Kuo: Apple to release iPhone ‘iPhone SE 2’ in Q1 2024 with 8 design, A13 processor

You might have never imagined that one day, you will be able to buy Apple’s devices mostly because of its affordability. Yes, you read it write. Apple’s new launch would leave you in awe when you realize that it is quite affordable, and it has the same, in fact, more upgraded features. Did you get the idea about which device we are talking about? It is iPhone SE 2. Apple is going to release the iPhone, ‘iPhone SE 2’ with an all-new design and powerful A13 processors.

Famous brand like Apple always comes up with exciting features and new software updates. If you are iOS users, you might have noticed that the devices you use, whether they are iPhone or Mac, you are getting regular updates from the software side. In addition to that, whenever Apple launches new products, it always instils fantastic design for the product, and this is the reason why Apple, as a brand, considered as one of the most renowned and famous companies.

Apple to release iPhone ‘iPhone SE 2’

Apple to release iPhone ‘iPhone SE 2’

Recently, Apple has announced a new arrival into the bucket list. Apple is set to dispatch the following adaptation of the iPhone SE 2 in the first quarter of 2021, as indicated by the famous Apple examiner Ming-Chi Kuo. The new product is crafted delicately and thoughtfully in a way that it should turn to be a more competitive and robust device. The new phone will be more moderate than the remainder of the Apple iPhone line-up and highlight more current internals, similar to an A13 processor with 3 GB RAM, in a well-known iPhone 8 under-carriage.

Kuo says that the vast majority of the new iPhone SE’s equipment, in particular, will reflect the iPhone 8. The features that the new device consists are more likely to resemble as iPhone 8.  The investigator predicts Apple will sell 30-40 million units crosswise over 2021. The Q1 time allotment lines up with a past report from Nikkei, which said to expect a less expensive iPhone with iPhone 8-esque structure in the spring. This implies that it carries would a 4.7-inch LCD show and Touch ID home catch as its latest offerings.

New iPhone SE’s

Kuo doesn’t anticipate an exact cost for the new phone. Before the 4-inch iPhone SE was ceased, Apple sold it for $349 in a 32 GB stockpiling arrangement. The current iPhone item goes at Apple stores traverses the iPhone 11 arrangement, iPhone XR, and the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. The 4.7-inch iPhone 8 is presently on special for $449 for 64 GB.

When the new SE dispatches, Apple will quit selling the iPhone 8 through and through. This marketing strategy gives you an idea of the fact that given the present value of the 8, you could without much of a stretch perceive how Apple could sell and market an iPhone SE 2 32 GB to the target audience. More interestingly, the prices are the same as the old SE mobile device, which ranges from $349-$399.

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Kuo: Apple to release iPhone ‘iPhone SE 2’

Kuo Apple to release iPhone ‘iPhone SE 2’

Kuo takes note that the critical objective market for the new iPhone SE would be iPhone 6 proprietors. Spec-knock iPhone 8 interests to individuals. Who are not whined about the most recent iPhone highlights like Face ID or multi-camera modules, yet need a quick and expedient iPhone experience ready to exploit the most recent iOS highlights. Users who are more cautious while using their mobile devices will have an added advantage. The new iPhone SE 2 is more rigid, and it has some of the fantastic features that are mentioned below

iPhone SE 2 features.

iPhone SE 2 features

The following are the latest features available on iPhone SE 2.

  1. Powerful A13 processor
  2. 3GB LPDDr4X Ram
  3. Storage capacity – 64GB and 128 GB
  4. Colour variety: Space Grey, Silver, and Product Red.

Touch ID

As mentioned earlier, iPhone SE 2 will mirror the design of iPhone 8 so that it is evident that you will not be getting features like Face ID. Since it is a low-budget device, we would expect that Apple would use Touch ID features. The same feature you can find in MacBook pro line ups.


Rumours are always present when Apple announces to release new product.  We assume that Apple is going to use same Camera as it has been used in iPhone 11. If you have noticed that Apple has launched iPhone SE and the camera of the iPhone SE is quite similar to its iPhone 6. And, hardly there have been any complaints about the camera of iPhone SE. We can speculate that the new camera would have Deep Fusion, Night Mode, exceptional video recording quality.

Battery Life

Battery Life

With having a large 5-inch display, this new release will have lower resolution display with A13 efficiency. What more you would expect than a superb battery life and a lightning speed charging capacity.

No Wireless Charging

Apple may not include wireless charging just like that did not have such features on iPhone 8. However, to remain at the top of the marketing chain, Apple would provide some exquisite features to the users. In addition to that, we don’t expect 3D Touch since Apple would prefer to instil Haptic touch across the iPhone with the same categories.

Eminently, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are not qualified to move up to iOS 13. Kuo takes note of that there might be “pressing substitution request” for clients who need to move up to get the most recent iOS 13 highlights. One such model is Apple Arcade. On the off chance that Apple can get iPhone 6 proprietors to move up to an A13 section level phone, it could likewise prompt expanded Apple Arcade memberships. The A13 chip would likewise empower augmented-reality encounters that the more seasoned phones are not unusual enough to run. You won’t be able to experience the same with older iPhones.

An iPhone 8-sized SE won’t really interest iPhone SE clients who want the little minimized 4-inch structure factor. In any case, the iPhone 8 is still fundamentally littler than any of Apple’s leaders presented from that point forward. In any event, it’s a possibility for individuals who like little phones yet need to have the option to exploit Apple’s most recent processor upgrades.

iPhone SE

The fact that Apple has continually developed new devices along with exciting features, users are quite fascinated with the service and usefulness of an iPhone. In the digital era, you wish to have a device that is capable of doing multitasking without troubling much. And, very few companies present such qualities in the devices as Apple Does. Take any Apple device; you would always appreciate the design, touch sensitivity, and in-built features. You will get very unique screen display and internal features that are upgraded from the older iPhone.

We hope this article will help you understand all the exciting features of ‘iPhone SE 2’ in Q1 2024 with 8 design, A13 processor. If you have any queries regarding Android and iOS devices, you can reach out to us. All you need to do is mention your issue in the comment section below.

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