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How to Restore iPhone or iPad from a Backup “All Methods”

Restore your iPhone: Purchasing a new iPhone is so exciting, but setting everything from scratch could not be a fun thing. What if you lost and damage your phone losing all your iPhone content can be a nightmare.

Restoring data from the old backup can save you from any kind of data loss through accidents. Restoring data are also handy when you want to set up everything on your new iPhone, it will save you time too.

Have you Performed Backup on your iPhone?

You can only restore iPhone your content from backups. So it is a good practice to backup your phone’s data on a regular basis. Today digital time most of the people prefer saving data Backup are very important in today’s day to day life.

In this era, most of the people prefer saving data to be its documents or pdf, photos, music, audios and what not. Some files are too important to be lost.


So if you have not performed backup till now you can do it now, this article would help you with that How to Backup in iPhone Apps, Contacts, Photos, and Data [complete guide]

If you have already completed backup, let’s get started with data restoration keep reading  bthe article below.

Apple allows two ways to restore data from backup through iCloud and iTunes, however, there are other methods too. You can backup and restore with them help up of the third party, if you don’t want to rely on iServices

Wipe All Data From Your iPhone

Before you restore your data in iPhone you will first have to wipe all the content and setting from your phone. You don’t have to worry about the data loss if you have a recent backup. All your content sync with iCloud or iTunes you will get it back with the restore. 

You can skip this and go to the next section if your phone data is already cleared or you starting with a new iPhone.

If you need guidelines to remove your iPhone content, here’s the blog for you: How to wipe all personal data and erase your iPhone and iPad

Method1: Restore from an iCloud backup

To restore from iCloud you will have to go to the most recent backup so that you get back all your recent data. Refer to the steps below: 

Step1: You’ll have a fresh restart on the iPhone, press the home button or power button if you have a recent iPhone model.

restore iphone

Step2: Select your preferred language and your country

Step3: Connect your iPhone with a Wi-fi network.

Step4: Set location Services, enable or disable whatever you prefer.

Step5: Set up the Touch or Face ID depending on your iPhone model. 

Step6: When Apps and Data appear on your screen select Restore From Apple ID and Password.

Step7: Type in your Apple ID and Password.

Step8: Agree to the Terms and conditions, a list of backup will be shown on your screen with the date.

Step9: Now choose a backup that you wish to restore, tap on show all backup to view older backup.

Wait for a while to restore time will depend on the amount of your data and also the speed of your wifi. Meanwhile, connect your iPhone to power so it doesn’t get low on battery. You may be notified to log in again to download purchased items from the App store.

You will be able to use your iPhone after all the important stuff gets restored. Few apps and other data will continue to download in the background.

Method2: Restore from an iTunes backup

If you have saved your backup on your computer through, you can restore that data from your most recent backups. Make sure, you first manually disable Find My iPhone and follow the steps below. 

Step1: Plug your iPhone to your Mac or Windows PC that has iTunes pre-installed.


Step2: Launch iTunes manually if it doesn’t open automatically.

Step3: Select Device icon displayed on the upper left corner of the iTunes window.

Step4: Now select device summary from the menu situated on the left of the screen. You will now see the summary page, which shows many options of Back u8p and restores on your screen.

Step5: Check if the box is ticked for automatic backup on This computer. If done then skip to the next step.

Step6: Tap on Restore Backup.

Step7: A pop-up will appear on your screen with available iterations select what you prefer and tap to restore.

Step8: If required type in your password to unlock your iPhone backups.

Wait till the whole restoration gets completed.

Method3: Restore iPhone without iTunes backup

If you don’t want to prefer iTunes or iCloud or facing issues with iTunes backup there several third-party apps to help you out.

2nd restore

iTunes and iCloud can be low on space or are not preferable by everyone if this is the case with you refer this: iPhone disabled, recover iPhone without iTunes backup

If you are restoring to resolve an issue and it doesn’t work out, you can start fresh by installing iOS on your device. This process will clear your iPhone and resets it as a new phone. You can now have a cleaner start and keep apps that you want instead of unnecessary stuff piled on.

The only disadvantage is that it will not save your health data or Messages. So to resolve this you should save your content such contacts, safari contents, app data and much more to any cloud storage before you perform a clean install.

This content will not carry over, however, you can add it back to your iPhone from the cloud storage.


We hope you found this article useful if you have any queries while backing up connect with us through the comment section below. For more information keep visiting, we curate information around phone technology and also bring solutions related to issues with the software, phone applications, and accessories.

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