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How to Forget a Network On MAC

forget network on mac

Forget a Wireless Network in Mac OS X

Laptops are easy to use when compared to computers. They simply remember known networks. No permission is required in case of connecting to known networks. But there are times when people want to manually forget a network. When there is a problem with the home or office Wi-Fi network then it needs to be removed. The network can be removed from the settings of the W-Fi. It can be reconnected later on. The method is almost the same in all MacBooks and hence people won’t be facing any issues. They just need to follow some steps in order to forget a network on MAC.

Forget a Wireless Network in Mac OS X

Step 1: Network Preferences has to be opened on MAC. People have to move ahead and click on the finder bar. Then the Wi-Fi icon needs to be clicked. A long list of all the nearby Wi-Fi network will open up. From there just click on Open Network Preferences. It is available at the bottom of the list. This is the place where all advanced settings of MAC’s networked device can be found.

Network Preferences

Step 2: Advance Settings has to be opened. In this setting, the network adapter can be added or removed. People can turn off and on their Wi-Fi in order to configure the individual Wi-Fi networks. This can be done automatically by connecting to a particular network. It can also be done by joining new networks. The network IP address can be seen and this will be helpful in solving network issues. People should remember this menu in mind. This is important in case of forgetting a network especially in case of fixing the Wi-Fi woes. This will be done by clicking on the advance button. It is there at the bottom of the page.

Step 3: Removal of Network. There will be a lot of options and preferences coming up. People don’t need to take any tension about it. Here the network is added manually through the TCP/IP settings. Then go to network hardware settings and the unique Wi-Fi address of MAC will be available. The network can be dragged so that it can be used according to our preferences. This is because there are people who use two Wi-Fi networks in a single day by switching in between. The network has to be dragged up and down the list. This has to be done according to the preferred priority.

Removal of Network

Then finally click on the network that needs to be forgotten. The minus icon has to be clicked which is at the bottom of the list. The network is forgotten.

The above steps will clear all the network related issues. MAC has to be rebooted and the network has to be reconnected if there is trouble. However, it is easy to solve this problem. People don’t have to visit the service center. This will be helpful in saving money and time. Just by surfing the internet this problem can be solved. MAC is complicated to use but learning makes things easy.

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