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How To Download Movies and TV Shows From Netflix?

Download Movies and TV Shows From Netflix: Netflix is not a new name for gen-Y. Social media often gets such posts where people update their status writing “weekend sorted with a bottle of wine and Netflix”.

The original TV series, movies, and shows are so captivating that people are now showing more interest in Netflix originals than others. Within some years Netflix has gained this popularity and it is successfully maintaining it by presenting hits back to back.

Ways to Download Movies and TV Shows From Netflix


However, for a busy schedule, we all have these days, it becomes often difficult for us to stream the episodes of a web series or movie live. After getting lots of spoilers we end up watching them later.

This is still manageable, but how about we are somewhere where enough access to the internet is not available and we badly in need of something to pass our time? how to download Netflix videos is a fuss for many people who don’t know the secret to downloading Netflix originals on their system to watch it afterward.

Here, we are presenting a comprehensive guide on how to download Netflix videos on your system (Android, iPhone and Windows 10).

Initial Steps to Download Movies and TV Shows From Netflix

Netflix Videos

  • You have to make sure that you have an interruption in the NetFlix network connection to download the videos from Netflix. In case you don’t have enough bandwidth, rather unlimited bandwidth of a 4G connection, you better not start the download, because any interruption can make you start from the beginning.
  • Needless to say, you have to download the Netflix app. You will find it in the Play Store in Android and App Store on an iPhone. Ensure that your app is updated; the downloading feature may not be available in an outdated version. Therefore, check the app in the Store and if any update is available, go for it before you start the main process.
  • If you are new to the Netflix app, you have to sign in and subscribe to the app. You can do it from the existing Gmail app. You will get one month of the free trial version before you go for the subscription.
  • Here, you have to add the card from where you want to debit the amount after the trial period. Netflix liberates you to back off and cancel the subscription process before the end of the tenure. However, we are quite sure that you will love the app and end up subscribing to it for more fascinating videos.

Download Movies and TV Shows From Netflix on Android &iPhone

Downloading Netflix Videos on Your Android or iPhone

  • You can share your account with three others. Hence, to start the downloading process, you must have to choose your account and sign in.
  • After signing in you will get the latest shows that are running on Netflix and you may get the one you want to download from there. Otherwise, you have to click on the search button and write the name of your favorite video.
  • On your Android or iPhone mobile, you will automatically get the download button. It looks like the normal download button that is a downward arrow. For movies, this particular icon will be right below the movie title at the top of the page. For the TV shows, it will be seen to the right of each episode. It is very possible that someone wants to download one or two episodes and not the all, it is for them.
  • Right after clicking the icon, the video will start to download but it will take some time to complete the downloading the process.

Understand One Thing Before Download


All videos are not available for download. Before you get disappointed while downloading, it is better to be sure of the show that is available for download. To find that you can tap on the ‘downloads’ button and tap again on ‘find something to download’ or ‘find more downloads’ at the bottom of the screen.

Once the download is completed, you are free to watch it any time, even without a network connection. But, you can’t keep the downloaded files forever; they have an expiry date. Make sure you watch it within that period. Also, the web series of movies that are already removed from Netflix will automatically expire automatically from your account.

You are free to shorten your ‘downloads’ list. By tapping and holding the show you want to delete you will get checkbox for multiple deletes. Check those boxes you want to be out of the list and tap the trash bin icon for permanent removal.

Downloading Process for Windows 10

You already know that you can watch Netflix in Windows 10, but, is it possible to watch Netflix videos live and download it for Windows 10? The answer is one word is Yes. Take a look at how you can Download Movies and TV Shows From Netflix.

  • Click on the Microsoft Store icon and click on the search button after that. Type Netflix there and press Enter on your best keyboard. Netflix app will appear on your screen. Click on it to start the installation.
  • After installation, the procedure is the same as the Android or iPhone. Sign in with your mail address and password.
  • Now, to Download Movies and TV Shows From Netflix, first, click on your account and find your favorite show that you want to download from the search icon or the icon of the show that is already appearing on the screen.
  • Check whether the show is available for download or not. You will find it from the menu icon that looks like three ‘underscore’ icon vertically aligned one after another.
  • If the show is available for download, click on the download icon that looks like a downward arrow and start the download.
  • You will get the downloaded shows from the menu icon where the downloaded videos are stored at ‘My Downloads’.
  • The rule of the expiry date is nothing different here as well for your Windows 10 Netflix app.


We hope we covered all areas to ensure your seamless experience of watching Netflix videos offline.

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