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Netflix Errors: Common Netflix Errors & How to Fix them [All Fixes]

Netflix Errors and its Solutions: Netflix is one of the most popular and subscribed content-streaming applications. It has around 148.8 million and is streamed in 190 countries. It has gained its popularity globally featuring all sorts of things from series, movies, documentaries, mini-series.

Netflix has mind-blowing content of every genre and for every age group, there is something for everyone. Whether you want to watch your shows on TV on your cellular devices Netflix application is compatible with all smart devices and for all the operating system Windows, Android or iOS.

Netflix brings to you sheer entertainment, it’s so much fun especially when you watch it with family or friends. But everything does not always go right and the same goes with Netflix. There are times when you will face some connection issues and different Netflix errors depending upon your device.

Know About All Common Netflix Errors

Facing any sort of such problems while watching your favorite show just spoils your mood but not anymore as we have come with the fix. Continue reading to find the solution for common Netflix problems you may have faced while watching shows.

Internet Connection or Buffering Problems

Do your shows get stuck streaming halfway? Does it take a never-ending time to start? The most common issue faced by Netflix users is the connectivity issue. Which caused mainly due to the network issue. Netflix used HD content with a 4k resolution which requires high-speed internet.

netflix error

If you show buffer a lot it may be because of your internet speed. Here is how you can check the connection and fix your network issue on your device.

For  Mobile Devices

Try to be on Wi-Fi network instead of your carrier’s 4G connection when you are streaming Netflix on your mobile phones. Also, always try to keep the network preference of  5 GHz rather than 2.4 GHz.

For Home Devices

If you are facing these issues on your PC or TV than what you fix this by going to playback settings and setting it to the Auto mode or below High.

Restart your Device

So if you have set your network as mentioned below and are still facing network problem then restart your device.

Restart your Router

If you are using wifi connection it is time when you restart your router. To restart the router, unplug it from the power source, wait for 60 seconds and then plug it again

Fix4: Restart modem:Just like router unplug your modem wait few sec and plugin in back. Also, do not forget to check the Wi-Fi router location.

Unable to log in to your Netflix Account

Not able to log in to your Netflix account even with the right password. This problem is usually due to the internet or router. To fix this issue we have a few solutions see below.

Netflix login

Reconnect Your Internet Connection

If you have receives the error UI, NW or AIP disconnect your internet for few seconds and then try to connect again.

Restart the Netflix App

After you make sure your network is fine and still not able to log in try to restart your Netflix app. It will clear the cache of your device and maybe you are good to go.

Restart your Device

Log out of your device. Any device you use iOS, Android or PC switch it off and start it again.

Re-install your App

You can also try uninstalling the app and installing it back again, this can resolve this troubleshoot issue giving your app a fresh start.

Forgot Password, How to Reset Netflix Password?

Facing the wrong password alert, not able to recall the correct password. Here is how you can reset your old password with a new one.

Step1: Open the URL in your browser

Step2: Now choose where and how you need to reset your password like through email, call or text message.

Step3: For email, write down your email address where you will receive a Netflix link. The link will log you in with your account directly. Once signed in, you’ll be asked to create a new password.

For call or text message, you will receive a verification code which you have to enter to reset your password. This code will expire within 20 minutes, so be sure to use it as soon as possible.

Movies or TV Shows Don’t Show Up In Search

Netflix’s certain shows are based on the country. These shows are restricted in that country and could not be played else where. In this case, shows will not show even in your search.

Movies or TV Shows Don’t Show Up In Search

Fix: to remove this issue use a VPN or DNS settings, this will help to feature you content which is not available in a different country.

Netflix Errors 1011 and 1012

Netflix error 1011 and 1012 are a mobile-based error which is seen on iPhones as well as Android phones. If you have experienced these error on your phone here is how you can fix that.

Clear Cache Files of Netflix App or Restart App

First, restart your app and then clear the cache data of this app.

  • If you are an Android user
  • go to setting
  • Scroll down to apps and select installed apps
  • Search and select the Netflix app
  • Select cache data and delete it.

If you are an iPhone user you can remove cache files by uninstalling the app and then installing it back. To restart the app on your iPhone

  • tap on the Home button twice or scroll up at your screen if you are using higher version iPhone to get a preview of the recently used application.
  • Search for the Netflix app. When you find it swipe left and right to close it.
  • Now once you close the application go back to the home screen and start the app again and see if the error is resolved or not.

