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How to Backup in iPhone Apps, Contacts, Photos, and Data?

Backing up data is the most essential thing any user should do. Backing data means securing it from accidental data loss. We understand how valuable data your phone contains and so we have this article for you. Whether you are a new iPhone user or regular switching between iPhones backing up data is a must. Not only once but make sure you backup your data at a regular period of time. 

You can also sync in data to ease the process. Backing your iPhone data also saves from lots of hassle when you switch to a new iPhone, you would already have all the data you will just have to download. We will discuss this in detail in this blog.

Backing iPhone data is quite a boring thing to do, but it’s a mandatory process that should not be skipped. But don’t worry as we curated simple methods for you to back up and restore your data into a new iPhone.

Five Ways to Backup your iPhone Data

  1. iCloud
  2. iTunes
  3. Online storage 
  4. Third-party applications
  5. Layered storage

Method 1: Backup iPhone Data Using iCloud


iCloud is the included feature in iPhone if you turn on sync feature you will be able to automatically backup all the recent data. You will not have to perform manual back up again and again. To access the iCloud feature you will at least iOS 5 and above. iCloud is one of the most essential features of the iPhone and it stores all kinds of content your iPhone possesses.

The good thing about iCloud is that it is a cloud storage and saving data there will not waste your device space. However, there is a flaw that you get only 5GB storage for free. Don’t worry if you need more space you can buy with a nominal monthly charge. You can have 50GB of data in iCloud for $0.99 per month.

For 200GB the cost is $2.99 per month. And for 1TB Apple charges $9.99 per month. It may seem expensive but it’s very less compared to other online storage available. Though you may not require this as 5GB space along wih128GB of iPhone is pretty much sufficient.

Also if you love photography and end having thousands of photos on your iPhone you can opt for My Photo Stream. This will not include your iCloud space so have My Photo Stream and 5GB of free iCloud storage you can easily manage your iPhone data. 

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Here is How you Can Backup iPhone Data with iCloud

Before you start with backup make sure that your iPhone is connected to strong wifi and should be sufficiently charged.

Step1: Go to Setting 

Step2: Tap on iCloud and go to Backup.

Step3: Turn on Toggle of iCloud Backup if it is not turned on.

Step4: Tap Back Up Now and it’s done

If you want to check your iCloud backup, go through the following option.

Settings > iCloud > Storage > Manage Storage, now choose your device. The latest backup would also be seen with dates.

Method 2: How to Backup iPhone Data Using iTunes


Backing up data with iTunes requires a computer. So if you have Mac or window device you can use iTunes for iPhone backup. This will save all your data on your computer and free up storage from your phone. iTunes too Backup all kinds of phone content including Photos, videos, text, messages, apps, etc. All of these can be saved on your computer from the iPhone and without any charge as iTunes is free. 

Few Things you Should Know About iTunes Backup

  • Unlike iCloud iTunes provide manual backup and not automatic. However, it doesn’t take much of your time just a little bit of effort. You can try to enable automatic features but takes lots of internet data. Also, this method may lead to turning off your phone or computer.
  • Also Before using iTunes for backup, you must make sure that you have enough space in the computer’s hardware. If you’re backing up 128 GB of iPhone storage it could be a problem.
  • The most beneficial thing about iTunes backup is that all of your phone content is backed on your computer and can be restore back into your iPhone. So transferring old iPhone data to a new iPhone is easy if you use iTunes.

To save your phone content on your computer you will have to connect your phone and computer with wifi connection. Backing up via iTunes to your computer is very simple just follow the steps below

Step1: Plug in your iPhone to your computer

Step2: Open iTunes manually if it doesn’t open by itself.

Step3: Tap on Devices

Step4: From the summary page select “Backup Up Now” 

Method 3: How to Backup iPhone data using Third-Party Apps

Like iTunes, there are several third-party software with which you can save all your iPhone data on your computer. Tenorshare iCareFone, Aiseesoft Fonelab, SynciOS, wondershare and many more.

To backup your data with this software, you will first have to install it on your computer.  Connect your phone to the software by plugging it in via USB cable. Also, make sure that both the devices that is iPhone and computer are connected with the same wifi network.

To know more about this software and its function check out the blog: iPhone disabled, recover iPhone without iTunes backup

Method 4: Online Storage or Cloud Storage


Like iCloud, there are many other online storage sources that will help you with your iPhone backup your content and store content in the cloud storage. If you use devices other than iOS-like windows and Android, or you not sure if you would stick to your iPhone for longer than online storage is what you need.

Some online storage software is much cheaper than iCloud extra space prices. However, with minimal charges come data restriction you can not back up everything on the cloud storage. Kinds of Stuff that you can backup are images, videos (not always), contacts most of the time. Stuff like text messages, voicemail, settings, applications, application data, and other things you only use on your phone.

Though they don’t back all your mobile stuff, it’s a great option when your iCloud storage is full or when your computer is full of iTunes backup and other stuff. Another advantage of using online storage space is that you can access it wherever you like on whichever device you want with an internet connection. All you have to do is login into your account and hola you will have access to all the uploaded data.

Some of the popular online storage space is Google drive that provides you 15 GB free space you can purchase more space if you like, One drive gives  5GB free storage space, Dropbox provides 2GB of free space and the paid version provides 1TB of storage per user for $99 yearly. 

Data can be uploaded to these online storage Softwares either through your mobile phones or computer or iPads anything works as far as it is connected to the internet and registered with your account. Also, many files will only be uploaded on cloud storage manually but a few can use automatic uploads if you turn-on synchronization all your phone photos and contacts will be saved automatically.

Method 5: Layered Backup Solution for iPhone


No matter what option you choose for backup, after any backup you want to a specific place to store your data safely. All the stuff that your device contains from images of every kind, social media data, or apps data, storing all important stuff in your home computer is the most likable.

But your computer may not have enough space for all those storage. The best thing to do is have a layered backup, It may sound a bit tricky but it’s worth trying.

Save all your iPhone content to your computer and then upload it to any cloud storage. Here is how you can do layered backup for a complete solution.

Step 1: Initiate the process with real-time backup, as discussed above you iCloud and my photostream to keep your phone backed up.

Step 2: The next is to backup your phone with a computer using iTunes or any other third party as we discussed earlier. Use this method once a month or on a regular basis, to save your data with accidental damage. This will back up everything from your iPhone to your computer.

Step 3: Next you have to install an online storage app on your iPhone which will automatically sync/share/copy your photos and videos to your computer. Note that these apps may not save your messages and history or app data from your iPhone to your computer. Also, these applications are not free and can be complicated to set up, but unlike iTunes they are automatic.

Step 4: Finally, it’s time to back up your computer to the cloud storage. After you complete all of the above steps your computer now contains all of your iPhone data along with all of your other digital files. The next step is to backup your computer to the cloud to protect all of your data. Backblaze offers unlimited online backups. So you don’t have to worry about picking which files to backup, just automatically back up all of your files.

After performing the layered backup you don’t have to worry about any accidental data loss. You can lose your iPhone and still have everything you need to be backed up. However you should not lose your iPhone, it’s pretty valuable!


If you are planning to buy a new iPhone restore data would be super easy you backed up with this method. Also if you plan to switch to an Android device, your photos and videos can be easily retrieved from your computer.

Even if you lose your iPhone and your computer, you still have everything automatically backed up online. With the layered approach, your iPhone becomes part of your overall backup plan and you enjoy the highest level of protection.

If you have any queries while backing up connect with us through the comment section below. For more information keep visiting. We curate information around phone technology and also bring solutions related to issues with the software, phone applications, and accessories.

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