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How to Search and Send Gifs in Whatsapp on iPhone

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For most of us, WhatsApp is one of the favorite ways to keep in touch with our friends around the world. You can share messages and photos for free. Now, you can also send GIFs alongside Apple’s live photos and short video clips. Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) images are animated images that are used online to indicate and convey emotion.

They are particularly useful on social media with most platforms such as Twitter and Facebook supporting GIFs. You can search Tenor’s millions of GIFs and videos to find the one that perfectly fits the moment. You can also find by emoji to see the GIFs related to that emoji.

How to Search and Send Gifs in Whatsapp

When you find the right GIF or video, you need to click it to automatically copy it to your clipboard. Then tap the iMessage text box to paste it and watch as it plays inline in your conversation. You can save it directly to your GIF Keyboard from Safari with the share button. You do not need to save it to your camera roll because it is instantly available from your GIF Keyboard. Here are the ways to how to send gifs on whatsapp:

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Ways to Search and Send GIFs in WhatsApp on iPhone

You need to download the latest version of WhatsApp on your iPhone. Follow the given below steps to search send gifs WhatsApp iPhone:

  • You need to open the conversation.
  • Then click on the plus (+) button. And then need to select Photo & Video Library from the menu.
  • Then you need to tap on the GIF button at the bottom left corner to search GIF online

search gif button

  • You can see a number of GIFs on the screen.
  • You can find the one you like most. Then use the search bar to search for a special GIF.
  • If you like any GIF then tap on it. Then send it as usual.

You Can Add Your Favorite GIF into the Star Section in WhatsApp on iPhone

You can also add any GIF to the starred section which you can access through the GIF search page. Follow the given below steps:
search gifs online

  • You need to open any conversation.
  • Then click and hold on any GIF.
  • You need to select the start button.
  • If you have iPhone 6s or later, check the GIF and Swipe to reveal the menu. Then tap on Star.

You Can Send Live Photos as GIF in WhatsApp on iPhone

The people who have iPhone 6 or later models can also send their Live Photos as GIFs. But you need to convert the Live Photo to GIF before sending it. Follow the given below simple steps to send Live Photos as whatsapp gif on iPhone:

  • You need to open WhatsApp and then open a conversation.
  • Then click on the plus (+) icon and then need to select Photo & Video Library.
  • Then search the Live Photo that you want to send and then tap on it.
  • When the Live Photo pops out, slide upwards and then tap Select as GIF.
  • Then simply tap on the send icon to send the message.

Converting Videos to GIFs

WhatsApp enables you to send existing videos but you can also convert them to GIFs if you want. In this case, the GIF cannot be longer than six seconds in length. If the video exceeds that duration, you will not be able to convert them to GIFs.

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You Can Send Short Video as GIF in WhatsApp on iPhone

Short videos can also be easily shared through WhatsApp as GIFs. Follow the given below simple steps to send a short video clip as GIF:

  • You need to launch WhatsApp and open the conversation.
  • Then click on the plus (+) icon and then need to select Photo & Video Library to select the video.
  • Then tap on the video.
  • This brings you to the editing screen. In the top-right, you can see a switch that can be used to convert the video to GIF.
  • You need to click on GIF and send the video as a GIF.

You Can Make Your Own Animated GIFs on Your iPhone

If you do not want to use the same GIFs for every message, you can make your own Animated GIFs on the iPhone.

Follow the given below simple steps:

  • You need third-party apps to create animated GIFs. One of the best apps is GIPHY CAM.
  • You need to install it on the iPhone and then launch it.
  • Then tap on the Camera Roll icon to upload the photos that you want to use. You can also record a small video to use.
  • Then tap on the white arrow icon.
  • There is an option to add and edit any filters and then tap Next.
  • You can also save the GIF and use the above ways to send it to your friends through WhatsApp.

You can also use another app that is Giphy’s gif keyboard. And you can use any supported platform such as Facebook Messenger or Twitter. You need to go to the App Store and search ‘gif keyboard’.

Giphy’s gif keyboard

When it is downloaded, change the keyboard with the icon you normally use to open the emoji keyboard. When you are in the gif keyboard, you can search for a gif as per your choice. You can always try saving gifs from the likes of Google images. You can also see the moving images. When you save them, your device saves them as still by default.

The latest version of WhatsApp allows you to forward a message to multiple users at one go and tag people in any group chat. Tenor’s GIF Keyboard needs full access to your iPhone settings. This provides the GIF Keyboard full access to the internet. Apple gives you the GIF you are searching for and ensure that the library is always updated with the latest and amazing GIFs and videos.

GIF works with your favorite messengers and social networks including iMessage, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Facebook, and email. You need to long-press on a GIF to pull up options to share the GIF, video, link, or save to camera roll. You can easily search and send gifs WhatsApp iPhone by the above-mentioned ways.

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