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What Is Cached Data And How To Clear It?

Cached Data: We are living in an era of digitalization and the internet. The Internet has become a part of people from day to day life. Be it work or entertainment, education or conversation everything revolves around the web.

It is difficult to even spend a day without an internet connection. With so much internet usage we come across to numerous web content like websites and mobile applications.

This all leads us to cache storage, the information that automatically gets stored in your device. If you are unaware of cache data and how it gets saved in your device keep reading to know everything about Cache data. We have also mentioned how to clear off cache from Android, iOS and well as from different browsers.

What is Cached Data?

Cached data is a sort of information file that gets stored on your mobile phones, tablets and computers when you visit any new page on the internet.

If you are visiting a web page or application which you have used before your device will load the content it had saved as cached data. In this manner, the application will open up more quickly.

The reason behind cached storage on your smart device is to reduce the load time. There will be no need for loading the same information again because it exists in your device’s memory as cached data. In this way, you can speed up the whole process.

Why Clear Cached Data from Your Device?

Now you know that the cache data help to speed up load time but it has a downside too. Cached data hold unnecessary storage space in your device is it your phone, tablets, or PC.

Storing cached data for sites you have visited once or over a longer period is just unnecessary. It wastes the storage space of your device.

Why clear cached data from your device

Continuously storage of cache data can slow down your phones and laptops. In this case, it’s better to clear off data from your mobile phones as well as from your personal computer. Removing cached data not only free ups the space of your device but even fastens your apps and system execution.

How to Clear Cached Data on Android Phone?

In Android devices and phone cache data gets saved by the respective app present in your device. The cache will be saved in a reserved space of the Android application. You can manually remove cache files from any application you like. This feels free up the memory space and even fix troubleshoot App problems in a few cases.

To remove cache data from your android phones follow the below procedure. Note that clearing cached data will not remove logins or saved games.

But if you wish to free space and remove data completely follow these step and select the ‘Clear storage button’ in the final step. This will clear all of the app’s data, including usernames and passwords, game progress, etc.

Step 1: First go to setting, this can be done by clicking on the small setting icon displayed in your notification bar.

Step 2: Now the second thing to do is search for app menu named Application or Installed apps it depends upon your device.

Step3: Once you find app menu open it and start looking for apps you want to clear cache or data from.

Step 4: After you select the app, tap on storage and select the remove cache button. Cache files of that application will be deleted.

There are different android apps available on google play store which clears cache data from your phone. But clearing off cache manually for individuals apps prevents storage hogs and saves your phone space.

How to Clear Cached Data on iOS Devices?

Talking about iOS devices, these may not need maintenance as much as Android phones and windows PC but they too some sort of care. Like the Android app, the iOS app also have cache files.

If you are using a lot of applications on your phone chances are that a huge number of junk files will be stored on your phone. If you don’t remove it, your phone performance can be lowered especially if you are using older versions of the iPhone.

iOs Devices

There are three places where you can delete cache files on the iPhone. See below procedure to delete cache files from different locations of the iPhone.

Delete the Safari cache

Before we start clearing the cache of safari note that this process will log you out all the websites you have been surfing.

Step1: Go to settings of your iPhone and search for safari app, and open it up.

Step2:  At safari, menu scrolls down to ‘Clear History and Website Data’.

Step3: Now tap to clear your cache data and history.

Clear iOS Applications Cache

To clear personal data of your iPhone follow the below procedure.

Step1: Head to settings, go to the general category, and search for iPhone storage.

Step2: You will see all the apps installed on your phone with the storage amount. Select the app which you think takes a lot of your phone space.

Step3: Have a look at the data and documents of that app and see if it occupies more than 500MB or not. If it does go to the next step and clear out unwanted space.

Step4: Click on the Delete App tab and confirm the deletion. Later go to your App Store and re-download the app again. This process will cleanly install your app without the data and documents.

Free Up Memory by Restarting Your iPhone or iPad

In most of the cases, the iOS system manages phones memory efficiently. But even if you have an operating system, sometimes clearing unnecessary space is required. To do so you can occasionally restart your iPhone, this way you can clear out unwanted memory which will make your apps run faster and better.

To Restart Your iPhone Follow the Below Steps

Step1: Press and hold power, as well as volume up button together till power off slider button, appears. For older version of iPhone press, the power button at the top-right of the device until slide to power off button appears.

restart phone

Step2: Swipe the power off slider.

Step 3: After your device is completely turned off. press and hold the power button to turn on the iPhone again.

Following these methods on the iPhone will help you have a cleaner and efficient storage. One, more option you have to clear space on a regular basis is to install a cleaner app(that will remove unwanted space from your iPhone).

These applications are generally downloaded to your Mac or PC and you then have to connect your iPhone (or iPad) with it and all the further will be done with ease. Installing Cleaner app application are mostly are priced app but help you clear space in an effective manner.

How to Clear Browser’s Cached Data on a PC?

Not only on your phone but your personal computer saves cache data too. When you browse through the web your browser will save cache data from different sites to your hard disk. Clearing cache from, your browser is a good habit as it prevents using old forms, protects your personal data and makes your application run better.

Let’s see how to remove cache from different browsers.

Chrome: Tap the icon with three dots. Go to Settings – Clear browsing data – Cached images and files. Use the drop-down menu to select the time period.

Firefox: Tap the icon with three vertical lines. Go to Options and click Privacy & Security from the side menu. Under Cookies and Site Data tap Clear Data and make sure Cached Web Content is selected.

Microsoft Edge: Click the menu button – History – Clear all history. Select Cached data and files and hit Clear.

Internet Explorer: Go to Settings – Internet Options. Under the General tab look for Browsing history and click Delete. Make sure Preserve Favourites website data is ticked. Tick Temporary Internet files and website files, Cookies and website data and History.


That’s all folks! Now you know what are cached data where could you find them and how you should remove it. weather you are an android user or have iPhone free app the junk files from your phone and speed up your applications. Don’t forget to remove cache from your computer and laptops as it needs clearance too.

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