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How can you install chrome extensions on Android

Chrome Extension on android: Extensions are an integral part of the chrome experience that we all have grown up using. Working on your PC or Laptop with all your favourite extensions running is a luxury you can’t afford in your android device. But fret not, we have you covered.

Ranging from AdBlocker to stop those annoying pop-ups till the Google Dictionary to be all aware of every word at all times, these extensions are just indispensable and hence only natural that you would want them in your android mobile phones as well. But sadly the chrome app on your smartphones does not support extensions.

Before we begin I would like to point out that the method suggested uses a third party application and is not officially chrome authorized but works amazingly.

Install Chrome Extension on Android

Install Chrome Extension on Android

We will be using a third-party browser called the “Kiwi browser”. The Kiwi browser is based on Chromium open-source project and uses its Blink rendering engine which also powers Google Chrome. So, it looks and performs very similar to Google Chrome.

Also, it’s an open-source browser and doesn’t have any kind of background track which is highly recommended in this day and age of digital privacy hacks. You can download the KIWI BROWSER from this link.

Step 1: Download The Browser and Install It 

Download the browser and install it by following the requirements as and when they appear. There is a chance that you might get a warning message as you are using and downloading from a third party site and application.

To override it, simply go to the settings and tap on the ALLOW-FROM THIS SOURCE as shown in the image below.

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Step 2: Search The Extensions That You Wish To Install

Now open your browser and search the extensions that you wish to install in your chrome pretty much the same way you do on your PC or Laptop.

Now tap on the ADD TO CHROME button and tap on OK moving on as shown in the image below. The extension would now be installed in your chrome and be ready for use soon.

Step 3: Open Extensions

To find all your extensions, tap on the 3-dot menu on the top-right corner and open Extensions. Here, you can choose to remove the extension, enable it or even disable it.
Now you are all set to use the chrome Extensions in your android phone as well.

If you are one of those extension junkies who cannot surf without a couple of widgets helping you along the way, I am pretty sure this article would prove to be of great help. Let us know if you found the article helpful and if you would like more content on any other topic.

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