iPhone white screen of death ? Here is the fix (iOS 12 supported)

iPhone white screen of death: There are many iPhone users who are facing the problem of white screen on their iPhone. This also includes those devices that are running on iOS 12. When the white screen problem appears the user is unable to use their phone. iTunes is not able to recognize the white screen problem and people are on the verge of losing their data from the device. This causes a lot of frustration among people. Given below are some methods or tips which solve the problem of a white screen. This will also work for iPhone that is having iOS 12.

Best Ways of Fixing the White Screen Problem in an iPhone

Third party tools: In this method, there will be no data loss. People should use a third-party tool. Such tools will professionally be repairing the iOS glitches. The best part is that these tools are 100% secure and can be used easily. The third party tools are developed by their technical teams and famous websites support these tools. People can rely on this method because they will ensure that there is no data loss. The tools are efficient because they are receiving positive results and they use exclusive technology.

Checking the screen magnification:

In the method, people need to check if the screen magnification is on or off. Such a feature allows people to zoom the screen to the next level. There are times when the screen is super zoomed. When it stops people get the wrong idea of the white screen of death whereas it’s just a white spot. People can fix this by using three fingers together. Then double tap on the screen with those three fingers. Hence the screen will get back to normal if it was magnified. This feature can be disabled. Just go to settings then general. Click on accessibility and then zoom. Finally, click the off button.

Checking the screen magnification

iPhone hard reset: The white screen problem can be fixed by hard reset of iPhone. This process is simple and should be tried at first before trying anything complicated. First press the home button. Then the sleep or wake button. This should be done simultaneously and should be done for only 10 seconds. People should stop this when they see the Apple logo.

The phone gets rebooted automatically. Hence the normal function of the phone starts off. If the latest versions of the iPhone are being used like iPhone 8 or iPhone X then the process is a bit different. The volume up and volume down button should be pressed together. Then the side button of the iPhone should be pressed till the time Apple logo is seen.
switch off your iPhone

Holding three buttons together: For this people need to hold home switch, up-volume switch and power switch together. The process should be stopped when the Apple logo is seen. The phone gets rebooted automatically and works normally.

iTunes helps in restoring iPhone: This method is a good one but the only problem is that all the data gets erased. This should be the last method for anyone to fix the problem of a white screen. The latest version of iTunes should be there in the PC. Follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Open iTunes and plug the iPhone with the computer through a USB cable.
Step2: iPhone should be on the recovery mode or else the iTunes won’t be able to recognize it.
Step 3: iTunes can then detect the iPhone which is in the recovery mode. There will be an option of restoring the phone.
Step4: Then click on OK and restore the iPhone. The device gets automatically restored to the factory settings. Then the iPhone will be restarted just like a new one.

iTunes helps in restoring iPhone

These were some of the five different methods that people can follow in case of white screen problem. The most important thing is people don’t have to rush to the service centre. This will be saving time and money. They can simply browse the internet to find a solution to this problem. If one of the methods don’t work then they can try the other ones. Handling an iPhone is not that tough if one can find the correct set of solutions.

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