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How to Change Android Wallpaper [step-by-step Guide]

Setting a wallpaper on your Android phone is one of the ways to give your phone your personal touch. Change Android Wallpaper on your home screen is something that can cherish your mood.

There are many built-in wallpapers to match with your personality and moods. If that’s not enough, you can select a wallpaper from your large gallery. Nowadays, there are tons of options in wallpaper categories like live wallpapers, 3D Wallpaper, High definition, or ultra-high-definition wallpapers.

How to Change Android Wallpaper step-by-step?

By going through your phone’s setting within a few steps, you can change the home screen and lock screen wallpapers. You either have the same Wallpaper for both the screen or set different images. Setting Wallpaper is natural and nearly identical for all Android devices, only a few changes depending on the phone brand.

Change wallpaper in Samsung Phone’s

Change wallpaper in Samsung Phone

Below are a few steps to set Wallpaper on your Samsung Phones and Tablets that have Android 5.0 or above. There are minute differences between Samsung devices for different countries, so there is a possibility that you will see another setting option on your phone.

  • Step1: Move to your Home screen and long-press, till you see few formatting tools on your screen.
  • Step2: Select the wallpaper icon on the bottom left corner of your screen.
  • Step3: You can choose your Wallpaper from the Samsung featured menu, you can select from live wallpapers or else go through your phone’s gallery.
  • Step4: After you select an image, choose a location where you want it to set that is Homescreen, lock screen, or both.
  • Step5: Click on the Set Wallpaper button to confirm.

Setting Wallpaper for Pixel phones or Stock AndroidSetting Wallpaper for Pixel phones

Stock Android Phones are the primary Android Phones, which means it is not modified by developers. Here are the steps for changing Wallpaper on Stock Android Phones or Google Phone Pixel series.

  • Step1: Move to your Home screen and long press, till you see few formating tools on your screen.
  • Step2: Select the wallpaper icon on the bottom left corner of your screen.
  • Step3: Select from the built-in wallpapers of your phone or go through Gallery pictures.
  • Step4: Click on the Wallpaper you want and now alter the size and position of your picture.
  • Step5: Click on the set Wallpaper Tab displayed on the top left corner of your screen.
  • Step6: Select a location for your Wallpaper that is the Home screen or Lock screen or both.

Set Wallpaper from Setting

The steps mentioned above are the shortcut methods to change the Wallpaper through Setting,

 follow the steps below:

  • Step1: Head to the setting
  • Step2: Select Display option
  • Step3: Click on Wallpapers
  • Step4: Select Wallpaper you like the most from the built-in wallpaper category or go through the gallery and select one of you clicked the photo.
  • Step5: Your select image will be on the wallpaper screen, here you can set the size and position of your Wallpaper.
  • Step6: Click on Set Wallpaper.

If you are not satisfied with your phone’s built-in Wallpaper, then you can look on the Internet, there are tons of options available there. You can even check Google Play for Android phone Wallpaper you will get several apps with thousands of wallpapers, including iPhone live wallpapers and 3D Pictures.

Conclusion on Change Android Wallpaper

These are simple steps to set wallpapers on your Android Phone, wasn’t it easy? If you have any queries, connect with us through the comment section below. We curate information around phone technology and also bring solutions related to issues with the software, phone applications, and accessories.

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