What to do when your Apple iPhone X won’t turn on? [Troubleshooting Guide]

iPhone X was launched by Apple in the year 2017, and it was the most talked about smartphone then mostly because of its face unlock feature. This model soon became very popular with its powerful features, including 12 MP + 12 MP camera which captured images with resolution 4000 x 3000 Pixels. 

Tips to Fix iPhone X Won’t Turn On

The feature which awed people the most was the wondrous screen. iPhone X features Super Retina HD OLED display. The edge to edge display and screen size of 5.8 inches is what stole the show.  With all super pack features, there are also some flaws on iPhone X. One of the issues that iPhone X user experience is the phone’s screen not turning on. If you have experienced the same problem, we will tell you how to resolve it. This troubleshooting guide will resume back all your fun experience of using the iPhone X.

Why is your screen not turning on? Find out the Reason here. 

There are two main reasons for your iPhone X screen not showing. It’s either due to a software error and the other is the problem causing error can be the hardware damage. Most people think that the reason behind their device turning upon is battery failure, but it’s not true. In most of the case, such problems are caused because of system failure. Resetting or restoring The iPhone system can cure this issue.

If the system is not the cause, then the culprit is the hardware. There’s is this probability that you have accidentally damaged. If the damage is on the hardware, visiting a tech guy is required. 

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Method 1: Restart Your iPhone X

In the case your iPhone X is experiencing a software issue and not letting your phone to start, restarting will help. Follow the stepwise procedure mentioned below to effectively restart your device.

restart iphone X

Step 1. Press volume up button and the Press and release it quickly. Now do the same thing with the volume down button. 

Step 2. Long press the power button until the Apple logo appears on your screen.

Step 3. Your phone will restart now if it does give your iPhone X update. Updating your phone can resolve the software which causes this kind of problem.                            

If your phone still not turned on, go to the next step.

Method 2. Charge your Phone

Another reason for your screen not turning, can be the battery problem. You might have forgotten to charge your iPhone adequately. Sometimes your iPhone firmware ends up crashing your device, due to which the phone system doesn’t respond to connect. This leads to not turning on of your iPhone X. 

If this is the case with your phone, you will need to do the following for the solution.

Step 1. Plug in your iPhone with the original charger and plug it into your iPhone X.

Step 2.  Let your phone charge without any interruption for at least 15 minutes, even if it doesn’t turn on.

Step 3.  Now, Press the button of volume up and release it immediately.

Step 4.  Press the button of volume down and release it quickly.

Step 5.  Press the lock button with your thumb and hold it. Do not release it until the Apple logo appears.

Step 6. Your iPhone X would run correctly after this.

charge your phone

Method 3: Use iTunes to access your iPhone system

If you are still not able to turn on your screen, you may be facing an internal hardware problem. It’s better and save to backup all the important data so it do not get lost when it’s repaired. Now to backup content from your blank screen iPhone X, you will need to connect your iPhone to iTunes on your computer.

iTunes download

Here is how you can backup your iPhone X on your computer :

Step1: Plug-in your iPhone X with your computer either Windows or Mac. Just make sure that you have installed iTunes software on that computer.

Step2: Wait till iTunes recognizes your iPhone. After your device is recognized, select the backup option to backup your phone’s content. Now once the backup is done, try 

To have a force restart while your phone is connected to iTunes.

Step3: To force restart, press and quickly release the Volume Up button, then press and quickly release the Volume Down button. And finally, press and hold the Side button. Do not release the Side button when the Apple logo appears but instead wait for the Recovery Mode screen.

Step4: When you see the Recovery Mode screen, swipe the Side button.

Step5: Click on the update and restore button to save all the data. This will allow iTunes to reinstall iOS without erasing your data. After the above steps, iTunes will start downloading software for iPhone X. 

Step6: The whole process will take 15 minutes to complete. If the download time exceeds your device will exit recovery mode. If this is the case then you will need to go back to the previous steps until you get back into recovery mode and retry updating iOS.

You can also think about using iOS recovery software to try to restore or repair your iPhone X but still, there is no guaranteed fix from doing so. 

There are a lot of these iOS repair/restore tools available for free download online should you wish to try your luck with these alternative solutions. Otherwise, just escalate the problem to the right people instead.

Method 4.  Restore your iPhone

You can choose this if none of the above works for you. It is possibly the last solution that helps in dealing with this problem. This method also concerns with both Mac or windows. Follow the steps below to solve your problem permanently.

Restore your iPhone

Step 1. Install the iTunes on your computer, then launch it.

Step 2. Connect your iPhone X with a computer using an original Apple USB cable.

Step 3. Push to volume up button Adidas it quickly. Repeat the same process with volume down button.

Step 4. Press the power button with your thumb and hold it. Don’t even release it when the Apple logo appears on your screen. When ‘Connect to iTunes’ appear on your screen, release the button.

Step 5. Navigate the iTunes app and it would give you options to either the Store update


Tips to avoid turning off your iPhone X

Update your iPhone X with the latest software 

To avoid Software updates are made to fix the bugs causing an error in your phone. If any bug or bad applications is troubling your system, you will probably need an update. Update your phone makes your application start naturally, giving them a boost. It is quite a task to update all the installations even you have turned off auto-update option.

Follow the instructions mentioned below to ensure that you don’t end up facing blackout problems again.

Step 1.  Go to the app store on the home screen of your iPhone X.

Step 2. Keep scrolling down and go to the updates section. It will show you a list of all the pending updates of apps.

Step 3. Tap update all and wait for the apps to get updated.

Reset your iPhone X

When your phone is often troubling you, the reset option can help you to overcome all the problems. It helps you to deal with invalid settings that might have become a problem for your iPhone X. You might want to follow the steps below so that you reset all the settings appropriately after you turn your phone back on.

Step 1. Go to the home screen and touch settings option.

Step 2. Click General and tap Reset.

iphone reset

Step 3. Select ‘Reset All’ settings option.

reset all settings

Step 4. Enter the password of your device.

Step 5. Tap confirm and reset your iPhone settings.

Your phone will restart after this process, and you won’t be facing the problems again.

These are the few critical tips that can drive your iPhone X back to normal. You can use either of them without being afraid of any technical issue. It hubs many individuals to deal with the appropriate problem. Personally, the leading solution for you can be the use of FipC application that makes it easy for you to recover your phone without any possibility of data loss.

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