Best iPhone 6/6s Tempered Glass Screen Protectors in 2024

iPhone 6s Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

Mobile devices today are significantly tough to break, especially with the inclusion of gorilla glass, smartphones like iPhone 6/iPhone 6 are comparatively too good to be broken. Moreover, ion-strengthen gorilla glass provides decent protection to the device screen. So, the question is, why do we need a screen protector for iPhone 6/iPhone 6s? Is it worth buying knowing the fact that devices are well equipped with gorilla glass. It is scratch-resistant, which is a prime consideration of the users who are little rough while using mobile devices.

Top iPhone 6/6S Screen Protector

Hardly you will see a device like an iPhone without a screen protector. No one would want that an expensive device such as the iPhone gets a scratch. Thus, it is mandatory to use Glass screen protector in the first place. The primary reason would be how much damage can iPhone with strong gorilla glass withstand. Every good thing has its limit, and same with iPhone 6 and 6S. Even though it is equipped with the toughest gorilla glass, you would always require a screen protector to safeguard your mobile device from heavy damage.

Screen protector that usually comes with the device has a certain limit of resistance and that’s why you need to have a third-party screen protector to protect your device screen from heavy scratches. Therefore, we always recommend our readers to get a quality glass screen protector in order to provide external strength to the device like iPhone.

High Quality Screen Protectors for iPhone 6/6s:

Furthermore, you may have seen variety of glass screen protector. Especially if we talk about military-grade screen protector, they are full of qualities and overwhelmingly scratch-proof. However, common people may not be able to use these screen protectors because such screen protectors are too expensive to buy.

So now, you must be thinking that what would be the best solution to protect your iPhone 6 against the scratch or from the everyday wear and tear. Don’t worry about that, you can always choose tempered glass screen protector which are as good as any protective material used for the iPhone. It would be an ideal pick for you to safeguard your expensive iPhone.

One of the key highlights of the iPhone 6S is 3D Touch, which is incorporated with the Retina show, and on the off chance that you utilize your smartphone routinely, it will wind up one of the numerous highlights you’ll develop to cherish. Along these lines, to secure that stunning showcase and hold access to the majority of its highlights, you’ll need a screen defender made considering the iPhone 6S. It’s simply an issue of making sense of which one to get.

List of Top iPhone 6S Screen Protector

Apple has protected the iPhone 6s with aviation grade aluminum for the body and beat with another artificially reinforced glass to ensure the fabulous showcase and give the client a frustrate free encounter of the 3D Touch. In spite of the fact that the glass is sturdier, it is constantly a shrewd decision to fortify the iPhone 6s screen with showcase security. They can support the iPhone 6s against scratches, stuns, and breaks.

In this article, we have selected the best tempered screen glass protector which are mainly used by the iPhone users. To help you more with the subject, we have also mentioned the features and at what extent these Glass screen protectors are useful to you to save your iPhone from heavy damage. So, pick the one that you assume would satisfy your need. Therefore, let’s not increase your curiosity. Read the following article and you would get an idea of what to choose for your iPhone. 

Which Tempered Glass is Best for iPhone 6?

  • Bangbreak: Bangbreak

It is always on the card to use compatible screen glass protector for iPhone 6 after the inclusion of 3D touch technology in iPhone 6 by Apple. Considering the 3D touch technology, iPhone users are forced to use glass screen protector that is compatible with touchscreen sensitivity of iPhone 6S.

You need to ensure that whenever you buy a new tempered glass screen protector, you must check whether the screen glass protector perfectly fits on your device or not. Bangbreak would be your go-to solution to safeguard your iPhone 6 against heavy scratches since there are very few screen glass protectors available in the market which are as good as Bangbreak.

The completely clear and ultra-slight film is simply 0.26mm thick, and still dependable and flexible. The ultra-clear HD screen flaunts 99.9% straightforwardness for the regular viewing involvement. For your iPhone’s wellbeing, Bangbreak utilizes a glass screen defender with 9H hardness. 

