5 Lifestyle Apps To Try Out In 2024

The modern 21st century has stopped asking the reasons behind their existence. However, the major query of the decade is “what kind of life are we leading?”

The quality of life matters for us all. Forced within the strict time constraints of a busy and hyperactive life, we might miss out on our own wellness, degrading our sense of enjoyment and peace.

However, the 21st-century market has brought everything to our doorstep, from groceries to well-being.

In this article, we will list some of the best lifestyle apps that will uplift your new year and help you improve your spirits.

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Why Should You Use Lifestyle Apps?

The modern lifestyle has made it difficult for us to find time to fulfill certain necessary duties and engagements. This is one of the primary reasons why we need a lifestyle app.

With the rise of smartphone usage and internet consumption, online services have gained much popularity.

These services are being extended to the lifestyle sectors with the creation of wellness and socializing apps.

5 Best Lifestyle Apps

Here’s a list of the top lifestyle apps for you to use in 2024—

1.    MoodKit

SleepScore, the most sophisticated sleep monitor on this list, measures sleeping patterns from your nightstand using sonar technology.

ResMed, the company that created SleepScore, has spent more than a decade researching sleep in order to offer knowledgeable guidance and insights.

The software uses sonar waves sent from your phone to track light, deep, and REM sleep and determine when you wake up during the night.

It also measures your breathing and any other sounds. In order to help you establish objectives for getting more rest, the app creates a sleep score that assigns an objective value to your sleep quality.

2.    Forest

Did you ever imagine you could use your smartphone to kill your smartphone addiction? This cannibalistic but very well-intended app did!

A well-known productivity tool called Forest enables users to manage their time. Its engaging and enjoyable interface helps them to get over their screen addiction.

By not using their phones, users may earn credits, and they can then use those credits to plant actual trees all around the world.

Users of Forest could enjoy a lovely experience that encourages them to use their phones less, focus on their more important duties, and safeguard the environment.

3.    Noom

Obesity is the devil of the century. There has to be a solution to fight our eating problems!

A complete wellness program, Noom’s Healthy Weight Program incorporates elements related to food, exercise, and mental health. The goal is to alter your behaviors so that you may lose weight and keep it off in the long run.

In order to use the app, you must first download it and then input your height, weight, gender, age, general health information, target weight, social circles, and other details into it.

After that, you record your daily meals and snacks. To assist you in improving your diet and achieving your goal weight, the app provides feedback on your meal selections.

4.   Flo

Menstrual health has become a very important aspect for us today. Therefore, it is important to keep track and maintain records of your menstrual flow and ovulation cycles.

Another menstrual cycle app, but this one has a pin code lock, which will reassure users who are concerned about their privacy.

This software is very useful for people seeking to get pregnant or for those who want to be able to plan around their periods, such as if they’re scheduling vacations and would like not to be on them.

It provides excellent insights throughout the month about how your body is functioning at particular times, tracking periods, ovulation, and fertility.

5.    SleepCycle

Insomnia is a rising issue among all young adults and late teenagers. To fight this, you can use your smartphones to track your sleeping hours, the time for deep sleep, etc, and use that data to improve your sleep cycles.

On the app store, Sleep Cycle is a well-known product.

It gives you back control over your sleep habits and focuses on three main things: making it simple for you to fall asleep, keeping track of your sleep, and, depending on that, waking you up when it’s most convenient for you to feel refreshed and recovered.


With the help of these lifestyle apps, we can achieve a better quality of life.

You can use apps for other major purposes as well. There are some great options for students to improve their level of concentration. You can also use healthy cooking apps to improve the quality of your recipes.

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