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iPhone X complete beginners Guide

iPhone X complete guide: Using your brand new iPhone X, you must be looking for some tips on how to use your new phone. We get this article is for all those you are getting started with iPhone X. This article has everything you need to become an iPhone X expert.

iPhone X Guide for Starters

iPhone X

This guideline is great for people who are switching from Android to iPhone or people who want to know all the new features of the iPhone X. We have curated this article in different chapters for you to have a clear understanding. So let’s begin with the iPhone X guide.


Chapter 1: Physical features of iPhone X

Before we talk about the amazing new features of the iPhone X, let’s quickly go through the physical features. You can refer to these features while we talk about its functionalities.

If you are already aware of all physical features on iPhone X you can skip the chapter and move on to the second one. iPhone X has removed the apple’s home button, this phone gets unlocked 

Side Button

The side button is something you will be interacting a lot when you use the iPhone-X. It is located on the right side of your phone. While you hold the iPhone X, your index finger will rest on the side button this makes it easily operable.

Mute switch

Like earlier models of Apple’s iPhone X too, comes with a mute switch. The switch is located on the left side of the phone, which can enable you to quickly mute your phones.

Volume buttons

Below mute switch is the volume buttons. Along with volume function, this button can be used for other functions too which are mentioned in this article.


Rear camera

Back of iPhone X’s showcase the amazing rear camera that has 12-megapixel dual-lens, it also features dual optical image stabilization, consisting up of a wide-angle f/1.8 aperture lens and a telephoto f/2.4 aperture lens.


Front camera

The 7-megapixel front camera supports Portrait mode and has auto image stabilization and exposure control.

Lightning port and Speakers

Beneath iPhone-X lies phone’s speaker and lightning port. You can use this port for charging and also insert earphones with a lightning adaptor if you are not using the iPhone X earphone.


Chapter 2: iPhone X accessories which come with the box

iPhone X accessories

Here are the three iPhone X accessories which come inside your iPhone box along with your phone.


Lightning Charger

include lightning cable and USB

Apple earpods with lightning connector

This earphone has a built-in microphone that means you can take calls with this earphone. Earphone also has volume buttons and a center button that enable play and pause features, Long pressing center button will enable Siri.

lightning jack

lightning jack has a lightning port at one side and an audio jack on the other side. With this jack, you will be able to connect any of your favorite earphones to iPhone X.

Chapter 3: Power on and OFF your iPhone X

Power on and OFF your iPhone X

You probably know how to turn your phone on and off but do you what to do your freezes. We will tell you how to restart your iPhone X when a bug prevails in your system or how to have an emergency restart. We will tell you all of these right here.

Wake up screen

To simply wake your screen from the sleep mode, press the side button from your index finger. Your phone screen will wake and your screen will be unlocked through the face ID. We will discuss the face id later in this article. Now just swipe up and you are ready to use your phone. To the sleep mode again press the side button. 

Another way of waking your screen is just by tapping on it. This method is new with iPhone X, you can simply keep your phone on the table and just tap on it to see the notification, you don’t have to unlock it every time.

was just waking of the screen, let’s see what are other waking features in iPhone X. These methods are just to wake your screen not to power on your phone.

Powering off

Like your computer, you can completely turn off your iPhone too. It’s not always necessary to power off your iPhone, but we recommend you to completely turn off your month at least once a month.

This is good for your phone as it refreshes your phone, saves your phone from sluggish and more. It’s also the right thing to do when your phone starts to slow down.

Follow the steps below to completely turn off your iPhone,

  1. Press the side button and volume button both at the same time.
  2. Two slider buttons will appear on your screen i.e slide to power off and SOS. we will discuss the SOS button later, for now, swipe the first button to turn off your iPhone X. Your phone is now turned off.
  3. Now to power on your phone back press the side button, this will reset your phone. You will have to unlock your phone with the security pin once.

Force reset your phone

Force reset your phone

Now what to do when an app freeze, or stop functioning you are stuck with that app. In such scenarios, you will have to perform a force restart. It’s simple just follow the below procedure.

  1. Press the volume up button and volume down button.
  2. Press and hold the side button for 10 seconds. This will force the rest of your iPhone X.
  3. Now start your phone by pressing the side button.

This method looks similar to the above one, but it’s actually different. This will quickly close your phone without saving any of your phone content. It is required only at the time when any app or phone stops functioning.  