Netflix Error 1016

This Netflix error is seen on iOS devices, which is caused due to Internet issues. Here is the fix to this problem

netflix 1016

Toggle Airplane Mode

Simply scroll on your notification menu and turn on the airplane mode, and wait for a minute and two, now turn off airplane mode and start your Netflix app again. Check if the issue is resolved or not if not check the next solution.

Restart Your Device

The next thing solution is to restart the iPhone or iPad whatever you use. Turn the power button up wait for a few minutes before you restart it.

Error 12001

Error 12001 is seen is experienced by Netflix users who use an Android device to stream shows. The reason for this error is the outdated data on your phone.

If you have not cleared up junk files of Netflix app as well as junk data of your phone for a long amount of time. So to resolve this error clear app cache files, here is how can do it.

Step1:  go to setting

Step2:  Scroll down to apps and select installed apps

Step3:  Search and select the Netflix app

Step4:  Select cache data and delete it.

Playback Not Allowed/Too Many Users

This one common error faced by many users. This message pops ups either because of the network issues or if you have shared your passwords to many users.

So, if you are using the simplest Netflix plan for a good number of people it’s time you switch to a premium version.

Netflix Black Screen – Most common Netflix Errors

Now there are various devices in which you can stream Netflix, one of them is Windows PC. The black screen Netflix errors occur during video playback on the PC. To resolve this error look for the solutions below.

Fix1: Clear cache data from your computer, remove cache data of your browser. You can also visit sites that are meant to clear Netflix cookies once done restart Netflix and check if it’s back to normal.

Fix2: Try to open Netflix with another browser, to check if there something wrong with your browser.

Fix3: If you are Windows users you compulsorily uninstall Silverlight to resolve this issue.

Fix4: In this scenario, the culprit could be the antivirus you use. If your antivirus is invalid update it as soon as you can.

Netflix Not Starting in your Apple TV

Watching your favourite show on Apple TV can have a great experience but it could be annoying too when you are not able to connect.


Fix1: It is because of software issues to remove it restart your Apple TV.

Fix2: If it doesn’t work restart your router.

Netflix Won’t Start On The PS4

Netflix will not able to start on PS4 if you have installed a corrupted file.

Fix: You can resolve this issue simply by uninstalling the application and then installing it back ion your PS4. follow the steps below to restart the app.

Step1:  Head to TV and go to video screen option in your PS4

Step2: click on the options button from your controller and then choose Delete’. Next, ‘Ok’.

Step3: Once deleted, the Netflix app will again appear on the screen. Now just select it, the app will be downloaded.

Step4: Sign in with your Netflix account, it will start streaming on yourPS4

Netflix Won’t Start On The Xbox One

You can face Netflix error even in Xbox due to corrupted files or any bugs. To resolve thiss issue see the following solutions.


Fix1: One of the simplest way to resolve Netflix error in Xbox is to turn it off and wait for at least 30 seconds. Now restart it again this is the easiest and time-effective method.

Fix2: Sign out from Netflix app and sign in back again.

Fix3: If your error is still not resolved in Xbox One then uninstall the app and re-install it back.

Unable to download shows in Netflix

There can be multiple reasons why you are not able to download contents for offline mode. We have mentioned a few reasons behind downloading issue on Netflix.

  • Netflix has different versions but not all the versions allow downloading.
  • Check for the latest version update of Netflix app and also make sure to update your device completely.
  • Note that jailbroken/rooted devices may have the download function disabled by default.

Netflix Closes Unexpectedly On Multiple Devices

There are scenarios in which connected devices may close Netflix with no specific error code. If this happens many a times with you here is what you can do.

Fix: Deactivate Netflix on your device, wait for few minutes and activate it again. This way you can have a fresh start resolving all kinds of error.

Netflix Gets Stuck While Streaming On Chromecast

You are using Chromecast to stream Netflix shows and not able to connect it’s because of Chromecast’s small memory.

Read More: How to Setup Chromecast on Windows 10 Computer


Reset Netflix app

Netflix showcases full-HD content so if it’s not working with Chromecast you can fix it either by resetting Netflix app or by the below method.

Reset Chromecast

Reset Chromecast through the optional button which will then resolve.


These are some of the Netflix errors most commonly experienced by users of different devices such as Android, iOS, Mac, Windows gaming console etc. If you are one of them these hacks will for sure help you.

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