How do I fix the Text or Message Notification sound on your iPhone? Best Methods

How do I fix the Text or Message Notification sound on your iPhone

Message Notification Alerts on your iPhone: There have been times when I have missed texts from the boss about urgent meetings even though the volume was on HIGH!

This phenomenon is quite common and if you have gone through a similar problem of not receiving text or message notification alerts or sounds on your iPhone devices then let’s get started!

No Text or Message Notification Alerts or Sounds on iPhone

There can be a variety of reasons for your iPhone not making the “ting ting” sound when you receive a text ( iMessage or a simple SMS)

Let’s look at some common reasons why that is happening and how to fix it!

REASON+METHOD 1-  Check the Mute and Text tone

Before we jump into finding methods to fix the problem of your phone making a sound when you receive texts you must check if the text tone has been muted! There are times when we have accidentally turned it off maybe because you were in a meeting or heading off to sleep and forgot to turn the ring back on! This could also have happened if you accidentally touched or slid the screen.

How to check and fix this? – Fix the Text or Message Notification sound on your iPhone?

Step 1- Open up settings on your iPhone

Step 2- Scroll down until you find SOUNDS and tap on it!
iMessage or a simple SMS

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Step 3-  If you see VIBRATE ON RING and VIBRATE ON SILENT turned off then slide the circle towards the right and turn the area green.

Scroll around and you will notice that you can increase or decrease the volume. That’s all you need to follow to turn the sound on the phone.

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Method 1

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REASON+METHOD 2- Trouble with iPhone – Text or Message Notification sound on your iPhone?

If you haven’t yet updated your iPhone to the new iOS 12 or the new version that comes with new updates and are still using iOS 11.4 then there are chances that you have either a bug on the iPhone or the installation of the iOS 11.4 was improper which led to your phone acting up and not making the notification sound when it receives a text/SMS.

To fix this problem, the help of iMyFone will be required. It is a software you will need to download online on your computer ( MAC/ Windows). Ensure that your iPhone has been previously connected to the Computer!

The iMyFone makes use of 2 modes namely, Standard Mode and Exit Recovery Mode that will ensure all your personal data is taken care of and you do not have to lose any of it in the process of fixing your iPhone. The software helps get rid of a variety of iOS bugs!

How does this software work?

Step 1- Start by installing and then subsequently launching the iOS system recovery on a computer that you have previously connected to your iPhone (Windows/MAC).

Step 2- Connect your iPhone to the Computer(Windows/MAC) using a lightning cable.

Once the software has been installed on your computer something like what you see below will pop up. Click on STANDARD MODE


(Photo Courtesy-

Step 3- Once you have clicked on the standard mode a message pops up with a well laid out description that will help you to enter DFU mode with your iPhone. DFU or Device Firmware Update puts your iPhone in a sort of trance where the iPhone can interface with iTunes but not load the iPhone operating system or boot loader.

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Now simply follow the instructions on the screen.

Step 3

(Photo Courtesy-

Step 4- Click on DOWNLOAD to download the latest firmware onto the iPhone once your DFU mode is completed and it has detected the program.

Download Firmware

(Photo Courtesy-

Tap on START TO FIX on your iPhone once the firmware has been installed in it. Your iPhone will automatically repair after this download of the firmware has completed and will function normally.

REASON+METHOD 3- Turn on the sound for text Notifications using NOTIFICATIONS CENTRE

An article I came across claims that if you have updated your iPhone to the iOS 12 or higher you may receive your texts in a group and separately because of the new notifications feature! It bundles all your messages together so if you don’t get a notification there is a possibility it was hidden in the clutter even though it was introduced to group and cut out on the clutter multiple messages cause.

How to turn on sound for text Notifications using NOTIFICATIONS CENTRE? – Message Notification sound on your iPhone?

Step 1- Open up the Notifications center. You can open that up by simply pressing on the home button( in case of 6/7/8) and press the on/off button from the right of your iPhone and then swiping down from the top left corner of your iPhone ( Incase of X/XS/XR) to access the notifications panel/center on the iPhones.

Method 3

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Step 2- First of all if your messages have been grouped together, ungroup them by tapping on them. Select one message/Notification and swipe left. 3 options pop up namely, Clear, View and Manage. Tap on MANAGE.

Notification Center

( Photo Courtesy- Screenshots)

Step 3- The screen shows MANAGE NOTIFICATIONS, you will spot DELIVER PROMINENTLY. Tap on it so you receive a sound when receiving Notifications.