Chapter 4: iPhone X gestures

iPhone X gestures

iPhone X has introduced multiple gestures so you will not be missing the home button at all.

Let’s know all the gestures which come with iPhone X.

Close your app and get back to the home screen

Swipe up from the bottom of your screen in order to easily get back to the home screen. This gesture is the alternative to your home button. With swiping your app will close leaving you to the home screen.

Switch between application

At the bottom of your screen, at the horizontal bar swipe back and forth to move between apps. Swiping left will take you to previously used apps and swiping right to recent ones.

Access running in the background

You can see all the apps running in the background at once, just swipe up and hold all the apps will be displayed in a sequence. To open any of those taps all you need to do is tap on that app.

To delete these app press and old you will see a ‘-’ sign on it, press it to close it. Note that this will only close the application and not delete it.  You can also swipe up to remove it from the background screen and close it.

Emergency SOS feature

As we discussed this feature is displayed when you hold the volume button and the side button together. Now, this button is serious to help you in case of an emergency. When you swipe it a text message will be sent to emergency services that you need help. 

We hope you don’t have to use this, but it’s good to be prepared. You can also alter the setting and set five emergency contact list. You can also toggle five taps button which will enable SOS with five taps

Access Siri

To activate Siri there are two ways, You can either call out hey Siri to your phone or press and hold the side button, that’s it and Siri will be greeting you.

Access Lock screen

To access your lock screen swipe down from the top left corner of your screen. This will show you the locked screen with the unlock button.

Access the control center

To access your iPhone’s amazing control features swipe down from the right corner of the screen. The whole control center will be displayed with so many cool tabs.

Spotlight apps

You can access your most-used apps by swiping down from the center of the screen. You can also search for any apps by typing in the search bar.

Chapter 5: Core Apps

In this segment, we are going to discuss the main communication app, so that you become aware of the essential and main components of your phone.


Mail App

When you first open this app, it will show welcome to the Mail option, displaying different email operators. You can have your account logged in with this app, choose your email operator. For instance, choose google if you have a Gmail account. Sign in your account and you will be able to respond to emails, write and see all your emails right on this mail app.

Phone App:

Yes you must be aware of this, with keypads, the dial-in number to contact. In the Favourite list, you can add people with whom you talk daily for easy access. The recent has the recent calls, then you have voicemails and contact lists.


With this messaging app you can share a text message to those you possess android or any other OS mobile phone. You can share iMessage to those who have an iPhone. iMessage is a messaging tool for iPhone users which is accessed by internet connection, it has many cool features and gestures. Imessage is explained in detail in chapter 10.


It is Apple’s browser, you can use this app either for google search or just open the website by exact URL. You access different pages through the page icon at the bottom.You can then add a new tab by clicking on the plus sign, also open a private browsing window or switch between multiple pages. To close page click on x sign on the bottom left corner.        

To save the page as a bookmark or share to share page URL click the save button at the center. You will see a list of apps with which you can share the page or bookmark it.                                                                            

Chapter 6: Face ID and Passcode

Face ID and Passcode

Let’s know what Face ID and Passcode is used for in your iPhone X

Face ID

So you know that face id is used to unlock your phone, but do you know it’s also used in your App purchases. In addition to that, it can also be used as an authentication tool in several apps. 

Here’s an amazing fun fact about iPhone X’s Face ID. The Face ID feature is adaptable too, it adapts your face changes so you don’t have to worry about rescanning if you are losing or gaining weight or have grown a beard or wore sunglasses, your phone knows it all.


Every iPhone has a security key setup known as a passcode. It’s the most secure way to lock your phone. You will have to enter your passcode after any reset or for any security prospects on your phone.

Let’s know how to use these security features and also how to change it.

Step1: Go to the setting app, tap on Face ID and passcode.

Step2: Enter your current passcode

Step3: You will now see a few toggle buttons with which you can choose to enable different Face id functions. For example, toggling iTunes and AppStore button means, that means it is face locked and will open either with face id or passcode.

Step4: Next, you will see the attention awareness feature button. When you toggle it green, it will make sure your phone stays on whenever you are looking on the screen and doesn’t dim or turn off on you.

Step5: The next option you will see on the page is Reset Face id, tap it and process the setting up face id will start again. Apple will guide you for setting face id in a step by step process.

