Apple TV app launches on Amazon Fire TV devices

Amazon Fire TV devices: With the online streaming platforms like Netflix, prime life has become easy and fun. You know more have to step out to buy your favourite movie or wait for your favourite series. It is all available online at reasonable price.

Now another good news was announced by Apple in October 2019, Apple and Amazon which are competitors have joined hands to provide the best streaming experience to its customers around the world. The Apple TV app is now available on Amazon’s Fire TV.

Apple TV App on Amazon Fire TV

Apple TV App on Amazon's Fire T

While the Apple TV + was unveiled in March 2019, the Apple TV started operations in November 2019. With the same experience and functionality the users can now not only watch Apple’s new exclusive TV shows but also purchased and rented movies and shows from their existing iTunes media library.

The Apple TV app can also be used on Samsung smart Tv for now. To make it more available to people First, the Apple TV app was launched on Roku, and now on Fire TV Sticks.

Amazon’s Fire TV Stick (2nd gen), Amazon Fire TV devices Basic Edition and Amazon Fire TV devices Stick 4K will both support Apple TV. However, the first-gen Fire TV Stick and the original Fire TV devices will not be able to support  Apple TV app.

How To Download Apple TV App?

Amazon Fire TV

For all the users who are excited to download Apple TV on their fire stick, we will help you.

1. Browse app

Install the Apple TV app by browsing for Apple TV app in the App section of fire tv. Once you see the app, click on the GET button to install the app.

2. Amazon Website

Another option for installing the Apple TV app is by directly going to the Apple TV listing which is mentioned on the Amazon website and get the Apple app.

3. Alexa Search 

for the users who have Best Apps to Install in Your Apple TV enabled voice remote, just ask your device to look for Apple TV app by the command “find the Apple TV app“, it will automatically do the needful and once the Apple app has been downloaded and installed, it can be launched with a voice command as well.

Thus, you can use either of the three ways to download and install the Apple TV app.

While the users can enjoy previously bought or rented iTunes content. They will require an Apple device to add any new series or movie to the library. For subscribing to the Apple TV+ also an Apple device will be required like iPhone, iPad or PC. The users can also sign up through the Apple website.

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Apple has been launched with some of the most amazing services like The Morning Show, For All Mankind, Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series, and Dickinson. The packages offered by Apple are also not very expensive.

In the USA the costs is  $5 (approximately Rs. 354) per month, while in India the price is Rs. 99 per month along with a free seven-day trial period. One subscription can only be used by 6 people at the maximum.

Successful launch of the Apple TV app on Amazon Fire TV devices marks a significant milestone in the realm of streaming and entertainment. Through strategic collaboration and the expertise of Amazon marketing consultant, this partnership has unlocked new avenues for both Apple and Amazon to expand their audience reach and enhance user experience. By seamlessly integrating Apple’s premium content with the accessibility of Amazon Fire TV devices, consumers now have even more choices and convenience in accessing their favorite shows, movies, and services. This accomplishment underscores the power of collaboration and innovative marketing strategies in driving growth and delivering value to customers in the ever-evolving digital landscape. As the synergy between these two tech giants continues to evolve, the future promises even more exciting developments and opportunities for users worldwide.

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