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How Your Smartphone Screen Work and How You Can Repair It

Your smartphone screen is certainly a sensitive part of your mobile phone and on top of that, the exposure that it gets automatically exposes it to the risks of damage. In order to understand how sensitive your smartphone screen is and what factors affect it, it is important to take a look at how they work and what makes them function.

How Smartphone Screen Work ?

How Smartphone Screen Work

The experts at Ask Computers & iPhone Repair have curated the following article to make you understand how smartphone screens work and how important it is to repair them the right way when damaged. As a leading repair store in Canada, ASK Computers are regarded as a highly trustable repair center for laptops, mobile phones, and other gadgets. With their expertise in the area, they have curated the following article to help mobile users understand the functioning of a mobile screen.

You can understand the whole Process easier by reading the following:

The display of the mobile phone is actually made up of several parts which include the upper glass digitizer, the Liquid Crystal Display, which is also known as LCD, and a bezel.

The upper glass of the screen is actually fused with the digitizer, this helps the device to interpret the movements of our fingers whenever we use it and it also receives information by the LCD.

The upper glass and digitizer are fused to the point where they are considered as a single piece and whenever an accident happens where the screen is exposed, it is the upper glass and digitizer that gets damaged and are the firsts to break.

Right below them, you will find an LCD, which is Liquid Crystal Display. It is located at the place where it can be effectively synchronized with the digitizer.

How A Damage Affects the Phone Screen

Whenever the screen of your phone gets damaged, the mentioned above parts are most likely to break or lose their function based on the severity of the accident. Apart from these, there are countless internal parts located near the screen that can also fall victim to the incident and can stop working.

However, the important thing to note is, whenever an accident happens with your phone, time is the essence. If you continue to use your phone with a cracked display then you can risk losing its performance altogether.

Many who wait to get their screen repaired, face a bleeding LCD or LCD failure and it is a risk that is not just worth taking. You may be trying to save money by not getting your phone repaired but in reality, you are adding an unnecessary expense because the problem is only going to get worse.

Steps To Take After Your Phone is Damaged: How You Can Repair It ?

How You Can Repair phone screen

Your phone getting damaged is a time-sensitive situation and to deal with it effectively you need to act immediately.

1. Evaluate the situation

The first thing to do after acknowledging your phone is damaged is to analyze how much it has affected your phone screen and to what level the damage has gone. This information will be helpful when you take your phone to the repair shop.

2. Understand the Screen type

iPhone screens can be of two types, OEM Pulls, and the refurbished ones, if you are not sure about yours, it is advised to contact your dealer or go to a nearby store. They will let you know your screen type.

3. Go to a Repair Store or Book an Online Appointment

You should quickly go to the best available repair store and get it repaired by expert technicians. If you are unable to go to the store physically, then you can also book an online appointment and the technician will come to pick up your phone and will get it repaired.

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