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Snapchat Recovery: How to Recover Snapchat Messages?

Recover Snapchat Messages: Snapchat has been a popular social media platform from quite a time now. The things which make it an engaging application globally are its filters and disappearing messages. In this feature, the message disappears automatically after 10 seconds when you open it.

Though this has its own benefits, you may sometime wish to recover disappeared snapchat message for whatsoever reason. If this is the case here we are to help you.

You can recover Snapchat message for any operating system phone whether Android or iOS.

How Do You Retrieve Deleted Snapchat Messages?

In this blog, we will tell you some easy and simple method of recovering your lost Snapchat in the Android phone as well as the iPhone.

Before we begin with recovery deleted messages, first let’s see how to save messages on Snapchat.

Saving Snapchat Messages on Chat

Saving Snapchat Messages on Chat


Saving messages in the Snapchat message is simple and can be done with a few clicks. It is already integrated into the app you will just have to enable it. Follow steps below

1: Log in to your Snapchat app if not already done.

2: Swipe right to open up the chat screen.

3: Tap on the chat button located in the upper left corner and search for your friend to chat. 

snapchat messafe

4: Now type out your message and send, it will appear in the chat window.

5: Now tap on the Message you sent it will turn grey, this means that messages are saved and will not be erased, even you go out from the chat screen. You can do the same thing for received text, just tap on it as soon as you open it and it will be saved.

6: If you want to remove it from the saved message tab on it again and the color will turn off and the text will vanish within 10 seconds.

Note that: this step can be applied only for text messages and not for photos or videos.

Saving messages is only applicable when you chat with a person, now what if you to recover older message you texted or received from someone like 5 or 6 days back. Even that can be done but it’s a bit tricky.

We will guide you to the whole process, just follow the steps below and you will be able to recover your deleted snapchat messages.

Recover deleted data from Snapchat

Even after your messages are deleted from snapchat, it gets stored on your phone memory with .nomedia extension. You will have to look search keenly in your device. No other phone application will look on this folder. Follow steps below to know hoe to excess those

Step 1: Search for message folder in file manager and look folder

Step 2: After you find out the folder, you will see several subfolders in it. You have to look through the folders and search for the extension nomedia. These extensions are only for snapchat messages and are invisible to other apps.

Step 3: You have select every file that has the extension of nomedia

Step 4: Now rename these files with the name you prefer and remove the nomedia extension. Renaming these files will enable you to view thumbnails and messages too.

So we agree that that process is complicated and also that it is not 100% assured. But you can definitely give it a try and see if it works for you. 

If you are not able to find the extension or maybe looking for a better result then, in that case, you can take help of this party software. The data recovery tools will ensure you get back your lost snapchat messages. These third-party tools are available for both iOS devices as well as Android devices. 

Here we are using Fone Lab tool for retrieving snapchat messages. Also there several such tools available in the market, so if you want to use another data recovery software, go for it.

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How to recover Snapchat messages on iOS (iPhone, iPad)

You can recover snapchat messages on iPhone by installing Fone lab software on your personal computer and connecting it with your device. It’s available for both Windows and Mac, for free.

Follow these steps and start the recovery procedure:

1: Install the dr.fone – Recover (iPhone Data Recovery) on your PC

2: Connect your iPhone to the PC, using a USB cable

3: Wait for a few moments, until the phone enters Recovery from iOS Device model

4: You should see a Start Scan button on your phone. Press it and begin the scan

5: Wait until the scanning process is read and all the data from the phone is displayed within the Fone Lab tool

6: Look for the Messages section on the menu from the left and click on it. The Snapchat messages should also be there7: Mark the messages you want to retrieve

8: Look for the Recover button in the bottom right and click on it

9: Choose the destination folder for the messages and wait until the recovery process is ready

How to recover Snapchat messages on Android?

As like iPhone you can recover snapchat messages on Android phones through Fone lab without much of a difference. Follow the below procedure for recovering snapchat messages on Android phone.

1: Install FoneLab for Android – Android Data Recovery on your PC

2: Enable USB debugging on the phone

3: Connect the phone to the PC, using a USB cable

4: Wait for a few moments, until the tool detects the phone

5: In the Fone Lab tool, go to the Android Data Recovery section

6: Select Contacts and Messages, then click Next. By doing this, your phone will automatically be rooted

7: Wait for a few minutes, until the rooting is over

8: After this is ready, you should see all the messages that have been deleted from your phone, including those from Snapchat

recover snapchat messages android
9: Choose the messages you want to retrieve, then click on Recover

10: Wait until the messages are recovered

These were few ways to recover Snapchat messages, we hope one of the ways worked for you. If you have queries while performing these methods ask as through the comment section below. We will do our best to resolve your questions. 

For more such information keep visiting, We curate information about phone technologies and applications. You can also check out our blog if Snapchat is not working properly on your device. You have any query feel free to ask us on the comment section below.  

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