How to Delete Photos from iPhone?

Delete Photos from iPhone: Are you looking for a fresh start, or just want some free space on your iPhone by going the nuclear route. With relative ease, you can delete all your photos or videos from your iPhone. As on iPhone, photos and videos really add up quickly.

Your hundreds of selfish, pictures of your pet in a Santa or Halloween costume, and all those screenshots that you forgot to delete can be a thing of the past.

Step by Step Guide to Delete Photos from iPhone

How To Delete All Photos

If your iPhone is close to full capacity or shows full storage because of all that media sort of thing (photos/videos), the only solution is to delete all those useless media that is in iPhone.

Before, you clean all the photos from your iPhone. Make sure to take back up of all the photos on iCloud or any third-party service like Dropbox, Google photos or your Mac, PC. If you are using iCloud to backup photos, you only have the option to restore all of them.

Delete All Photos on iPhone

How To Delete All Photos 1

If you have made up your mind to delete all the photos from iPhone then here are the steps to “How to Delete Photos from iPhone

  1. Open Photos.
  2. Click on the Albums in the bottom right corner.
  3. Now, click on “All Photos” make sure you are at the bottom of the photo.
  4. Click on the “Select” icon that is located in the top right corner.
  5. Now, drag from the bottom right corner of the photos/videos and slide and hold your finger towards the top left-hand corner.
  6. Now, you will notice the blue check marks on all the photos.
  7. To select all the photos, hold your finger in the top corner of your iPhone screen.
  8. Click on the “Bin/Trash” icon on the bottom right corner of your screen.
  9. To delete the photos, click on the “Delete ___ items”.
  10. Tap Confirm.

Now, all your deleted photos will shift to the folder name “Recently Deleted”.

Delete Photos from iPhone permanently from iPhone Storage


To delete it permanently from your iPhone storage, follow the following steps.

  1. Open “Photos”.
  2. Click on the “Albums”.
  3. Tap on the folder “Recently Deleted”.
  4. Now, choose the “Select” button situated in the top right corner.
  5. Now, after selecting all the photos from the folder “Recently Deleted”, Click on “Delete All” icon that is situated in the bottom left corner of your iPhone.
  6. To confirm, click on the “delete ___ Items”.

Alternative Shortcut

How to use Mac to delete all photos from your iPhone?

If you are invested in the Apple ecosystem and using a Mac, then you can access your photos from a laptop or desktop. All the changes will be mirrored on iPhone.

If both devices are connected to your iCloud photo library and if you delete them from one device then they are gone! This is a quick method to permanently delete all photos again.

  1. Open the Photos on the Mac
  2. Navigate to Photos located on the top left sidebar.
  3. Click Edit then select all or simply hit Command + A.
  4. Now, from your keyboard press command + delete.


Now, all your photos/videos are gone and you get enough space on your iPhone, iPad, Mac and iCloud account. Start making some other precious memories on your iPhone!

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