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7+ Best Translating Apps for Mobile Devices [Online & Offline]

Translating Apps for Mobile: Going on a foreign trip! Are you worried about the language problem? If yes you don’t have to as we have a solution for you. Visiting a new country or a region has so much to discover.

You are going to a different country Whether for a trip or education, Job placement or visiting someone for a reason whatever may the purpose it is best that you should be enthusiastic and not hold a fear of unknown circumstances.

And if your concern is the language problem you should stop that right away. Because we have come here to your rescue with Translating Apps for Mobile.

Check out Translating Apps for Mobile Devices

We understand that language can sometimes become a problem if your language is not understandable to the locals. Here is when Translating Apps for Mobile can help you. A mobile translator is what you need the most on your phone while you visit a new country.


These applications will reduce your language barrier so that you can enjoy your destination to the fullest. We have mentioned some translating apps which can be used on any operating system. Some of these apps can also be used offline.

Google Translate

You must be familiar with the word ‘Google’ it plays a huge role in today’s tech world. It now helps with the translation too. Google translate is very simple to use a translator with a simple interface.

It can transfer lots of languages in so many ways. Continue reading below to know how google translator could help you with language translation.

google translate

  • There are a total of 103 languages which can by typing through this application. If you want to translate into a particular language you can do that by copying any text to any app and google translator will pop up with the translation.
  • This application can also be used offline for the translation of 59 languages that means you don’t have to worry about your internet connection wherever you go.
  • You don’t always need to type for translation. Google translator provides you with Instant camera translation for 38 languages. If you want to translate anything written on top of the shop in the local language of the country, just click a picture of it using this app and you will get its translation.
  • By using the conversation mode of this app you will be able to translate instant two-way speech. Suppose you want to talk to a stranger in another country who does not understand your talk. This is when this mode will help you. This mode can translate up to 32 languages.
  • One of the amazing feature google translators serves is the handwriting mode you can directly draw characters instead of using the keyboard for more than 93 languages.
  • Not only you can translate languages here but can also save them for future references. Save phrases on this app and open it for reference whenever required.

Available For: Android, iOS

iTranslate – Translating Apps for Mobile

iTranslate is the leading language translating and dictionary app. It has millions of user all over the world. This application translates text, audio, and picture texts too.

This application comes in two versions iTranslate and iTranslate pro. Let’s understand both the versions in details so that you can choose wisely.


iTranslate features

  • This is the free version with which you can translate upto100 languages through text messages and voice to voice conversations.
  • Like Google and Siri this app has its own voice. You can listen to the audio of translation of text you want, you can choose from a male or a female voice.
  • This application also helps with different dialects. After selecting a language that you wish to translate you can switch between dialects when you translate.
  • You can also use a dictionary and thesaurus to know the meaning of words.
  • You can share content to your favourites or add them to your favourite list for reference.

Available For: Android, iOS

pro features  of iTranslate Translating Apps for Mobile  

It is a paid version that needs a monthly subscription which is around $3

  • This pro version makes the use of a camera lens. In these ways, you instantly translate a language written on menus or signs and much more.
  • It also allows you to translate in offline mode so you don’t have to worry about expensive internet when you are abroad.
  • You can have a voice to voice conversation with iTranslate pro version.
  • It will help you with verb conjugations so you can have in detail understanding.

Microsoft Translator

Microsoft Translator translation app works for 60+ languages. It can translate text, voice, conversations, camera photos and screenshots.

You can use this on online and offline mode. Want to know what features it has to offer, see below.

microsoft translator

  • The Camera translation feature of this app is able to translate any photos or screenshots.
  • Voice translation will translate speech, and a split-screen mode helps with the bilingual conversation. So two person speaking different languages can use this app for an understanding conversation.
  • Transcribe speech feature of this app converts audio to text. It is not necessary to type every time you need a translation. This feature makes your conversation easy with the locals of the foreign country.
  • By using multi-person conversation translation you can connect your devices and have in-person conversations with up to 100 people across multiple languages.
  • Phrasebook for verified translations and pronunciation guides to help you learn important phrases in foreign languages when you travel.
  • Look up alternate translations and meanings of a word to find the best translation to express yourself.
  • Download languages for offline use for when you travel without an internet connection.
  • Hear your translated phrase out loud to help you learn how to say the translation.
  • View transliterations (pronunciation guides) to help you pronounce the translation (includes Pinyin support for Chinese).
  • Share your translations with other apps
  • Pin and save your most frequent translations for later
  • Translate text in other apps through context menu translation

Available For: Android, iOS, Windows

Voice Translate Pro

Voice Translate Pro makes the process of translating sentences and phrases easy and convenient. It offers easy voice translation with reading aloud translate results.

