iPhone iPad keyboard Missing or not Appearing Here’s How to Fix it

How to fix iPhone or iPad keyboard: iPhone and iPad is there to make the work of the people easier. However, there are situations where it might create some problems. These problems are faced due to software updating to iOS 12 or 11.3, charging or screen replacement.

The main issues are that the iPhone iPad keyboard missing or they do not appear or showing up on the screen. There are several more situations of the keyboard not working that include keyboard being frozen, lag in typing and no popping of keyboard. So given below are some solutions to keyboard problems which people can try on their own.

iPhone iPad keyboard missing

Tips: iPhone or iPad Keyboard Missing or Not Showing Up?

  • Lag in Keyboard

The problem appears when someone is trying to type a message or email and the keyboard is unable to keep up. This shows that there is a keyboard lag. People can try resetting the dictionary of the keyboard and for it, some steps need to be followed.

Here are the steps:

  1. The setting app needs to be launched on the iPhone or iPad.
  2. Then click on General Button.
  3. Click on the reset button. One needs to scroll down to the button.
  4. Click on the reset button of the keyboard dictionary.
  5. Put in the password when asked for.
  • Keyboard Frozen Issue

The problem appears when the keyboard of the iPhone and iPad suddenly stops or does not responds. In such a situation one cannot type anything through the keyboard. Such a condition is known as a frozen keyboard. The simplest solution to such a problem is to restart or try a hard reset.

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reset button

In hard reset, if the iPhone or iPad gets shut normally then one just have to hold the power button until the power off slider message appears on the screen. Then the slider has to be moved right. Then try restarting the iPhone. If the situation appears that iPhone is not shutting down then the power button and the home button have to be pressed at the same time.

However, in the case of iPhone 7 and 7 plus one needs to click the power and volume-down button together. It should be held for 10 seconds until the Apple logo comes up. Then one can leave the buttons. But the case of iPhone 8 and iPhone X is a bit different. Here both the volume-up and then Volume-down button has to be pressed. Then the power button has to be pressed until one can see the Apple logo coming up in the screen.

  • No popping up of Keyboard

There are situations when the keyboard does not pop up while typing. In such a case people become helpless. This especially happens in iOS 12. Other keyboards can be used apart from the default keyboard of Apple. In a case when none of the types of keyboard is not working then the iPhone or iPad has to be restarted.  

However, if restarting is also not working in restoring has to be done as there might be some issue with the system. The method of restoring is through iCloud or iTunes.

  • Keyboard fixing without any kind of Data Loss

There might some systematic errors in the keyboard especially when there is a software update to iOS 12. The problem can be resolved by not restoring the iPhone and iPad. This can simply be done by the third-party tool which is known as iMyFone D-Back application.

This will help in solving the problem and there won’t be any kind of threat of losing the data. The mentioned software is quite powerful and is specialized in fixing the issues related to its system and data recovery. This software is completely safe and gives a total solution when the keyboard is not working.

  • Substitute to the default keyboard of iPhone and iPad

There are various fixation methods that can be followed when the iPhone and iPad keyboard is not working. The alternative keyboard comes in various designs. Given below are some third-party keyboards.

  • Swift key: This is a smart keyboard that learns the words which are typed by people.
  • GBOARD: This keyboard is developed by Google and it’s quite simple to use. All the functions can be easily performed through it.Gboard
  • Themeboard: This helps people by the various designed theme keyboards which they offer.
  • Flesky: This type of keyboard can be customized with different themes and powerful extensions.

  • Minuum: This has the auto correct facility that makes the typing fast.
  • Gokeyboard: This supports predictions.

This third-party keyboard can be added just by following some steps and they are:

  • People need to open the app store and then select the type of keyboard they want.3rd party keyboard
  • Apple ID and password has to be entered and the downloading and installing process will start.
  • The new keyboard has to be added. For this people have to go to settings then general and then the keyboard. After this, they need to add the new keyboard that’s downloaded. Lastly, the app has to be selected.

From the various options available above people can choose anyone which they feel comfortable with. People don’t have to panic if the keyboard problems appear. Just by following simple steps the problem can be resolved. People don’t have to visit the Apple service center for such small problems. Hence, this will save money and just by sitting at home people can solve the problem of keyboards in the iPhone and iPad.

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