How to Use Voicemail Transcription (aka Voicemail-to-Text) on iPhone

use Voicemail transcription on iPhone


We have received many queries regarding Voicemail’s assistance on iPhone. Many iPhone users have been using the Voicemail Transcription ever since it rolled out. It is very easy-going and fun to use. This feature enables users to send voicemail -to-text– to another person. This feature converts your audio message into the text message so that you can read the message instead of hearing it. The sender does not need to use his hands for typing the message; you can record an audio and send it to the respective person. The receiver can be able to receive as a text message.

We have received mixed reviews about this feature as some users have loved this feature and admire this feature because it satisfies the convenience of customers. On the other hand, some people are not fond of this feature. However, it is easier to say rather than type to send a message to your friend. After the edition of iOS 10, the voicemail feature has been acknowledged significantly. Now, with the new update, Apple has released iPhone Voicemail Transcription, by which you can read the message received by a voicemail. You can choose not to read it in the first place. 

iPhone Voicemail Transcription enables you to read the text message instead of listening to it. This is a very cool and fantastic feature that Apple has launched through iOS 10 update. If you want to use this feature in iPhone 6 and older versions, unfortunately, there is nothing you can do regarding this. You cannot use voice transcription on iOS 6 and earlier versions. If you find that Voicemail Transcription is not working correctly, then the first thing you need to check is whether your device is running on the latest iOS version or not?

Anyone with a little bit of technical knowledge or the one with a considerable amount of knowledge of the iPhone can easily use this feature on the iPhone. It is straightforward to use. In this article, we have covered a complete guide on how to use Voicemail transcription on iPhone. In addition to that, you will be guided on how to fix voicemail transcription not working on iPhone.

What is Voicemail Transcription on iPhone? 

Voicemail Transcription is an exciting feature developed by Apple, which allows you to read transcribed information received by you. You can also listen to this message even after you have listened to it to make sure that you did not miss any of the information from the actual message. If you are not fully satisfied with the service, you can let Apple know about the issue.

Many people have been asking the same question about how to turn on Voicemail Transcription on iPhone? So, we would like to tell you that, if you are using an iPhone 6 or older versions, then you cannot use this feature on your device. Therefore, make sure that your device is running on the latest iOS version.

Voicemail Transcription is a default feature available on iPhone after iOS 10 has rolled out. It works on iPhone 6S, iPhone SE, and the later versions. Since the feature is by default available on iPhone, you will not be able to turn on or off Voicemail-to-text on iPhone.

How to use Voicemail transcription on iPhone?

Follow the steps mentioned below to use Voicemail Transcription on iPhone.

  • Open the Phone app on your device.
  • Next, tap on the Voicemail from the bottom of your iPhone’s screen.
  • After that, you need to tap on the Voicemail that you want to listen to, or read 
  • Next up, you will find a paragraph of text above the Voicemail button. These texts are actually the voicemail transcriptions.
  • If you want to listen to the text message after reading it, tap on the play button to do so.voicemail
    voicemail 2

The transcript message may not appear as you would have expected in terms of accuracy, but you will have an idea about the actual message that has been sent to you. Once you read the voicemail, you can listen to it, or just delete it. Listening to the voicemail transcription enables you to understand what the other person is talking about and if it is important to you or not.

How to fix iPhone Voicemail Transcription not working?

Here are a few solutions that you can try on your iPhone if voicemail transcription is not properly working on your device even after iOS 12 update. We have mentioned some of the common solutions that can fix the error quickly. Let’s get started.

  • Restart your device

Restarting a device always fixes minor issues and bugs. It is universal and a prior solution that you must try on. You should restart your device in the first place, and stop thinking more technical as of now. Normally, when you restart your device, voicemail transcription issue should be fixed. You can try Force Restart iPhone too.

  • Update the Carrier

Your carrier must support Visual Voicemail transcription. If your Voicemail Transcription is not working, you can try updating your mobile carrier. Follow the steps mentioned below to do so:

  • Establish a connection between your device and Wi-Fi or cellular network
  • Go to Settings.
  • Select General
  • Tap About
  • If any update is pending, make sure to complete about in general settings
  • Repair the iOS system

This is probably the last thing that you should do. You can repair your iOS system in order to get your voicemail transcription working. The following link is of Tenorshare ReiBoot, which is the most preferred software to repair the iOS system.


