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As a web or graphical designer, it might be fair to say that you work and study at a very visual level every day. For many of us, an image is much more interesting than some text pages that explain the same thing.

Because you are undoubtedly aware, reverse Image lookup offers an easy way to search by image. Just click on the “Image” link before or after you enter some terms into the search box. Thumbnail pages appear almost instantly.

However, there are several alternatives to browse pictures that you might want to try.

1. Reverse Image Search

If securing your content from being stolen is what you are looking for, then reverse image search is the best utility for you. This has quickly gained popularity because of the privacy it offers to the users.  The image search site reverseimagesearch never keeps a log of the samples your upload. Moreover, no ad follows you.

It has an easy interface and carries search results from Yahoo, Yandex, and Google. You can use this tool from anywhere, anytime to search by image and keep your activities private. It offers all the standard features of search engines. This allows users to search directly with the help of pictures and URLs. In a nutshell:

  • The best Google alternative for privacy
  • Does not save user data users and has minimal advertisements.
  • UI is friendly with unlimited scrolling, so you don’t need to move to the page.


Viewzi offers options to search by image in 15 different formats, including web page thumbnails found by Yahoo, Live Search, Ask and browse. You can flip between the thumbnail view and text display that is arranged in the grid format.

Viewzi also returns the results of Flickr in the Cloud Thumbnail. One feature that I like is how you can see the results of news in the form of the newspaper’s front page. You can add the Viewzi extension to your browser by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.

3.Searchme is a “multimedia image finder”. It returns the results in a series of screenshots that look similar to iTunes cover flow. This search by image site might not be the fastest to find pictures, but there is a sense of play about it. This online utility is useful when you are looking for photos in a particular genre. is another top-notch search by image tool, which means you can upload your photo with the help of a URL containing it. Once you hit the enter button, it will return the list of sites where the image can be found. So, if you think someone has pinched one of your pictures, this can be a tool that is very helpful for your detective work.


Yahoo search provides search results as per the query. The veranda has a background that always changes and displays beautiful images of animals, places, sports, people, etc. For video search, it presents a large thumbnail grid that offers a preview so that you can point the cursor up and play it on the same page with one click.


If you are interested in the book cover design and need to search by image for books, then visit and you will find what you have been looking for. This is the best utility and you will get a browsing experience of looking for books at a real bookstore while sitting on your computer.

Search for books or topics, and the results are returned to show a good-sized thumbnail that you can click to get more information about this book. If you want to buy a book, you can add it to your trolley and checkout through the Amazon website.  You can also add books to Wishlist – this is something I use to collect books that I like.


Snaptell is a mobile marketing company based on a search by image. The idea here is that you can take pictures of closure games, DVDs, or CDs with your phone. This search engine application automatically searches for your items and displays links from Amazon, Barne, and Wikipedia, and Wikipedia, along with rankings and prices.

7.Bing Image Search

Just like Google, Bing’s picture search displays results based on any photo-based query too. Bing can also be accessed from Mac, iOS devices, Windows laptops, and android smartphones. It stands as one of the best searches by image alternatives to browse for pictures over the World Wide Web and has tons of special features too

In the End

These alternatives to Google are the best to search by image tools I have mentioned. They transfer your request to the server then show search results from multiple resources depending upon what matches your search query. The way we used to browse photos is being augmented and got better.

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