Unique Selling Proposition:


  • G-Armor:  Glass Screen Protector for iPhoneG-Armor

G-Armour is considered as one of the strongest tempered glass screen protectors. Very few screen guards would match the strength that G-Armour brings to the table. It offers 100 % touch accuracy that makes touch perform smoothly. The film is of 0.3 mm and has 2.5D curved edges, such features are ever reliable whenever you want to purchase a new screen glass protector. What more you can get than 99.9 % transparency while using this tempered screen glass protector? Such transparency level provides you a maximum natural viewing.

Furthermore, if you have covered your device with G-Armour, you don’t need to worry about stains that are caused by oil and sweat. The advanced coating of hydrophobic and oleophobic material protects your device screen from oil, sweat and heavy scratches.

Unique Selling Proposition:

Natural Display

Touch accuracy

Sweat-proof and oil-proof

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  • Supershieldz Glass Screen Protector Supershieldz Glass Screen Protector 

All you can say by witnessing more than 1000 ratings on Amazon for Supershieldz Glass screen protector is, that numbers of buyers are increasingly day by day. In fact, it also gives you an idea of reliability and resistivity of the glass protector. It is one of the primary reasons that most of the iPhone 6 and 6S users prefer Supershieldz glass protector as their first priority. Having 9H hardness, this screen guard offers bubble free installation. In addition to that, the ability to resist oil and sweat is regarded as one of the most appreciated inclusion of all.  Besides, the usual aspect of eliminating the impact of scratches, dust and dirt is present in the bucket too.

You will find two screen protectors along with the box. If you happen to have iPhone 6S along with your iPhone 6, you can apply the same on both the device; it fits perfectly on both 6 and iPhone 6S. All we can say by observing the overall performance is that you will get the value for your money in case you decide to buy this particular screen glass protector.

Unique selling proposition

Resist oil, dirt, dust

Resist fingerprints

Bubble free installation

9H hardness

  • MaxTeck: MaxTeck

MaxTech offers dustproof and shatterproof glass screen protector for your iPhone. It comes with a 100% accurate and highly responsive tempered glass which provides a great safety to your device. In addition to that, maximum protection to your device will keep touch function working at its full potential. Besides, 0.26 mm thin screen protector safeguards your mobile device from everyday wear and tear. More importantly, it is a perfect guardian to your phone that provides significant protection to your device from drops, scrapes and bumps.

The main highlight of this screen glass protector is that it is a shockproof material and made from specially processed tempered glass which has enough strength to safeguard your iPhone 6 from shocks. Additionally, 9H hardness works accurately to guard your iPhone from accidental impacts and scratches.

Unique selling proposition

Specially designed tempered glass


A great absorber of impact

Scratch and oil resistant

  • Power Theory Power Theory

In all appreciation, Power theory is an effective screen glass protector oriented from Japanese Ashi tempered glass. The prime benefit of using Power theory product is that it has complete installation kit, so you don’t have to scratch your head while applying screen glass protector to your iPhone. Thus, you can easily install this screen guard protector on your device without needing anyone’s help.

Moreover, don’t worry if you mess up the installation since company has taken the responsibility that they would provide you another set of screen glass protector for free. As other screen glass protector do, this product from Power theory is a decent resistant of oil, scratches, fingerprints, dust and dirt.

Even though the design of this screen glass protector looks super thin, yet it provides enough strength that will help you get rid of scratches, dust, oil and dirt. It offers 9H hardness that is more than capable to safeguard your iPhone and does not affect the touch sensitivity of your device. All we can say by observing such quality of product, that it is one of the most preferred screen glass protectors and one should definitely try it.

Unique selling proposition

Super thin and provides 9H hardness

100 percent touch accuracy

Effective tempered glass screen protector

  • iCareziCarez

iCarez screen glass protector is one of its kind, you can tell by observing it design structure that this screen glass protector is ready to withstand any external forces and protect your iPhone from heavy damages. It is oriented considering the all-important aspect of providing  enough toughness that can keep scratches away.

