8 Hootsuite Alternatives That You Should Explore For 2024

Hootsuite Alternatives

Social media acts as one of the essential means of audience exposure to online businesses as businesses of all spheres concentrate on dedicated social media marketing. There are several tools which ease the social media marketing tasks. Here we will discuss about best Hootsuite Alternatives that you should explore For 2024.

Hootsuite Alternatives

Hootsuite is one of the leading tools that enables experts to carry out different social media marketing tasks. However, there are drawbacks to Hootsuite for which business organisations look for alternatives. The primary drawback of Hootsuite that a user faces is the inability to enjoy all its features in the introductory package. HootSuite offers only some basic features in the preliminary plan. 

Here are some alternatives to HootSuite for you to choose from if you have just started a business and expect to get more features from a social media management tool at affordable prices. 

1. eClincher


eClincher is a new social media management tool that has several features and excellent upkeep. The medium and small businesses can purchase it as the package comes in $59 per month.

The features of eClincher include auto-scheduling, keyword tracking, and automated marketing. It can also help a marketing team to work with collaboration. However, this tool does not allow members to collaborate with posts on different social media.

The other downside of eClincher is that it has a tough user-interface, and the team might take some time to learn it properly. You can choose eClincher if you have just started a small business and take advantage of the 14-day trial period to know if it provides satisfaction.

2. SocialPilot


SocialPilot leads HootSuite mainly in terms of features. All the features provided by SocialPilot are more efficient and powerful than HootSuite. Where both the tools allow auto-rescheduling, SocialPilot can manage up to 500 posts for any social media platform.

With this tool, you can connect to various link shorteners like,,, etc. A search bar also comes with the SocialPilot that allows the marketing experts to look for the relevant posts to connect with. 

The monthly charges of  SocialPilot is a bit less than HootSuite as it starts from $25. Small businesses and freelancers are always eager to execute social media tasks with SocialPilot.

3. CoScheduleCoSchedule

CoSchedule only has more features, but it is cheaper than HootSuite. You can get a CoSchedule package for just  $120. However, it can allow 10 users to access. So, CoSchedule can be considered the best for small businesses. 

In terms of the features, CoSchedule gives notifications automatically and allows the execution of campaign and content management with ease. Moreover, you can also monitor different social media activities with ease. 

The only thing you must remember about the CoSchedule package is that it provides a one time trial for every feature. So, you should be sure if you want to stick with the package or not. 

4. Sendible


If you are running a big enterprise and want an efficient marketing tool, Sendible can be the best choice. An attached CRM system makes Sendible one of the sought-out options as a media management tool. The CRM system can help the user to generate good leads for sales.  Only the marketing experts need to work in a dedicated manner with Sendible. 

Other features of Sendible include a content calendar that helps in timely scheduling, a social inbox to track all the messages coming in from the audiences.

Sendible is made in such a way that the whole digital marketing team can connect with it. Moreover, it can be best to execute social media publishing. 

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5. Zoho Social

Zoho Social

Zoho Social backs a  place in the list of HootSuite alternatives that provide smart scheduling options to the users. Another best feature that you can enjoy is the live stream feature and social media listening feature. Both these features can act as a support for correctly tracing the audience activity of  Zoho. 

Other basic features are more or less the same for the Zoho Special tool. If you plan to purchase the Zoho Special tool, remember to hire efficient digital marketing professionals to work with it. 

As per the prices, you can get a package of Zoho Special for $200 monthly. A team of 5 users can access a  single account. The trial period of 15 days is present for each Zoho Package. 

6. Buffer


If you have just opened a business and are planning to concentrate more on Twitter concerning social media marketing and management due to the activities of your target audience, try choosing the Buffer tool.

However, at present, Buffer is compatible with Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. You can also execute social media marketing on Google+ with the help of Buffer. 

The Buffer tool not only simplifies the rescheduling but also enhances the re-posting and buffering of older posts on a timely basis. The buffer tool also comes with a visual calendar. To improve the outcomes for social media marketing, you should download the three apps that make the complete Buffer system.  

The prices of  Buffer packages start from $12 monthly, that is lower than HootSuite. So, you can consider it as a property alternative to HootSuite.

7. Socialbakers


Socialbakers can be your choice if you want to take advantage of Artificial Intelligence in the case of social media marketing.  The advanced features of Socialbakers help the small marketing team of small business organisations to work properly. 

The user-interface of Socialbakers is also easy to handle, and an expert can get accustomed to it within a few days. As per the unique features, with Socialbakers, you can execute the data integration easily. Moreover, AI can help you to trace and track social media trends easily. 

Socialbakers’ reports can help you to get access to the reports and change business strategies accordingly. To get the information about prices, you have to directly connect with the team as they will offer you the quotes as per your needs. 

8. Agorapulse


Agorapulse has nothing prominently different from the HootSuite tool. However, it gives a quicker response to the commands made by the experts. Argorapulse has an integrated inbox like free other social media management tools.

The best way to use the Agorapulse tool is to take full advantage of the 14 day trial period. You can change it up if you are not satisfied with it. 

To get the quotes of Agorapulse, you have to talk to the team referring to the contact details from the website. However, there is a standard pack that costs $79. You can take the pack and enjoy all the advanced features. 

Final words

Social media tools for management and marketing are increasing by numbers day by day. If you are planning to start a business soon or have already started one, you can try to go through the features of multiple tools before choosing one. 

You can also seek help from the marketing experts whom you can hire for regular execution of internet marketing tasks to ensure your business attracts more leads. As a new business person, it is crucial to choose the tool as you have to invest a lot of money and unsatisfactory outcomes can hamper your regular profit. 

So, you should choose such a tool that comes with an extended trial period. So, what are you waiting for? Go through this list and choose the best tool in the market. All the tools mentioned here have a prominent market presence, and they are genuine in terms of service.

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