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9 Tricks to Make Your Phone Not Reachable Without Switching it Off

Phone Not Reachable

Annoyed of the unwanted attention the colleague you just gave your phone number gives you, or by the incessant pestering of credit card companies? Or you just want to keep your mental peace and not allow your partner to call you after a fight, regardless of the reason, in this article you will learn what (all) you can do, to make your phone unreachable without switching your phone off.

Make Your Phone Not Reachable Without Switching it Off

Switching your phone off is not ideal these days since mobile phones and our lives have become very coherent. The main problem with switching off the phone is you make the other person know that you have done it deliberately and that is not very smart, is it?

But do not lose hope, it has exclusively picked up the 10 best ways that can make your phone unreachable without you needing to switch it off:

Trick 1: Put Your Smartphone in the Flight Mode

This is the quickest, easiest and simplest trick in the bag to ignore someone’s calls. All you need to do is tap on flight mode icon and you are good to go. In-flight mode, the network operator detects you are in an out of coverage area and reflects callers to as unreachable.


Trick 2: Change the Network Preference of your phone

This is yet another effective trick. This trick will make you disappear from the caller’s radar in no time. All you have to do is to change the preferred network of your mobile phone. For this follow the following instructions:

Go over settings> more settings> network selection> manual

network set

Select manual, and just wait for 10 to 15 seconds, now your mobile phone will show all the available networks to you. The next step is to select any network which is not your current network. This will make your smartphone appear as unreachable.

When you are ready and want to take the calls again change the settings back to automatic in the network selection.

Trick 3: Forward Your Call to An Expired Number

This is a little bit tricky but serves the purposes just fine. Do you have a phone number that you do not use? An old number or even your working landline number would do (make sure the landline rings do not disturb anyone). To do this trick follow these simple steps as mentioned below:

Go to System app> Settings or call settings> call forwarding> Enter the number you do not use

Call forwarding

Trick 4: Remove The Battery Without Switching Off the Phone

This trick often shocks many people. Simply remove your battery from your smartphone without switching off the smartphone. By doing this, you will be found unreachable, until you put the battery back in. For obvious reasons, this trick will not work on phones where batteries are not removable.

remove batery

Trick 5: Find a steel Dabba (container)

Rush to your kitchen now, this is the easiest and the most fun to do trick. Just get a steel container from your storeroom or kitchen. Make sure that it is steel, you can ask the ladies in your house if you can’t seem to figure it out on your own. Just put your phone inside, and shut the lid. The steel metal will block the signals. Make sure you silent the phone prior to putting it in the steel container.

Trick 6: Get some third-party help from the Play Store or the App store

There are many third-party apps such as ‘Call Blocker,’ ‘Call Control,’ ‘Cell phone signal Blocker pouch’ to name a few that will make your phone appear unreachable. It is our suggestion that you try calling yourself with these apps working to see if they are working as promised.

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Trick 7: Blocking the Number

If only you hadn’t thought of it earlier. We kept it at number 8 as this trick will only work for the Android users. It is common knowledge that Google recently integrated a call blocking feature in the Android N. This feature block calls from the numbers you do not want to receive a call from. Just add the particular number from which you do not want to receive a call and you are set.

block call

Trick 8: Wrap Your Phone in Aluminium Foil

This trick will make you feel like a mad scientist. It is important to note that this trick will work the best if you have a weak signal on your phone already. Having said that, get an aluminum foil sheet, wrap it around your smartphone, make sure that you leave no gaps or open spaces. It would be best if you roll two aluminum sheets on the phone just be safe.  Now, you are all set to receive no calls.

Wrap Your Phone in Aluminium Foil

Trick 9: Fooling around with your SIM card

Here’s a technique that is a little tricky but completely effective to make your phone unreachable without switching it off. The best part of this trick is that you do not need any extra materials for making your phone go unreachable. Here is all that you have to do — just remove the sim card and insert it again. After having done that your phone will not get any calls until you restart or reboot the phone. Once you are ready to get the calls you can select the sim and restart or reboot your phone.

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