How to Remove iCloud Activation Lock on used iPhone?

Remove iCloud Activation Lock: If you have recently purchased a second-hand iPhone from some person and found out that the iCloud account is locked and for using your device you will have to break the iCloud activation lock on iPhone.

Well, this can become a hassle sometimes and the easiest way to solve this is to contact the reseller or the owner of the device for the activation code and use your device with ease. But if that option is not available you can still turn off the activation lock.

How to Remove iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone?

Before we begin with the process let’s know a little about the activation lock. An activation lock is a feature of the IOS which is basically designed to prevent anyone, other than the user to use their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, even if it is ever lost or stolen.

As soon as one turns on the Find My Device, the activation lock is automatically turned on, preventing anyone else to use the device. It helps keep your data and another information safe in your device.

So, if one erases the device without signing into the iCloud, the device still remains protected by an activation lock. If you buy a second hand or used iPhone you can turn off the activation lock by entering the Apple Id and password.  

Steps to Check Status of Activation Lock

activation lock status

If you are not sure whether the activation lock is activated or not in your used phone. Check the status by following the steps below: 

Step 1:

On Apple’s website, visit the support of Apple.

Step 2:

You will see a list of Apple devices mentioned. From the options choose the iPhone.

Step 3:

Of the many search categories like Repairs & Physical Damage or Battery, Power, & Charging choose any Hardware category.

Step 4:

Once the category has been chosen, select any problem from the list Screen Damage, Operating System Does Not Respond, or Unable to Power Off

Step 5:

You will see a dialogue box. From the dialog box, select Send.

Step 6:

Enter your device’s serial number IMEI or MEID to check the status of your Activation Lock.

Step 7:

If the Activation Lock is active, you will see a message. The message will say ‘Sorry but we can’t create a repair while Find my iPhone is active’. 

So if the activation lock is not enabled,  then you are good to go and you can begin the setup process with ease. However, if the activation lock is enabled then there are various ways of removing the activation lock. Follow the below suggestions to remove the activation lock. 

Remove iCloud Activation Lock in Used iPhone

When you buy any Apple products like iPhone, iPad or iPod from someone other than the authorized Apple reseller, make sure that the device is not linked to the previous owner’s account and the device has been completely erased. Check twice if your Apple device is still protected by any Activation Lock. 

When you turn on your device, and you see a screen similar to the one shown below: Asking for Apple ID and the activation code, you need to contact the previous owner for the details to start using the iPhone, iPad or iPod. There are different reasons for the device showing different screens:

  1. When the iPhone as soon as switched on, shows the Activation lock screen, it means that the device is still connected to the previous owner’s account.
  2. If the iPhone as soon as switched on, shows the enter password screen, this means that the device has not been erased.

If the Owner is Close by  and Easily Available

When the owner is close by and easily accessible, you can ask the previous owner to tell you the Apple ID and passwords on the Activation Lock screen and once logged in to remove the device from their account.

In the second case, unlock the device and go to settings. From settings click on general and further Reset. You will see the Erase All content and settings option in restart ta, click on that. Here too you will have to enter the Apple ID and password of the previous owner. 

If the Previous Owner is Far Away and not Accessible

If the previous owner is not close by, you can ask them to follow the following steps in order to use your device properly. Ask them to follow the below steps:


iphone settings

Step 1:

Ask them to sign in to their iCloud account with the help of their Apple ID.

Step 2:

In the iCloud, click on the Find my iPhone tab. 

Step 3:

At the top of the screen, click on ‘All Devices’.

Step 4:

Select the device that has to be removed from his account, the iPhone. 

Step 5:

Click on erase and finally select next to confirm the deletion of the device from the particular Apple account.

Step 6:

Click on the tab mentioned Remove from Account.

Once the previous owner has removed the device from their Apple account, switch off and then turn back on your device and you can begin the setup process with ease. 

There are various online tools also available to Remove iCloud Activation Lock. However, make sure you read the reviews of the tool before trying your hands on it. Some websites also provide the activation lock removal services, it will require you to enter the device’s serial  IMEI number or MEID. 

So while you may feel this is too clumsy and difficult to be done, it is not. All that is required is the previous owner to remove the device that they have sold you from their Apple account so that you can register the device on your Apple account.

In Conclusion

Once that is done you can easily set up your iPhone from the start without having to worry about anything to happen in the future.

Now your device too will be safe. If you plan on selling it again, make sure you remove the device from your Apple account before handing it over to the next owner. We hope this article was helpful and will be of assistance in Unlocking the activation lock. 

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