For Windows users: Click Here

For Mac users: Click Here

  • Reset Network Settings

If Voicemail Transcription is not working on your device, you can reset your device’s network settings. Follow the steps mentioned below to do so: 

  • Connect your device to Wi-Fi or cellular networks.
  • Go to Settings
  • Select General
  • Next up, tap on ‘Reset’
  • Tap in ‘Reset Network Settings’reset-network-settings

How to let Apple know the Voicemail Transcription was bad

It is a very straightforward process. Whenever you tap on a voicemail and try to read the transcription, look beneath the transcription,

  • Under the Transcription, you will see a question, that is ‘Was this transcription useful or not?
  • Select or tap on useful or not useful, depending upon the quality of Voicemail transcription
  • Once you tap on your selection, a pop-up will appear. It will show information about how and what data can be shared with Apple in order to improve the service of Voicemail Transcription.
  • Tap Submit to accept
  • Tap Cancel to withdraw

Why is Voicemail Transcription not working ?

We are still unaware of the reason why Voicemail transcription has been introduced on iPhone 6 and later versions only. Models like iPhone SE, iPhone 8, and iPhone X are also included in the list that offers Voicemail transcription features. Hence, if you are using Voicemail Transcription on your device, make sure that you have the latest iOS version.

On the other hand, in iOS 11, we have noticed a few bugs that create voicemail transcription problems on your device. Fortunately, Apple always manages to overcome such challenges; that is why it make sure that bugs are eliminated in future updates. If you want to use voicemail transcription on your iPhone, we recommend you review your network settings, and change them if required. Follow the steps mentioned below to fix the issue.

  • Open Setting app on your device
  • Next, tap General
  • Select Reset
  • Select Reset Network Settings
  • Enter Device Passcode
  • Re-enter the Wi-Fi password once network settings have been reset.

Important Note: It is essential to understand the properties of your mobile carrier. Whichever model of iPhone you use, it is always essential that your carrier supports Visual Voicemail. To know more about whether your carrier has that potential or not, click on the following link!

We would request our readers to provide whatever information they have regarding Voicemail Transcription if ever they have faced such an issue on iPhone. We ensure readers that we will be the first to inform whenever any updates roll out.

How to turn off Voicemail Transcription.

Though the Voicemail Transcription feature has been admired a lot, there are a few people who do not want to use it. They somehow prefer not to use a voicemail facility and want to turn it off. We are afraid to tell you that, for the time being, you have to bear with this feature since Apple does not allow you to disable the voicemail transcription.

However, as the issue is emerging rapidly, Apple may consider including a disable voicemail feature in a future update. Therefore, now, bear with what you have and keep visiting our page, we will make sure to give you updated whenever Apple releases a new updated regarding voicemail transcription feature.

Tip: How to recover deleted iPhone Voicemail

In order to delete iPhone Voicemail from your device, you can download Tenorshare UltData. With this application, you can recover data from iOS devices, iTunes & iCloud backup. The prime advantage of using this application is that it supports more than 20 formats of files and is compatible with all iOS versions.

The latest iOS 12 version is also included along with the older ones. If you have Tenorshare UltData installed on your device, you can quickly restore music, voicemail, videos, contacts, call logs. Follow the steps mentioned below to recover deleted voicemail on your iPhone. In addition to that, you can download Tenorshare Ultdata from the links given below:

For Windows:  Click Here

For macOS:  Click Here

Steps to recover deleted iPhone Voicemails:

  • First up, connect your iPhone to the computer using the USB cable
  • If you have already installed UltData on your PC, then you need to open it and it will automatically detect connected iOS devices.
  • Once UltData detects your device successfully, you need to click on the Voicemail option which is provided under “Media Content recovery”
  • Next up, click on the ‘Start Scan’ button
  • Once you are done with the scan, you tend to see all the scanned files in front of you. From these files, you can select deleted files that you want to recover.
  • Select the file that you want to restore and then, click the ‘Recover’ button.

Final words!

We hope this article will help you use Voicemail Transcription (Voicemail-to-Text) On the iPhone. If you have any queries regarding iOS and Android, make sure that you reach out to us. All you need to do is mention your issue in the comment section below; we are here to help you solve all your technical issue.

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