Step6: The same is for the passcode, tap on reset passcode to change it. The passcode can either be words or number or combination of both. Complex words make your phone more secure.

Step7: Next option on the Setting list ‘Require passcode’ you can enable immediately passcode option or disable it if you don’t want the phone to get locked too quickly.

Step8: Below the passcode reset button, you will see a list of options you can access on your locked screen. Such as notification, Siri, today’s view home control and much more, you can enable and disable this feature whenever you like, for instance, if you don’t want anybody to see your messages, then turn off notifications and today’s view button.

Chapter7: lock screen and wallpaper

Let’s know more about the lock screen and its functionality. Also, we would talk about how to set wallpapers on your iPhone X.


So as you know you can unlock your locked screen by face id, and taping on the side button will lock your screen.

  • When you swipe to the right of your lock screen, you will see a series of tabs showcasing today’s view. The first tab shows date and time, the second tab will give you app suggestions such as recent s apps you have opened. There is a series of other information like weather, news, etc.
  • Also if you want to search for anything on your phone tap on the search bar at the lop of the screen. Type in apps or any information and it will leave you directly to the app.
  • When you swipe left on your lock screen, you will be accessing your phone’s camera. This way you can quickly open up your camera app whenever required, you don’t have to worry about open your phone and searching for camera to capture shot notice pictures.
  • You can also access the camera by tapping on the camera icon on your lock screen, just press a little bit harder on the icon. The same is with the flashlight, you can open a flashlight takes by clicking on the flash icon. These buttons are super convenient to use and takes no time to open up.


Here is how you can set wallpaper of the lock screen as well as the home screen on the iPhone X.

Step1: Open Setting App

Step2: Scroll down till you see wallpaper tab, and open it

Step3: You will see few categories, dynamic wallpapers are moving wallpapers, Live wallpapers have 3D touch it will have a motion effect as soon as you touch it. After that, they have beautiful still wallpaper collection showcasing beautiful scenery.

Step4: You can also choose one of your favorite photos and make it wallpaper. Open up the photos and just tap and select set.

Step5: Choose the select option to set lock screen wallpaper, home screen to set the picture on your home screen or both which will show the picture on your lock screen as well as the home screen.

Chapter 8: Control Center

As we discussed in the gesture feature you can open up the control center by swiping down from the top right corner of your screen.

What does the control panel include?

Airplane mode

The top right corner has the airplane button which is also known as flight mode. Enabling this button will shut down every network on your iPhone. Mobile network or wifi, you will be disconnected from all.

Cellular network: Enable this button to turn on your mobile network.


This will show your wifi connection


Connect or pair your device with BlueTooth one and stream music. 

Control panel

If you are listening to music, it will display in this box. This panel gives you easy access for audio-related apps you can pause, play, forward and rewind using it. 

Screen lock

This button will lock your screen into the vertical mode if auto screen mode is troubling you.

Do not disturb

This mode is similar to the airplane mode the only difference is it only disables calling. 


With this tab, you adjust the brightness of your screen. Now the interesting part! When you apply the 3d touch on the brightness you can also turn on and off true tone. It takes in the background lighting around you and adapts the true tone. If it gets dark at night it will have a bit softer colors. 

You can also turn on the night shift mode that is a bit more exaggerated version of that. You can choose the automatic mode which will enable it after 7:00 pm.


Adjust the volume of your phone with this button.

Screen mirroring

It enables you to mirror your screen content on a device like a laptop, TV or projector.

The control panel also includes basic things like Flashlight, Calculator, timer, Camera. These buttons are something which you need regularly and having it on the control panel makes the process more convenient.

How to customize your control panel?

You can customize the control panel and add super cool features which you find are more preferable. 

Step1: Open setting App and click on the control center.

Step2: You also have the ability to access within apps or not, for instance, you are playing games and you don’t want to touch the side of the screen to pull up the control center then you can turn it off.

Step3: Click on customize controls, you can remove some existing buttons and add new features. There are several buttons from which you can choose such as do not disturb while driving. You can add an alarm, power mode, etc. Adding a low power mode feature will save your phone’s battery whenever required, it will also turn off minor features on your phone which are consuming your battery a lot.                                                    

Chapter 9: Siri

iPhone X has dedicated the side button to Siri, so if you press and hold it Siri will appear. You can also just jay hey Siri to activate Siri if in case you are not holding your phone.

