with someone.
  •   Secret Chat on Telegram uses end-to-end encryption which completely leaves you with no sign of tracing on Telegram’ cloud server
  •   One of the most interesting services of this feature is that a person with whom you are chatting cannot save or forward the conversation. Even he or she cannot take a screenshot of the conversation. Since messages on Telegram automatically deleted, leaving no possibility to save them on your device.

Does Telegram really keep chat in secret?

Definitely yes!

Conversations in secret chat on Telegram are more secure and protected than a public or private chat. The encrypted communication makes sure that it doesn’t allow any messages to be leaked.

Each outgoing and incoming message is coded with an encryption key, and no one in the world can possibly decrypt the code even if one would try to intercept during transmission. In addition to that, Telegram does not include stock conversations from the secret chat on Telegram’s cloud server.

You cannot store messages as well as chat history on your smartphone. Moreover, you cannot forward text messages to another person and cannot take a screenshot of the conversation.

The next is one of the most noteworthy features while using Secret Chat on Telegram. It provides you an option to delete messages from your device, and it will automatically clear all the messages from a person’s device with whom you are exchanging messages.

One more advantage which adds value to this feature is that you can set a timer in order to destruct all your messages. Once the period completes, your messages will be automatically deleted.

How to launch a secret chat on Telegram?

The procedure is very easy and quick. First, you need to install Telegram on your mobile device. Once you complete the installation process, launch Telegram. Next, swipe right to open the menu where you will find a different option.

install telegram

   From here, you need to choose New Secret Chat in order to start a secret chat on Telegram.

new secret chat

Once you choose New Secret Chat from the menu, you can see that on the contact list. From the contact list, choose one contact with whom you want to start the conversation.

You have to wait until the person accepts your chat request. Once the person accepts the conversation, you will find a secret chat page appearing on your device where you can share files, voice messages, and text messages with the person. You can, with no worries, start the conversation since secret chat will leave no signs of tracing the messages on your device or the instant messenger service.

Secret Chat on Telegram also provides a timer with which you can set time for self-destructing messages. You can change the time setting on Telegram. For this, you need to go to the menu which you’ll find on the top right. Now, click on the self-destruct timer!

Once you launch Self-destruct Timer, you can open a new window from which you can change the timing of the lifespan of chat before it gets self-destroyed. You will various time selection options such as a week, a second, a day, and off.

How to view secret chats of Telegram on PC/Mac/Desktop

We are afraid to tell you that you cannot view the secret chat on your computer or Mac. It is unfortunate for some that this feature of Telegram only runs on smartphones.

The secret chat just deals with the smartphone you are utilizing, the one where you opened it. It is a customer-customer transmission: Telegram does not store the conversation and messages on the cloud servers, so the messages are recorded uniquely on your smartphone and on that of your conversationalist and cannot appear on the PC.

Telegram Desktop Secret Chat

To work and stay secure, these secret talks depend on a saved, encrypted innovation, which as recently referenced does not enable you to spare or advance the conversation on the PC, Mac or desktop application.

So due to these reasons, you cannot see secret chats of Telegram on your PC, Mac, desktop.

How to save secret chat photos on Telegram

Without wasting much time, we would be happy to tell you that it is not possible to save secret chat photos on from Telegram.

Whatever text messages or voice messages that you are exchanging through secret chats on Telegram, cannot be saved or downloaded on your device. You cannot even take a screenshot of the conversation.

If you still want to take a record of your chat, you can use another smartphone to take a photo of that particular conversation. But, you cannot store photos on your device which you obtain in the secret chat Telegram.

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