This screen glass protector is made up with the inclusion of a perfect laser cut and hard coat layered glass sheet which are two primary elements when it comes to bring robustness to the device screen. In addition to that, you will find very few screen glass protectors which are as good as iCarez Premium Screen Glass protectors and provide hits and shocks resistance.

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The glass screen defender is 9H scratch-safe that is 0.33 mm thick and has adjusted edges. It has an Oleophobic Coating that helps keep the screen free from smirches and fingerprints. It furnishes genuine touch affectability with least obstructions. This antibacterial glass defender is anything but difficult to introduce and take out, leaving no air bubbles and left-overs.

Unique selling proposition

Dry application

Smirches proof

Fingerprint resistant

Laser cut and hard coat layered 

  • JETech JETech

A perfect screen glass protector that you are waiting for so long is here. An accurate glass screen protector with outrageous hardness of 9H, the JETech Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector, can oppose scratches up to 9H. In addition to that, because of the toughness of this screen glass protector, it can protect your iPhone 6/6s screen from scratches because of keys, blade and any sharp material. With an adequate touch accuracy, you will find your device smoothly running, and also you will notice that you will have an easy-going touch on your iPhone.

It is worked with the elevated requirement treated glass of 0.3 mm thickness with round edges, fitting the 4.7 inches iPhone screen superbly. The glass protector gives genuine touch affectability and greatest HD clearness, as it is profoundly responsive and exceptionally straightforward. A protector that is anything but difficult to introduce and expel, it keeps your screen unique mark free and smear free.

Unique selling proposition


Highly responsive

Highly transparent

Scratch free glass

  • Tech Armor Premium ballistic Glass Screen ProtectorTech Armor Premium ballistic Glass Screen Protector

Most iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S users have been comfortably using this screen glass protector and they are completely satisfied with the protection that Tech Armour provides. Widely admired as a premium ballistic glass screen protector, Tech Armour has a lot to offer to its customers. It could be one of the most elegant screen guards that you would have ever come across. Under the protection of such rigid screen glass protector, you don’t have to worry about everyday scratches and tears, in fact now your iPhone 6 or 6S will be immune from scratches, crash landings and sudden drops.

Availability of precise laser cut tempered glass looks as if it is very thoughtfully designed. You can see the shining and round edges that add value to the structure of the screen glass protector. Apart from this, you will get 100 % touch accuracy and effective touch sensitivity which will make you experience natural touch on your phone. The ballistic glass screen protector let you experience all your sights in HD clarity. Last but not the least, it prevents your iPhone 6/6s from oil, dust, and fingerprints since it is well equipped with Oleophobic Coating.

Unique selling proposition

Hassle-free installation process

HD clarity

100 % touch sensitivity

Laser cut 7 polished tempered glass


A screen glass defender reasonably accommodating your iPhone 6’s 4.7-inch screen, the LUVVITT Glass Screen Protector is fabricated utilizing most elevated evaluation Japanese Asahi Tempered glass offering a scratch safe of up to 9H or more. This safe level makes the glass as hard as precious stone, along these lines enduring any sort of outer power on the screen.

The screen glass defender has a layer underneath the surface that is clear and exceptionally stun evidence. With a thickness of 0.33 mm, this excellent glass is consummately thin to give adequate stronghold for your mobile device. Added to that, the defender has high touch affectability that renders a smooth touch understanding. The adjusted edges of the defender make it stick solidly to the screen with no substance.

Unique selling proposition

Japanese Ashi Tempered Glass

Hard as diamond

Smooth touch experience

Round edges

  • ZAGG InvisibleShield ZAGG InvisibleShield

We may look at this screen glass protector as an evolution in developing screen protection materials. The invisibleShield glass screen protector consists of a highly rated tempered glass. It offers the highest degree of scratch resistance that keep your iPhone protected against day to day scratches, dust p[articles, fingerprints and lot more. On top of that, the good thing is there despite of having such qualities, your device image resolution remains natural and you will get the best touch experience on your device.