There’s a lot of things you can ask Siri, we cannot go through all but you can also try other things and discover the best questions which are easy to understand and have the fastest response. Here are some examples of questions you can ask Siri.

Here are a few questions:

  1. Hey Siri, what’s the weather like in Mumbai?
  2. Send a text message to Ajay to which Siri will ask you what do you want to say: say the text you want to send. Now confirm to send a message to your friend. Sending text in this way can be very useful if you want to urgently share a text while you are driving or caught in a similar scenario.
  3. If you want to have a clear idea of the questions you can directly ask Siri itself. Just say Hey Siri, what can I ask you? Siri will give you suggestions of the app and in that question and functionalities that can be performed by Siri.  

You can do a lot of things with Siri like scan QR code launch camera, send photos, reminders, emails, you can find movies and TV shows and much more the list is really huge. 

Chapter10: iMessage and Animoji


If you are first time iPhone user, you probably are aware of the iMessage, it is not just a regular messaging app but more than that. It includes super cool gestures and effects. iMessage can be used only between iPhone users, also it uses an internet connection.

1: Go to the messaging app and look for the contact who you want to send a message to. Also, make sure the person to whom you are texting owes iPhone too.

2: Type your text message and send it, you can send a dictated message tap on the microphone icon on the bottom left corner. Now speak out whatever you want to say and sent. 

3: You can send emoji by tapping on the emoji icon on the bottom right corner of your screen.

4: The keyboard will also predict your sentences and will suggest you with words that match your sentences, so you can send your text within seconds. You can picture by clicking on the camera button.

5: Now here comes the interesting part, at the left side of the writing you will see a symbol of ‘A’. Tap on it and you will different tools which you can use with iMessage to make your conversation super fun and exciting.


the first tool is the app store where you can download iMessaging apps from the apps store and use it as and when required. There are tons of iMessaging apps available in App store. Just choose what you like the most.

  • Next, you will see Gifs, which has amazing Gifs for every mood, just type a word in the search bar you will see several gifs matching to it.

Digital touch:

Allows you to draw on the screen, you can draw anything with your fingers using different colors and send it to your friend. You can also share 3d effects using digital touch by simple gestures like double-tapping will enable kissing effect, you can heart, broken heart light effects, etc.

  • You can share your favorite youtube videos to your friends by clicking youtube icon.
  • The music button lets you share albums and tracks with your friends.
  • Now comes the most exciting thing that is Animoji, iPhone X has introduced animoji, which mimics your voice along with expression. It is best to make your tell conversation exciting. All you have to do is choose your favorite animal character and scan your face then tap the record button. Say whatever you want to send and share it with your friends it really amazing to watch.
  • You can do the same thing with Memoji, which was introduced with the iOS 12, with this you can make your look-alike emoji you depict your voice and expression.

Chapter 11: Built-in Apps

Let’s have a look at some built-in app that comes installed on the iPhone X, we already talked about communications apps like mails and phones earlier.


With the calendar app you can add a calendar event to your phone, open the app and click the plus button to add. You can also set birthday reminders and stuff like that. You can choose the tie for alert also this content can also sync with the google calendar as well


This saves your photos you click or that gets downloaded in your device.


you click a photo by pressing the big white button, and also by pressing the volume-up button. So taking selfies at different angel is super easy now. At the top of the screen, you will flash which you can turn on and off or either set in auto, the same is HDR mode which enables high-quality photos. 

You can timers and add different filters like warm, dramatic which sets different colors, you can try different things and play with it to enhance the photo looks. also you have the ability to zoom in and out by pinching in and out on your screen. Even You can set focus by tapping at a point where you want your camera to focus.

The camera app includes other options such as video, timelapse, portrait mode, slo-mo which is a really fun thing to shoot, square for Instagram pictures, the panoramic photo where you can shoot different photos and it will stitch all the photo to one single picture. 


while using this app make sure you have turned on your internet and GPS and type in your destination in the search bar and you will navigate to your location.


Set alarm, stopwatch or time setting here. You can set the alarm on repeat or you can choose whether or not to have a snooze option. There’s also an option here called bedtime which records the time of your sleep and wakes you ups giving reminders, this is a great feature to have.


It keeps track of the climate of your location and keeps you updated with the past weather and ahead weather.


