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Google Makes it way Easier to Delete Search histrory

Google knows so much about you than you imagine. Anything you have ever searched on Google will be stored in its database. It also figures out your likes and dislikes through your search history for example,  which actor you like or which type of food you like to order or where you went for the vacation, it knows it all. 

Though it is a big tech giant, it is quite weird and disturbing to give out so much information. Google now understands users’ concerns, and so it gives you the option to delete your search history. Deleting search history is very simple, and within a minute or two you can erase all your searches from history. Look below to find out how. 

How to Delete Your Google Search history

Clear all the stuff you ever searched on google by following the given steps.

delete search history

Step1: Open on any device’s browser be it iPhones, Android phones or computers.

Step2: Look for the Menu button at the top right corner of your screen and click on it.

Step3: Select ‘Your data in Search’ from the drop-down menu.

Step4: You will be directed to a page where you need to look for Delete your Search activity tab.

Step5: You will find two options for deleting your search history i.e. ‘Delete your last hour search’ or ‘Delete everything ever collected’ through our search activity. Select any option of your choice after going through all your search activities, including websites and links, if in case you find something valuable. 


delete your search history

That’s how easy it is to delete your search history. Securing your data is of utmost importance and google values data privacy. This feature is for all the devices including iPhone, Mac, Android and Windows computers. We hope that google brings more such deletion features in the near future and if it does you know where to find the details right? 

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