My iPhone Won’t Send Pictures in Text! Here’s The Real Fix

When you find out that your iPhone won’t send pictures in text, it can be quite infuriating. During a chat on iMessage with either your friends or family, you might think of sharing some pictures. When you try to do so, you might face an issue.

Your iPhone might not be able to do so and show an alert saying ‘Not Delivered’ at the bottom of the picture you just tried to send.

You must have tried many ways and efforts, and could have been unsuccessful. You would wonder why your iPhone is not able to send picture messages in spite of you putting many efforts. The good news is that these issues are faced by many iPhone users at some point in their usage.

Why iPhone is Not Able To Send Picture Messages?

iPhone is Not Able To Send Picture Messages

Here are some doable methods which can help you in getting rid of this problem. There are many reasons responsible for this problem and having a poor cellular connection is one of them.

1. Turn Off/On iMessage

Turn Off/On iMessage

Go to the Settings app and turn off/on iMessage. This classic trick sometimes helps in solving some minor issues.

Here is How you Should do Turn Off/On iMessage

  • Open Settings
  • Scroll down and tap on Messages
  • Switch off iMessage
  • Restart your device
  • Switch on iMessage

After this, try sending a picture of a friend or family member to see if you are able to do so.

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2. Make Sure That Your iPhone’s MMS Messaging is Enabled

Your iPhone’s MMS Messaging is Enabled

One of the steps to solve this problem is checking that MMS Messaging is turned on in your phone. If it is not, you might face difficulty “your iPhone Won’t send pictures in-text” through iMessage.

Follow these steps to get rid of this problem

  • Open Settings
  • Scroll down and tap on Messages
  • Scroll down in Messages and turn on the bar for MMS Messaging

If the option for MMS Messaging is not available there, you should contact your telephone carrier and ask them to enable it.

After turning it on, restart your phone. After the phone has restarted, send a picture to a friend or family member who uses an iOS device. If the message is sent successfully, you will see the blue bubble and at the bottom of the message, ‘Delivered’ will appear. This indicates that the picture has been sent and your problem is now fixed.

When you are using the internet through your mobile carrier, try to send only 2-3 pictures at a single time as handling this request would be easier for your cellular network. When you send many pictures together, you might face issues.

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If Problem Has Still Not Solved

  • If the above-mentioned tip has not solved your problem, you should call up your mobile service provider and ask whether they allow sending pictures or not.
  • Your internet connection should be strong to send images, if it is not, pictures will not be able to go through. To do this:
  • Open Settings
  • Tap on Mobile/Cellular Data
  • Turn off the switch for Mobile Data
  • After a few moments, turn on the switch
If you are on Wi-Fi,
  • After opening Settings, tap on Wi-Fi
  • Turn off the switch for Wi-Fi
  • After a few moments, turn on the switch

After using this method, try to send the pictures again.

3. Reset Network Settings

Reset Network Settings

If you have not achieved success yet, resetting network settings becomes an option. This method will erase all your saved Wi-Fi passwords hence you will have to enter them again.

Here is how you do Reset Network Settings

  • Open Settings
  • Tap on General
  • Scroll down and tap Reset
  • Tap on Reset Network Settings
  • Tap on Confirm

After resetting network settings, the network will be out to factory default in some time. Open a conversation thread and try sending a picture. With this step, your problem should end.


Along with these steps, do check if your device has enough space for images and videos. These are simple steps that will not consume your time. Try and see whichever suits your phone.

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