Having a special coating that protects your iPhone 6 from oil and dust, the invisible Glass is of 0.4 mm thick. In addition to that, this feature is considered as prime reason that this screen glass protector keeps natural skin oils away from the screen. ZAGG InvisibleShield offers adequate touch sensitivity. Moreover, the installation of the glass screen protector is very easy, you only need to fix the glass screen protector on the screen and push it.

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Unique selling proposition


Ultra-touch sensitivity

Clear Image resolution

Easy installation

  • KABB

Need to have a solid screen defender with a ultra-thin profile? KABB, made with top notch treated glass, can be a straightforward decision. With 9H hardness enemy of scratch, it offers your iPhone’s touch screen finished shield. Being multiple times more grounded than a customary screen defender, it’s very tough also.

The better silicon bond permits it than get effectively introduced. The programmed assimilation takes out air pocket or leftovers. The smooth surface is extremely receptive to contact.

Unique selling proposition

Bubble -free adhesive

Extremely responsive surface


High-quality tempered glass

  • amFilmamFilm

Quite like other screen glass protector, amFilm offers an exceptional touch and viewing experience to the users. Having 99% of transparency, amFilm comes up with just 0.3 mm of thickness and more importantly, the primary element of being a decent screen glass protector would be how accurate it is with the touchscreen sensitivity; and we bet that amfilm glass is flexible enough to bring high touch sensitivity.

Thanks to 9H hardness, it is exceptionally scratch resistance and makes it hard for any dust particle or dirt particles to stick on your screen. You will get a great touch experience with. ampFile screen glass protector. Due to the oleophobic coating, your iPhone remains fingerprint-free, sweat-proof and damage-free. Appreciated as one of the most durable materials, this screen glass protector should be your priority to protect your iPhone 6 and 6s from oil, dust, dirt, and everyday wear and tear!

Unique selling proposition


Ultra-touch sensitivity

Scratch resistance

Oleophobic coating

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  • Mr.Shield Mr.Shield

Mr. Shield gives you three bits of safety glass screen protectors. Your mobile’s touchscreen is currently prepared for scratches, high-sway drops, as this one is HD clear ballistic glass. The laser-cut accuracy with cleaned adjusted edges makes this film increasingly lovely.

iPhone 6s touchscreen has bent edges and the screen protectors from Mr. Shield don’t cover the whole territory. When there is 100% screen inclusion, screen protector starts to strip off, causing dissatisfaction for clients.

Unique selling proposition

High-impact drops

HD clear ballistic glass

Laser cut

100 % screen coverage

  • Maxboost Maxboost

Maxboost has established the reputation of being one of the most renowned companies who believes in crafting thin glass screen protectors for the iPhone. Don’t just a book by its cover! Though this screen glass is super thin, but it has the same specification that you find in the best screen glass protector. This means that this screen glass protector is comparatively as good as any. It offer 0.2 mm of thickness and has a scratch-proof material. With having 3D touch sensitivity, this screen guard protector should be your first grab of the season as soon as you purchase a new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s.

If we talk about what should be the accuracy for this screen glass protector to get perfectly fit on the iPhone 6. May be the open edge design would have this answer for sure. Due to the open edge design, the screen guard adjusts on the flat part only. Apart from this, Maxboost screen glass protector not only protects the screen but also safeguard very important elements of your device such as front camera, ASL sensor, and proximity sensors. In addition to that, you will get zero tolerance while clicking a selfie.

Unique Selling Proposition

Open-edge design

Thin and rigid glass

Zero-interference to the front camera and sensors

  • Yousave AccessoriesYousave Accessories

Yousave Accessories means to accomplish top notch insurance for the screen. The premium treated glass material fortifies its structure.  This screen glass protector is very thoughtfully designed that covers all critical aspects that are needed while preparing extra strong screen glass protector.

