Apple Smart Battery Case Guide

Apple Launched a Apple smart battery Case for iPhone users who have iPhone X and 11 models. This launch makes iPhone charging easy. You don’t have to carry a high-capacity power bank in your bag or no need to take a bundle of things when outdoor. 

Apple has improved its battery life with the launch of iPhone X, and later models, XR and iPhone 11 models let you use your phone the whole day. However, keeping some extra battery for your iPhone is a good practice; it saves you at times when you can not find a wall mount. The launch of a smart battery case by Apple amazes everyone. 

This cover provides iPhone XR increased battery and makes charging iPhone effortlessly. It makes your phone survive the day with all the video streaming and internet usage. With Apple’s smart battery case, you don’t have to limit your iPhone’s usage when you are traveling.

Here is everything you need to know about the new Apple’s smart battery case. 

Design and Working of Apple Smart Battery Case

The smart battery case is made of silicon with a slight bump. The extra bumped portion is where the portable battery pack lies. The case has a lightning connector at the bottom that connects your phone with the external battery pack. Lightning access doesn’t get blocked. With the new iPhone battery case, you get a pass-through lightning port, that can connect all the apple’s connecting accessories.

Design and working of the smart battery case

With the case, your iPhone will look thicker and heavier. Handling your phone with one hand can be less convenient. When you connect the cover on your iPhone, your phone will first take all the battery from the cover before utilizing its battery.

Connecting and Removing The Battery Case

To Attach an iPhone with a case, pull the top corner of the cover and put your iPhone in it. When you slide in your iPhone in the smart case, your phone will start charging automatically. 

Once the device completes charging, you can remove the come with the same process. Pull back the top of the cover and remove your iPhone from the top. Carefully slide up your phone and not towards you, because it can break your phone’s glass.

Battery Capacity and Charging Limit

The battery case has a potential of 1430 mAH. The cover consists of two cells wired to make it a higher voltage power bank with 10.9 Wh that is comparatively higher than the last iPhone cases. 

Apple has not specified the exact battery that the battery case will add for different iPhone phones. However, Apple claims that the cover will make the iPhone battery last 50 percent longer. Considering this, below is the estimated list for iPhone battery value.


iphone 11

Video playback 17 hours, 

Streamed video playback 10 hours

Audio playback 10 hours

iPhone 11 Pro

iPhone 11 Pro

Video playback: 18 hours, 

Streamed video playback: 11 hours, 

Audio playback: 65 hours

iPhone 11 Pro Max

iPhone 11 Pro Max

Video playback: 20 hours, 

Streamed video playback: 12 hours, 

Audio playback: 80 hours

iPhone With Smart Battery Case

iPhone with smart battery case

The smart charger, you get extended talk time for up to 39 hours, extended 22 hours of internet use and video playback for up to 27 hours.

iPhone 11

Video playback: 26 hours

Streamed video playback: 15 hours

Audio Playback: 98 hours

iPhone 11 Pro:

Video playback: 27 hours

Streamed video playback: 17 hours

Audio Playback: 98 hours

iPhone 11 Pro Max

Video playback: 30 hours

Streamed video playback: 18 hours

Audio Playback: 120 hours

Charge your Smart Battery Case

Before you connect your iPhone with the smart battery case, you need to update your phone with the latest iOS system. There are two ways to charge the battery case one is through the Qi wireless charging device, and the other is through the lightning cable of Apple. 

Charge your Smart Battery Case

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Follow the steps below to charge your iPhone through the lightning cable:

Connect the lightning connector with the USB cable that comes with your iPhone along with the adaptor.

Plugin your charger into a power source.

For quickly charging your iPhone case, you can use Apple’s USB-C Power adapter available for Macbook Air and Mac book Pro. Also, you make use of third-party USB-C chargers with 18 W or more. 

When your iPhone with the traditional method with the battery case on, your phone will be charged first and then the battery cover.

When you put the cover to charge, you will notice an amber light. The light changes to green color after its charged.

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Check Apple Smart Battery Case

When your iPhone connects with the battery case, it corresponds with the phone, and that’s why you can see the battery percentage of the cover of the screen. Battery percentage of both your iPhone as well as the smart case is displayed on the lock screen.

The case does not have on and off switch only the lightning connector makes it compatible. When charging your phone is prioritized to charge first. When your iPhone completes up to 80 percent of charging, it shares charging with the case. 

Check battery of the case

Apart from the lock screen, you can also view the remaining battery limit of the case through today’s widget. However, the charge limit is briefly seen in the lock screen when you connect and disconnect the case from your iPhone.

The case battery gets ignored after a while, and you will only see a 100% charged phone limit until you disconnect your phone with the case. When your phone falls out with battery percentage, it will be indicated by orange color.

New Camera Button

The latest version of the smart case has a new feature that is the camera button on the side. The camera button gives you easy access to the camera app, even when your phone is locked. The camera button is on the right side of your device below the side button. 

New Camera button

It is an easy-breeze method to use your camera app. The press of the camera button will open the camera app, and the second press will capture a photo. The camera button cooperates with both the rear and front camera. 

You can even use it for video recording, when on the camera app press and hold the new camera button, it will automatically start to record. It’s great for taking a quick shot; this feature makes the smart case more travel-friendly. 


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