Travelling with this app makes communication, social networking easy. With multi-language translations and much more. Below are the key points of features you get by this application.

voice translator

  • This application supports over 10 languages that are spoken in over 100 countries, making the conversation with foreign people very easy.
  • The Voice Translating feature also be used as a language understanding tool here. You can carry your own custom dictionary and use it whenever or wherever you like.  Your voice will be translated and saved locally which can be used in offline mode.
  • Multi-language translation simultaneously translates your written text into many languages.
  • Voice Translate pro provides session storage with which it is easy to refer, organize and manage the translated content.
  • The voice recognition system is able to understand complex sentences it can even recognize tongue twisted and complicated phrases or word constructions.
  • To use this application on your device, Select the language you speak and then select the output languages and speak into your phone. It will automatically translate and will give you the audio of the translated sentence.

Available For: Android, iOS, Windows

SayHi Translate

SayHi Translate is an application specially designed to replace interpreters. It is available for free, earlier it was only an iOS app but now it also available in android play store. It translates language and provides its audio format in very good quality.

sayhi Translator

  • SayHi application has a voice recognition system which supports 40 languages. Note that a number of languages get updater over time. It may vary during the time you download the app.
  • The voice recognition feature accuracy up to 95% when converting words to text. Also this it one amazing skill that it can speak with another person in other language and translate for both of you. Wondering how it is done! It has the bi-directional translation, it converts the input language to the output one language you selected and the process can be done vice versa.
  • You can choose the voice of your translator that is if you want a male or female voice for your translated content.
  • One of the remarkable features of SayHi translator it permits to change the speed of the voice. If you find the speech too fast to understand then you can adjust its speed by moving a slider towards left or right.

Available For: Android, iOS

Translate All Language – Voice Text Translator

Translate all langue – Voice text translator a Translating Apps for Mobile is a cool language conversion and translation application. It offers a whole package which includes lots of features of translation. It is a Globally recognized free language translator.

Translates  100 languages has microphone feasibility for speech and verbal language exchange. It provides a complete meaning and history of words with reference. Let’s have a glimpse on some of its best features.

  • A free live text translator app is used for speech and written content exchange. It can translate globalized many languages.
  • Voice texts feature lets you understand the pronunciation of foreign languages.
  • This application brings in the new era of online language converter, it translates pictures description, photo statements and complete paragraphs for you
  • This tool gives you the word to word quick text translation of messages. It provides you with non-verbal and verbal data into other languages when you feel helpless in the bitter circumstances of language disability.
  • Text translator app has a dictionary that gives your word reference, a detailed history of its origin and meaning of each word when you try to seek it.
  • The Language voice transmitter uses a microphone to exchange languages system for audio data, speaking chunks and listening recordings.

Available For: Android, iOS

All Languages Translator

All languages Translator app is best for easy and fast translations, speak any language with speech translate can be used like how to speak any language dictionary. 

Learn how to speak any language through offline student learning, learn any language best while you are on the tour. This app helps you to enjoy translate app free learn any language offline language.

all translator

  • Language free translator speaks to you and provides voice translate which allows you to take notes easily by speaking.
  • Speech translator lets speak and learn new languages. No need to worry use all language translator speak to translate words pronunciation of the language.
  • Translation app gives a fun and effective way to memorize vocabulary.
  • Voice Translator Master Speak feature of this tool allows you to learn all languages with word meanings.

Available For: Android, iOS

Enjoy your visit to the new country to the fullest with Translating Apps for Mobile, have a conversation with locals, and discover more about the country.


These were some of the translation apps you will need when you visit a foreign country. Choose according to your requirement and tells us which one was your favorite in the comment section below.

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