With it, your iPhone screen is completely shielded from both break and scratch. Exact patterns empower it to get flawlessly introduced on the screen.  In addition to that, it keeps dust and oil particles away and safeguard your device from wear and tear that occur in routine.

Another prominent element of this safeguard is high affectability. You can likewise confide in it to repel sweat and grime. We would recommend our readers that you can surely opt this screen glass protectors. It is worth a try to use Yousave Accessories.

Unique Selling proposition

Bubble -free installation


Keeps grime away 


BRTONG screen protectors for iPhone 6s is a treated glass defender with 9H screen hardness. In any case, the 0.3mm flimsy glass fights back knocks and scratches well overall. The edges round up to verify the screen from chipped and sharp items. Oleophobic covering opposes oil and keeps the screen completely clear.

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Nearly, it costs excessively not exactly different items, and that is for the most part since it incorporates only one screen defender inside the container. It offers enough strength and cover to your mobile device screen which enables a special security for your iPhone against heavy damages and dirt particles. What more you can expect from a quality screen glass protector?

Unique selling proposition

Oleophobic coating

Oil resistance

Provides crystal-clear viewing experience

  • AilunAilun

Ailun has planned a case-accommodating defensive film for your iPhone. This defender covers 99.99% screen of your gadget and leaves enough space for the case. You will appreciate a superior screen communication each time you are utilizing your iPhone. This ultra-dainty (0.33mm thickness) screen guard gives enough screen splendour to watch visual substance on your iPhone 6 or 6S.

This screen glass protector is ever reliable when it comes to get protection from heavy wear and tear.  With top-notch touch accuracy, this screen guard has managed to attract many iPhone users and hardly any iPhone users have raised issue while using this screen glass protector.

A dependable and strong screen defender that guarantees full similarity with touchscreen affectability. Ailun has created this screen protect that flaunts 9H hardness; over this, the film is outfitted with oleophobic covering to lessen fingerprints.

Unique selling proposition

0.33 mm glass thickness

Oleophobic coating

Case-friendly screen glass protector

  • WitkeenWitkeen

In the event that you can get four and a half stars out of more than 14K client audits, you are certainly deserving of recognition. Witkeen screen protector highlights laser cut that encourages it fit consistently on the screen. Adjusted edges help it in offering the full-screen guard to the touch screen.

The most notable highlight of this screen glass protector is that it provides full screen defence to your iPhone 6/6S/. You will get exceptional transparency while using your device which will enhance your device viewing experience.

Due for the most part to the first-class material, it has the solidarity to suffer effect and thumbs down scratch. With respect to straightforwardness, you won’t have any protests as it conveys precious lucidity. Over all, Witkeen screen safeguard accompanies a lifetime substitution warranty.

Unique selling proposition

Provides full screen defence

Laser cut

Highly rated screen glass protector 

  • JETech Screen Protector for iPhone 6JETech 1

One of the most preferred screen glass protectors amongst the iPhone users have to be JETech. Well -known because of its toughness and thinness, this screen glass protectors ensures that your iPhone 6 and 6S remain dust and scratch free. 100% touch screen responsiveness is another noteworthy feature that comes along with having unbreakable quality.

An unpretentious item from JETech however its .33mm thick safety glass guarantees premium assurance. The 9H standard strength can even oppose blade scratches on the screen. Similarly, as with most screen defenders, it enables a decent reaction to contact and high straightforwardness for better show. The residue free, oil and water safe glass defender is anything but difficult to introduce with only one push.