Manage Notification

(Photo Courtesy- Screenshots)

(Photo Courtesy- Screenshots)

Quick note- If your iPhone shows DELIVER QUIETLY. Do not tap on it! A little bit about this feature- The feature turns off all the sound notifications (apps and text) but you still get quiet notifications in the notification center but they do not appear on the lock screen, play a sound or show a pop up of the app.

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Another method to turn off Deliver Quietly

  • Open up the settings on your iPhone
  • Scroll down till you reach NOTIFICATIONS. In our case, the Notifications will be disabled Or will show DELIVER QUIETLY ( here we are focusing on text notifications)
  • Tap on MESSAGES

Setting Notification

(Photo Courtesy- Screenshots)

  • You will spot LOCK SCREEN and BANNERS not ticked on since the notifications were turned to DELIVERED QUIETLY. Turn the ticks blue to enable sound notifications. You may also turn on the SOUNDS and BADGES to make your notification pop up sound experience better.


(Photo Courtesy- Screenshots)

Step 4- The screen will shift something to what you see below. Click on SOUNDS and customize the notification sounds as per your liking.


(Photo Courtesy- Screenshots)

REASON+METHOD 4- iPhone text not showing notifications for certain people

Missing out on texts from your friend? Your phone shows no notifications and you are at a loss of words because you can not figure out why this is happening?

One reason, why you may be missing out on the text messages would be that they appear and disappear so quickly that you just miss seeing them which is quite a common phenomenon with the iOS 12 updates!

  • Changing the text banners from Temporary to persistent: Temporary banners will go away after appearing on your screen after a short while before you can take any action whereas persistent banners will require you to take any action before they disappear.

How to change the persistent Banner so you   miss out notifications

Step 1- Open up settings on your phone

Step 2- Scroll down until you spot NOTIFICATIONS and tap on it to open it up.


(Photo Courtesy- Screenshots)

Step 3- Tap on MESSAGES to open it up. Swipe the Circle towards the right for Allow Notifications if not already done and the same goes for LOCK SCREEN, NOTIFICATION CENTRE, AND BANNERS. Tap on BANNER STYLE, you can spot this right under the 3 options mentioned.


(Photo Courtesy- Screenshots)

You get to choose from 2 options, Temporary and PERSISTENT. Tap on Persistent to change your text banners as that would make the text notification stay on the screen for longer. After this, you can also choose how many times you would want the phone to warn you about the text notification by simply tapping on REPEAT ALERTS!

If your iPhone is only blocking out certain contacts then the method below would be the best try!

Step 1- Open up your contacts, click on a contact that you have not have been receiving text notifications alerts from.

Step 2- On the top right corner of your screen, you will spot EDIT. Tap on it to edit the contact details!

Step 3- Scroll down your screen until you reach TEXT TONE, tap on it. You may turn on the EMERGENCY BYPASS and change the Vibrations and Default tones of your text notifications. Click on DONE ( Spot this on the top right corner of the screen) once you are satisfied with your changes.

Some other common mistakes that led to the sound notifications to turn off and what could fix the problem of the notifications not making a sound for when you receive your texts.
  • CHECK DO NOT DISTURB: You could have turned Do Not Disturb on by mistake or were just trying to silence your iPhone for a while. The feature if remained on will definitely turn off the data services and in turn, you will end up shutting down anyway to be easily reached. This means that you will not be receiving any notifications!

How to check this?  Head out to the settings and Click on DO NOT DISTURB and turn off DO NOT V   DISTURB WHILE DRIVING.

  • TURNING OFF BLUETOOTH: Connected Bluetooth to the portable speaker to listen to music and then completely forgot to turn it off! That could be one of the reasons why you aren’t receiving sound notifications for your text messages! This sends the notifications to the Bluetooth device connected to the iPhone which disregards the notification. You can turn off the Bluetooth by opening up your settings and scrolling around till you find BLUETOOTH and turning it off.

SWITCH ON AND SWITCH OFF your iPhone: Often the software problems can be resolved by turning the phone off and turning it back on. Long press the switch on/switch off button to shut down your phone. You might want to try this before trying out the above mentioned 4 methods!

These were some of the easiest ways I could find to fix text or Message Notification Alerts or Sounds on iPhone! If you have easier ways to fix this problem then do mention it in the comments below!

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