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How to force a message to be sent as SMS (and not iMessage) On iPhone or iPad

iOS users have one of the smartest ways to communicate with each other, and that is iMessage. Since iMessage provides the facility to communicate freely, users do not need to use text for the same purpose. However, more often than not, iPhone and iPad users have been complaining about the iMessage as sometimes, it just doesn’t work fluently. 

When you try to send a message through iMessage, you can only see “Sending..” texts and the blue loader line that is never going to complete. The process stops at that point, and your message does not get delivered. Hence, it becomes quite annoying for you, because you cannot communicate with the respective person.

However, regardless of such issues, you would expect that the message would go as an SMS so that, at least, you can share the information with the person. In this article, we will provide you the complete guide on how do you force a message to be sent as SMS if it did not deliver as iMessage. So, without any further delay, let’s start straight away.

How to force a message to be sent as SMS and not as iMessage on iPhone or iPad

To fix Message error, you do not need to apply rocket science; in fact, everything you need to do is within your system. There is an option called “Send as SMS” within your Message setting. Once you enable it, your message will be delivered as the Message only and not as an iMessage. Follow the steps mentioned below to change the setting of Message so that you can force Message to be sent as SMS and not an iMessage.

Step 1: On your iOS device, go to Settings, and tap on Message.

tap on Message on your iPhone settings

Step 2: Next up, turn on the Switch next to “Send as SMS”

tutn on send as sms

Note: Most people don’t know one of the most important factors after enabling the feature mentioned above. Even when you enable Send as SMS, it will only work when your iPhone cannot connect to the iMessage server. It happens due to the network issue, whether from your side or Apple’s end.

As mentioned, these are the prominent circumstances under which your iMessage cannot send a message and it will; automatically send text as an SMS only.

On the other hand, if the receiver side, a person who usually is using iMessage, has disabled iMessage service in its device, or his/her device may be out of coverage, then you cannot send a message through iMessage. It will stop working from your side.

Even iMessage from your side is in perfect condition, but due to the problem from the recipient brings not working of an iMessage. Moreover, it shows the problem on your side.

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In such a scenario, you can force send the message as SMS 

Follow the simple steps mentioned below to do so!

Step 1: At first, tap and keep holding the message that is being sent
Step 2:  Now, you will see a menu, showing you an option to send as a Text message. Tap on it.

send as text msg

Step 3:  Finally, now you will be able to send iMessage as an SMS (Text message)

Additional Tip:  Whenever iMessage does not able to deliver a message, it shows “Not delivered: with a”! “ symbol. All you need to do is tap on it which enables you to send the message as an SMS/text.

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