Get the latest update of what is happening around you through this app.


Let’s connect to smart lighting and accessories or any smart technology who has in your home.


This is the app is a very useful tool, you can have a track of important things just type and save. You can even draw here, you can have your grocery here or to-do list it’s a handy app.


You can check your investment, the open high and low volume all the different things you are trying to track in your stock portfolio.


Allows you to set reminders for yourself like, for example, you can set remind be at 7:00 to call a friend or get to shopping for groceries or something like that.

TV apps

You can watch different movies and TV shows here.


For music you have iTunes, If you have a group of friends or family that uses an iPhone you can have a family subscription it’s a value pack that lets you stream offline music.


You can read any kind of digital book you have in your device.

Health app

It keeps track of your fitness over a period of time, you can add in your medical id, if you are allergic to something or medical condition and use it in scenarios required.

Apple wallet

It stores your credit card numbers, so you can easily use your phone by tapping on credit card terminals. It is very easy to use and saves a lot of your time.

Setting and App Store

it is mentioned below

Chapter12: The App store


Let’s have a quick look at how you can download additional apps from the Appstore.

Step1: Open the app store app.

Step2: You can scroll to some suggested application

Step3: At the bottom of the screen you will different tans like Games. Which showcases top gaming apps.

Step4: The Apps store has some of the useful apps and most popular apps like Netflix, twitter, ‘doordash’. Another way to find the best apps is to go apps tab and scroll down to ‘Top free’. Click see all, this will give a list of apps that you can probably download like youtube, Spotify and much more all these free and popular. 

Chapter 13: Organizing Apps 

Like iPhone X the iOs apps are a super cool tool, and it’s totally fine if you go crazy and download several apps on your phone. But if you are downloading many apps you will probably need ways to organize them, here is how you can do it.

  1. Press and hold an app, until they start wiggling. The app is now in the edit mode.
  2. You can move your application at any location, for example, if you to move the youtube app at the bottom of the screen, or to the next page, you can. Click done
  3. You can also delete the apps in this mode by clicking on the cross icon on the app.
  4. You can even group together apps in a folder, for example, create a folder for all of your gaming apps.

Chapter 14: Settings

At last, we want to discuss settings, now there are a lot of setting option in iPhone X. We have mentioned short guidelines for the setting so you can enjoy your iPhone X experience to the fullest.

Let’s get started and open up the setting app


You will see your name and apple id at the top, if you click on that you will be able to reset Apple ID, change things about iCloud, basically edit your personal account.


Beneath your Apple ID you will see the cellular network, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth all the connectivity settings. You can access these buttons from your control panel, however, for more detailed options, you have to visit the setting up.


The next important setting you can have is notification, the most important feature in the notification is that, if you don’t want your notification to be seen by others you can hide it from them. Go to notification and select preview which means it will only show notification only when you are looking.

Also here you can choose the notification app you want to have, disable notification of app you don’t need. Choose an app from the list in the notification category, toggle buttons to enable or disable every kind of app notification. You can disable the badge icon which shows stuff like unread messages. You choose whether you want this notification on lock screen, history or banners.

Do not disturb:

We told you about the control panel and also about Do not disturb button. Do not disturb button has cool features than you know, you can not only just disable incoming calls with it but also schedule it as per your timings. Set the time you want to enable do not disturb feature like your sleep time or office timing etc.

Also, it has cool features stating ‘Allow call from’ that means you can choose contacts that can call you even when the ‘do not disturb mode’ is on. Repetitive calls feature will push do not disturb mode if a person calls you three times in a row, id in case it is an emergency call.  You also have the do not disturb while driving feature.


When you go to general in setting you will see updates, which will showcase the latest software updates if available. Always update your phone to enjoy the latest iOS feature. There are many setting options in the general category, one of the important things here is storage, which will showcase what’s consuming your phone’s space.

  1. Keyboard setting:

    it allows change keyboard settings like autocorrect, suggestion and stuff like that.

  2. Display and brightness:

    Adjust brightness and display color, you can even adjust the text size on your screen display.

  3. Restriction:

    if you have kids this setting option is perfect for you, you restrict certain apps for your kids or anybody else if you like.

That’s was all about the iPhone X beginner guide, we hope you find this article useful. We have tried to cover everything on iPhone X. Now you enjoy the features of your new iPhone X to the fullest without any question or interruption.

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