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How Many People Can Watch Hulu At Once?

If you are not from the country U.S or Japan you maybe not aware of Hulu, so let’s begin with that. Hulu is a video and anime streaming application that showcases popular TV shows, movies and also you can watch Hulu’s original shows and movies.

This streaming service is co-owned by the renewed company Walt Disney and Comcast. So now you can figure out how amazing it content could be.

The sad part is so far this service has come only to the U.S and Europe. But don’t worry and have some patience as it is soon going to be featured in other countries too.

How Many Profiles Can You Have On Hulu ?

If you are thinking that watch Hulu is the same as other streaming, then it’s not true. So what makes it different? Hulu allows users to early access many series from multiple traditional networks.

You will have to wait only a week at the most and in many cases only a day to watch the latest episodes. Hulu aims for showing newer and original content over movies and documentaries.

There are lots of amazing and exclusive Hulu content like the award-winning drama The Hunt and Marvel’s Runaways.

Hulu+ Plus TV

Now as we mentioned Hulu subscription is divided into different tier but Hulu plus TV is one of the featured subscriptions.

If you have subscribed to this plan of Hulu you will be able to watch live Tv on-demand TV programs from more than 60 channels.

hulu tv plus

The channels include local, news, sports like Discovery Channel, TLC, Investigation Discovery, Motor Trend (formerly Velocity), and Animal Planet.

This subscription comes with all the other features we mentioned above.

HULU Subscription Cost

You can stream Hulu by monthly subscription with different plans. The subscription plan for Hulu is mentioned below


Ad-supported subscription – $6 per month
Ad-free subscription-
$12 per month
Hulu plus live TV-
$45 per month (limited ads)
Hulu plus live TV –
$51 per month ad-free

Streaming Devices

Now Hulu library and Hulu live TV can be streamed on a wide range of streaming devices. For instance, you can access the Hulu library in devices like Android TV, Apple Tv. LG TV and many more.


Now for Hulu live TV following devices can be used.

  • Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick
  • Microsoft Xbox One and Xbox 360
  • Samsung TVs ( Selected TV models )
  • LG TVs ( Selected TV models )
  • Apple TV ( 4th generation )
  • Google Chromecast
  • using Mac or Windows browser
  • Roku
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Apple iPhone and iPad ( running iOS 10 or newer )
  • Android Phone and tablets ( Running 5.0 or newer )

How Many Devices You Can Run Hulu At Once?

How Many Devices You Can Run Hulu At Once

Now, when you know which devices can be used to stream Hulu account the question comes to mind how many devices can be used at once. This completely depends on your subscription plan and you can use your hulu account login easily and enjoy your shows.

It varies on the subscription plan some plan allows streaming only one device at a time, while other upgraded plans allow multiple devices streaming at once. Continue reading to know which plan lets what.

Standard Hulu Subscription- How Many Devices Can be Used at Once?

For standard Hulu subscription, you can log in to unlimited devices with your Hulu account however you will be allowed to stream only on one device at once.

With this plan, you can log in to different streaming devices but not use two devices simultaneously.


For example, if you are using on your mobile phone and your friend tries to log in to your Hulu account on other devices Hulu will send an error of too many users.

In spite of this, some users are able to use two devices simultaneously and get the error when the third device comes in the picture.

So you have to check once to find out how many devices you are able to use.

Live TV Plan- How Many People Can Use It Simultaneously?

With Hulu Live TV plans users can stream on Two devices simultaneously. So, you can enjoy your favorite show on one device while someone from your family can stream their shows on other devices without any error.

Hulu Unlimited Screen Add-on


With Hulu unlimited screen addon you are allowed unlimited streaming and that too on multiple devices. This will also allow Hulu live TV on unlimited supporting devices while you are connected to your home network.

If you are not connected to your home network you can connect to three supporting devices at once.

Now, this add on of unlimited screen will cost you around $14 which will be an additional cost on top of your existing plan. This price is full of cost-effective if you want to share your account with friends and family.


This was all about the Hulu video streaming service, enjoy unlimited shows and Hulu original not only by yourself but with all your friends and family. If you have missed out on your favorite TV episode, no problem as you can watch it on Hulu within a few days.

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