How To Get Portrait Mode on iPhone Version 7 or Older 6, 6S

How To Get Portrait Mode on iPhone 7 Older iPhone

The most prominent selling aspect in terms of USP is the dual-camera system. As soon as it was available in the market, it has attracted both its fans and experts. On top of that, all the fans and experts have also greatly accepted its ability to capture stunning shots.

Portrait Mode on iPhone 7 or 6s/6s Plus, 6/6Plus, SE and iPhone 5s

In one of the iPhone events, the company has displayed some fantastic features of the iPhone 7 plus. These features are very well-acknowledged by the users as one of the features called “Portrait mode” is an exclusive discovery regarding the quality of the photograph.

portrait mode on iPhone 7

iPhone 7 Portrait Mode

According to the latest update, “Portrait Mode” is available in iOS 10.1. I got amazed while I have tested all the new features on Phone 7 Plus. And, I must tell you, these features are quite impressive.

Many of you might be thinking that what if someone wants to use “Portrait Mode” on iPhone 7 or the older iPhones that are iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, iPhone 6s/6s Plus, or even iPhone SE?  Here is all you need to know about how to get “Portrait Mode’ on your iPhone 7 or later.

How to Get Portrait Mode on Phone 6S

It is time to introduce you all with this amazing app called “FabFocus”. This app is perfectly develop considering the need of using “Portrait Mode” in the older version of the iPhone. It lets you use “Portrait Mode” on iPhone 7/iPhone %s above. It also helps you add DSLR-like bokeh and blur effects while capturing the photograph.

More importantly, it also compatible with apple’s other products as well such as iPad Air or above, iPad mini 2 or above, iPad Pro. You can access it after downloading the app from the App Store. It cost $3.99 for the app. Here are steps that can help you to understand the procedure for the same:

Step By Step Guide – How to Get Portrait Mode on iPhone 7

Step #1. After downloading FabFocus app on your mobile, you need to launch it and you would have to grant access for using your Camera and Photos.

Fabfocus app

Step #2. Next, take a beautiful snap as you regularly do by just tapping on the shutter button at the center of your phone’s bottom.

simple pic

And, if you are not satisfied yet, want to take a selfie, then tap om the front camera icon at the top left corner, smile, and then tap on the camera button.

Step #3.If you need a blur effect in your photograph then, you need to look down at the bottom where you will find Start button. Tap it!

If not the case where you want to click a photograph of an object then you will find different faces appearing on the screen, this app will let you know that there is no availability of face and allow you to continue with your blur effect.

portrait mode

How To Edit Your Photo in iPhone

Step #1. After you have caught any photograph, tap on the Edit Button at the bottom of the device.

Step #2.Next, you need to select brush tool to edit specific zone which you want to edit. For the same, drag the brush over the area of face or object.

There is also another very cool edit option available for you called “paint”. It allows you to paint desired portion that needed to be highlighted. Tap on the paint button at the very bottom and select the portion by dragging the brush over it. If you want to eliminate any part while editing, you need to highlight that portion using the button and then you can erase it by using the erase button provided at the bottom. Next, tap on tick!

Step #3 To use more editing options, tap on the button provided at the left corner which is upward looking arrow in shape.

 If you want to change the blur effect, you can do that too. You need to choose heart shape, circle, the triangle that are used to provide a bokeh effect. You can modify the intensity of the blur effect by selecting the option provided at the bottom.

Tap on the downward arrow to get back to the original editing screen.

Step #4. Once you are completely done with all your editing, tap on the tick mark to save the changes. The tick mark is provided at the bottom right corner.

fabfocus img
If you want to share this image on Facebook or with your friends and family then tap the share sheet provided at the bottom right corner. After that, you need to select the specific medium in the share sheet.

Add Blur Effect to your Existing Photos

Step #1: Simply launch the FabFocus app.

Step #2: Touch on the album button at the bottom. Then choose an image in which you want to add blur effect.

Step #3:  Now, you can follow the above-detailed steps to add a blur effect in your captured photograph.

Advance Settings

 Utilize advanced option to use the camera app precisely.

Step #1. Launch the FabFocus app and tap on the” X” at the right corner.

Step #2. If you see, there is a setting button provided at the top right corner. Tap it! Now, you can select the bokeh shape and subsequently adjust the intensity for the blur effect.

Step #3. To access more options, simply tap on the advanced button.

Now, you have full control over several options such as enable play sound, auto save shared images to camera roll, reduce blur intensity for small faces and much more.

The Conclusion

FabFocus can be an excellent alternative option for those who want to use “Portrait Mode” on their unsupported iPhone models. Share your views about the FabFocus app on Facebook, Twitter, and Google plus. And don’t forget to download our IOS app on your devices.

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