How to change Notification sounds on Android Phone

How to change notification sounds on Android Phone

Do you feel bored while listening to your old dings and monotones with the same pitch for any notification on your mobile device? These ringtones generally go with the same quality of sounds, that is, they don’t really rise or fall of the voice. They play on continuous tone. Sometimes, it annoys us having the same ringtone in order to alarm ourselves for any notification. So, what you can do to change the ringtone on your mobile device?

If you are an Android user, you might find yourself lucky here! As we know, Android devices are greatly customizable. If ever you want to change the ringtone for notifications, neither you have to update or upgrade your Android device nor purchase a new Android mobile. Luckily, Android devices provide exciting features; by using them you can experience a whole new working of your Android device. Since Android devices are likely to provide every possible feature in affordable prices, so it is better to start thorough grounding of your mobile device and make the most of it.

How to Change Notification Sound on Android Phone

Changing sounds of your notification is a very small and easy task, but it eventually provides you the best user experience! It will need a few basic steps in order to customize your Android device. There are many options available to change the notification sounds on your mobile device. You can easily set your device’s notification sounds with so many melodies and tones.

You can even set a phrase instead of tones for the notification sounds. I just love playing video games, it reminds me of my childhood. Speaking of childhood, you can also set the ringtone of your favorite games just like Mario, Contra, Aladdin, etc. You can also pick an instrumental sound or lyrics from your favorite movie songs to set it as a notification sounds or ringtone. 

Follow the methods mentioned below to change the notification sounds on your mobile device 

Method 1: Change Notification Sounds on Default

Apart from having complete knowledge about your mobile device’s notification bar, you can change your mobile’s notification sound by simply going through the in-built process. In every Android device, the procedure remains the same for changing the notification sounds and this is what makes Android devices very handy and easy to use.

  • Setting followed by Sound & Notification. Check the user’s manual or quick guide if you don’t know how to launch Setting on your Android device.
  • Choose notification sounds, here you can select the service for which you want to change the notification sounds. It would be calls, messages or any app.

How to customize Facebook Messenger notification sounds

  • Choose the sound from the list that you want to set as a notification sound. To confirm your selection, press ok.

Notification sound

Once you tap on your selection, you will happen to hear the sound of it. You can even choose ringtones from your media which will also present on the list.

Method 2: Customise Notification Sounds with 3rd Party Applications

You can create your own ringtones or select from the 3rd party app. Here, we have used Zedge, a third-party app which is aloo used to change the wallpapers and customize a few phone settings in order to get a new user experience.

  • Download and install Zedge app from Play Store

Download and install Zedge app from Play Store

  • Launch the app and tap the menu option

You need to tap the menu button. Once you tap the menu button on the top left part, you will see a side menu, from that menu, Select Ringtones.

Select Ringtones

  • Choose the sound that you want

Now, you can select the sound from the provided sounds list. You can preview them before setting them as your notification sound.


Now, you are done with changing your notification. Of note that this app also provides some amazing options so that you can customize your phone to a certain level.

Method 3: Change Notification According to Applications

Lately, we have been using different notification sounds on our mobile devices even if we have built-in communication option. The reason being, now, we have options and they are better compared to built-in communication options. You can also customize third-party application with the sound you prefer! Here are the steps to change notification sounds for Facebook and WhatsApp. You can download and install Facebook and WhatsApp from Google Play Store.

How to customize WhatsApp notification sounds

How to customize WhatsApp notification sounds

  • Tap Menu and open setting

You need to tap on the three dots which you can find on the right top corner on your WhatsApp. Now, tap on the Setting from the drop-down list.


  • Select on the notification tone and choose your ringtone app.

You can select sounds from the default sounds and if you want to try something different, you can set a notification sound through third-party applications.


Here, you can also change notification light and set your favourite ringtone according to the type of your notifications.

How to customize Facebook Messenger notification sounds

How to customize Facebook Messenger notification sounds

Facebook Messenger is a separate application which you can download from Google Play Store!

  • Open Setting and then tap on the notification

You need to tap on your profile picture which will be seen on the top left of the screen. Next, go to the Notification and Sounds.


  • Select the sounds from the ringtone list available there!


Note: This app only allows you to select ringtone from the pre-loaded ringtone list as of now. Facebook Lite user cannot customize the notification sounds. You can only set your default ringtone or set your device on vibrate mode.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the best technique to customize notification sounds?

As we know, Android devices provide many built-in options which are very convenient and easy option available on your mobile devices. But, they are limited, we would recommend you to use a third-party application to customize your notification sounds. With third-party application, you will find other options to customize your Android device.

Why you need to customize your notification sounds?

It is all about personal choice! In any case if you want to make your mobile device more private and personal, you can choose to have a notification sound that you like. Nevertheless, you can also go with the default option of your mobile device if you don’t want to change your notification tone.

What are the other techniques to customize Android device?

As we know, Android devices are highly customizable, so you can completely change the whole appearance of your mobile device. You can use third-party app to customize your mobile device. You can use customize your wallpaper, ringtones, any many more. If you want to know about apps to customize your device, click the following link:

We hope this article will help you change your notification sounds and customize your Android mobile devices. If you have any queries regarding Android and iOS, feel free to comment in the section below! We will make sure to provide you the solution as quickly as possible.

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