Best Lifestyle Apps for iPhone and iPad: Make Your Life Better and Easier

Lifestyle Apps for iPhone: Only if we knew when the app revolution is going to end, we could draw a line on its usage. But with technological facelifts, it is only fair to assume that there is more to come.

Top Lifestyle Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2020

Lifestyle Apps for iPhone and iPad

Today, we have more than two million apps on the Apple app store. Well, that’s some journey, which the tech giant has covered, since the initial launch of a dedicated play store in 2008. Initially, the Apple app store had around 552 apps, and in a decade, it has crossed two million. Wonder why there is an unprecedented rise in the number of apps?

Well, some say apps have become a way of life itself. Today, in every aspect of our day to day life, mobile applications play an important role. Right from messaging friends- asking them about the gift that they would like to receive- to order it from a shopping app. There is always a particular app behind every single task.

Apps: Are they a boon or bane?

There is always the other side of the coin which would like us to believe that our over-reliance on apps can be disastrous. Yes, they may be true, only if the word disastrous is changed into a milder negative connotation. Tagging something as disastrous is a far fetched idea. We simply cannot overlook the benefits that it brings to the table.

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Today’s apps can help us ‘do it all’ and with a greater deal of ease and flexibility. For instance, with various apps, our instant need for information is fulfilled within a blink of an eye. Also, with social media apps, communication has become free from the shackles of geographical boundaries. There are various benefits that we draw from mobile applications.

These miniature icons have transformed our lives in many ways. Below we will discuss some of the best lifestyle apps for iPhone which have spearheaded this change for the greater good of all mankind.

1. IFTTT/ If This Then That


In this social media-driven world, apps more often than not serve an overlapping purpose. But breaking away from the monotony of similarity, here, we have If This Then That. It is quite interesting to note that the acronym IFTT is pronounced as ‘gift’.

So what does IFTTT(or gift as pronounced) do?

As twisty the name might be, the operation is quite simple. So an individual selects a certain set of actions that are independent of another and then they are aligned to a Do-recipe. For instance, if you post an image in your Instagram account, then the trigger action is to save the image in the drive.

So, essentially, in IFTT you select a set of trigger responses to a certain set of social media activity.

Now, what’s the purpose of it all, well, the creators of this app believe that this app can be used in a constructive way to multitask and do more with less.

2. Apple Books

Apple Books

Here is an interesting question for all of you readers out there- What would you prefer to read; the hardcover books or ebooks? According to a survey, it has been discovered that people are all the more inclined towards reading books online. The simple yet novel concept of carrying your favorite novel with you at your fingertips makes things all the more exciting.

Apple books app is generally inbuilt in your device. It is quite clearly one of the best apps if you are an avid reader. As mentioned earlier, this app makes it possible for you to carry almost the entire library with yourself. With its sync feature, you can sync it to any iOS device and continue your reading.

3. Zombie Run

Zombie Run

When we say crazy and out of the box idea for apps transformed into reality- Zombie run- sits right at the top. There are plenty of apps under the fitness category, but Zombie run app is not remotely similar to others.

Imagine being chased by zombies while running, it will give you the adrenaline rush to cover that extra lap, which otherwise would not be possible. Along with the Zombie chase, you have certain short targets to achieve. It is one of the weirdest amalgamations of gaming and fitness apps, which is worth a try.

4. Alarmy


Dubbed as the devil’s alarm, Alarmy is not your common alarm app which turns off easily. Alarmy gives you different tasks that you have to accomplish to turn off your alarm.

The range of tasks may vary from solving a few math problems to shaking your phone a few times. None of the tasks are simple and require you to properly wake up to turn off your alarm.

The Bottom Line

In the end, it all boils down to one simple fact and that is- apps have made our life a hell lot easier than ever before. We just simply can’t comprehend what all can we do with those tiny boxes inside our phone.

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