Unique selling proposition

Rounded edges

9H standard toughness

Decent touch accuracy

High transparency

  • Moshi iVisor Glass
    Moshi iVisor Glass

Moshi’s iVisor Glass is a 0.3-millimeter, round-edged screen defender that covers the whole front of the iPhone 6S, much like a conventional face-plate. The iVisor Glass guarantees both your presentation and the oft-overlooked external edges of the iPhone will likewise remain sans scratch, and you won’t need to stress over cleaning the screen with your finger or a material to dispose of undesirable smears or oils. Also, while it may challenge to apply a screen defender without making a lot of air bubbles, Moshi ensures you’ll leave without delivering any irritating air bubble that imperfection your presentation.

This screen glass protector has to be your first choice if you are the person who uses your iPhone very roughly. Very few screen glass protectors are available that provide accuracy as good as Moshi’s iVisor glass. We are sure that no one would want a scratch on device which is as expensive as an iPhone.

Unique Selling Proposition

0.3-mmm thin glass

Round edges

Free of air bubbles.

Smudge-free and oil resistance 

  • Tech21 Impact Shield Tech21 Impact Shield

The Impact Shield flaunts a ultra-slim, multi-layer defender that uses a portion of similar materials used to make impenetrable glass. Tech21’s offering is additionally ideal for individuals who utilize their smartphones a decent arrangement while outside, as its enemy of glare abilities will empower you to keep up immaculate clearness; not any more attempting to put yourself between your smartphone and the sun just to make out what’s on the screen. Far better is that, in the occasion the Impact Shield bombs you, you can get it supplanted rapidly and, the best part is that for nothing. So, despite everything we wouldn’t prescribe shooting it.

The quality of this screen glass have been tested many times, and the company can proudly say that they are successfully producing such screen glass protectors that are compatible with mobile screen and are highly touch responsive.

Unique Selling Proposition

Ultra-thin material

Screen responsive

Flexible and durable

Easy installation 

  • Daswise Tempered Glass Protector Daswise Tempered Glass Protector

Daswise’s full-screen, edge-to-edge defender is the best accessible at its value point, which makes it difficult to overlook. It’s another defender that covers the whole of the iPhone’s front face, and when matched with the correct case, it will be hard to see there’s a screen defender applied by any means. Be it a little drop, or a fall from in excess of 8 feet up, Daswise’s safety glass defender will carry out the responsibility.

What’s more, with the cash you spare, you can purchase screen defenders for your different gadgets, as well. Daswise is  a great example of having a perfect design for a screen glass protector. It fits accurately on the device screen and provides enough material strength that eliminates the chances of gathering dust and oil particles on your cell phone.

Unique Selling Proposition

Edge to edge protector

Value for your money

Accurate Screen isolation and resolution


  • Spigen GLAS.tR SLIM HD Spigen GLAS

Spigen’s GLAS.tR SLIM HD is a treated glass defender with adjusted edges that means to offer more solace when holding your iPhone. The unit just accompanies one defender; however, the packaged wings make its application as simple as could reasonably be expected, and spare you from putting your hands on the smartphone during the procedure.

Wet and dry wipes are likewise incorporated into the bundle, alongside a microfiber fabric and a residue evacuation sticker. Be cautious applying it, be that as it may, in light of the fact that the GLAS.tR isn’t secured by a lifetime guarantee like other screen defenders on our rundown. The organization just offers a limited substitution, and just inside a time of your unique buy date.

Having the characteristic of being a ultra-thin screen glass protector, Spigen’s Glass.tR SLIM offers more than you expect. It fully covers your iPhone that eliminates the possibilities of entering dust, oil and other debris to your mobile device. The ultimate highlight of this screen glass protector is that the installation process is very easy and can be done by common man. You don’t have to apply rocket science while installing this screen glass protector on your iPhone.

Unique Selling Proposition

Rounded edges

Lifetime warranty

Include Wet and dry wipes

Adequate touch responsiveness

It’s in every case better to be on the more secure side of the stream. Keep in mind, a ruthless scratch can severely harm you’re the screen of your gadget. A valuable cell phone like iPhone 6/6s has the right to have the basic defend to hold its life span.

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