Apple iOS 13: All New Features and Device Compatibility List

Apple iOS 13 is the latest operating system for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod users. The new OS has a lot to offer that includes appearance updates, performance improvements, simplified features for core Apps, keyboard enhancement, and many small and significant updates.

The new iOS is more secure and feature-rich; in this blog, you will come across all the major updates of iOS 13 and also the list of compatible devices. It might be disappointing for some iPhone users who have an older version of iPhones or iPads. So if you are all excited to try the latest iOS 13, keep reading to know what it brings for you.

Devices Compatible With iOS 13

Before we go through features, go for the list of devices that you can update with this Apple iOS 13. Below is the list of iPhones, iPods, and iPods compatible with iOS 13. If your device is on the list, you can access all the rich features, add on after a system update.

iOS 13 Compatible iPhones

  1. iPhone 11
  2. iPhone 11 Pro
  3. iPhone 11 Pro Max
  4. iPhone Xs
  5. iPhone Xs Max
  6. iPhone XR
  7. iPhone X
  8. iPhone 8
  9. iPhone 8 Plus
  10. iPhone 7
  11. iPhone 7 Plus
  12. iPhone 6s
  13. iPhone 6s Plus
  14. iPhone SE

iOS 13 compatible iPods: iPod Touch 7th Generation

iPads Compatible With iOS 13

  • 11-inch iPad Pro
  • iPad (5th generation)
  • 5-inch iPad Pro
  • 7-inch iPad Pro
  • iPad (6th generation)
  • 9-inch iPad Pro
  • iPad mini (5th generation)
  • iPad mini 4
  • 11-inch iPad Pro
  • iPad Air (3rd generation)
  • 5-inch iPad Pro
  • iPad Air 2
  • 2 iPad (7th generation)

New Features on iOS 13

New Features on iOS 13

Performance and System Upgrades

iOS 13 has brought a significant change in the iPhone’s performance, and It has upgraded inbuilt features to improve overall usability.

Unlocking by FaceID will take no time, it is 30% faster in iOS 13. You will notice small updates of apps leading to faster download times. The size of the app is 60% reduced compared to the previous iOS; even the launching speed of apps has significantly increased.


The most noticeable feature that people are talking about is the Dark Mode. This mode takes you away from the all-white bright interface into the interface of dark blacks and grays. Like the night mode feature of the iPhone, you can manually turn it on or schedule it, so it gets activated automatically.

The dark mode is entirely optional; if you are satisfied with the white model, you can skip it or turn on if you want.

This mode will last long your iPhone battery life; some YouTubers have claimed that using their phone in Dark Mode improves 30% of battery. The dark mode is not only battery saviors but also makes it easy for you to look on your screen in low light conditions.

Core and Essential Apps on iPhone

Apple Core apps have many improvements; it includes more features hence more capabilities. Below are the significant changes in a few essential apps.



There are new text formats as well as unique and precious fonts support in iOS mails. So next time you are mailing someone trying using your phone instead of a computer and leave everyone impressed.

Reminders: Reminders are not just marking a date in the Calendar; the new update brings you new remainder features like file attachments, tagging. You can now have an easy text-based entry of a reminder into the app using natural language.



Maps are one of the essential apps which we need daily understanding. It’s a necessity. Apple has upgraded the app. Apple Map had now a favorite feature that lets you mark location favorites so that you can quickly access it as and when required. iOS 13 version of Apple Maps gives you a detailed view and precise navigation.

Maps have also been updated to include a new “look-around” feature, which is essentially Apple’s answer to Google Street View.

QuickPath Swiping Keyboard

Finally, Apple released the swiping feature for its keyboards, which were seen as Android keyboards Apps. You don’t have to download third-party apps for it.



Message upgrade for iOS 13 features profile picture, you can now set a messaging profile pictures like WhatsApp. Insert a photo or Animoji or Memoji as an imessage Id. When you send an iMessage to your friends, they can see your Profile picture and vice versa.



There are also new features in Memoji, new customization options. Both Apple iOS 13 and iPadOS, your Memoji is now also available in sticker packs that can be used on various platforms as it lives in your keyboard. You can share Memoji not only on Messages but other apps like email, Whatsapp, Facebook, and more.

To use Memoji Stickers, you need to have an iPhone X and later and iPad Pro-11 or iPad Pro 12.9 inch with iOS 13 upgrade.

Photos: Browsing photos in your Photo App is now a lot easier thanks to the new facelift feature; you will need automatic organizing years and months and days. As you scroll down through pictures, all the live photos and videos will play automatically, making your experience fun and enjoyable.

An updated version of the Photo App includes new editing features. You get the freedom to adjust all quintessential image editing, such as color saturation, adding vignette, white balance, sharpening and defining the image, and even increase the definition of your image up to a certain extent.

Besides images, you can also edit videos, reduce noise, rotate, and much more. Here you get it all, no need to download any third-party apps for basic editing. However, if you need some professional editing, you can download a verified editing app from the App Store.

Camera App

Camera App

Apple released some new camera feature to cope with complex apps for other mobile phones and tablets. You can now click Photo or record with some of the new adjustability features. While you click photos, you can adjust the light source in the portrait mode.

You can now apply filters when recording a video. iOS 13 users can rotate videos in the photo app. This feature has made fans very happy as it was in-demand for quite some time.

Music App

Music App

Small changes have been revoked in the Music, song searching and curating playlists is now more accessible and convenient, for those you have subscribed to Apple’s music services.



Two new features have been released for data, update the Os update you can access and manage data on external storage devices. Also, you have the ability to connect to file-sharing networks.

Find My App


The two of the key features of Apple Find My Phone and Find My Friends is now a part of a new app called Find My App. The debut app, ‘Find my App’ icon had a grey background and green and blue location circles in the center.

Find my Friends and Find My Phone App will not be seen individually on your phone, so now you know where to search.

You will now find Find My Friends under people tab in Find My app. It lets you locate your close friends and family those you have allowed location tracking with you. Find My Friends a great feature at the time of emergency. The new update will now direct you to friend’s whereabouts and set notification triggered by locations.

Find My iPhone keeps track of your iPhone and other Apple devices linked with your Apple ID. This feature ensures your device security, and it is like a life saviour when you lose your phone anywhere.

You will find an extension of these tabs in the Me section, where you are allowed to block friend requests and opt-out of sharing your location data.



If you think software update is only for system and apps, you probably are wrong! The iOS 13 update is also significant for the most favorite Apple device, Airpods. When you sync Airpods with iOS 13 devices, you can access new features where Siri reads out an inbound message for you.

You can now communicate quickly and effortlessly with Siri through your Airpods. Siri will quickly listen to your command and reply to all your questions.

You don’t have to look to your phone when connected to Airpods just Ask Siri to read a message, weather forecast and much more you can access Siri even when you are listening to music or a podcast.

CarPlay Revamp

CarPlay Revamp

If you are not aware of the Carplay feature, CarPlay lets you use your iPhone while driving quickly and safely. It works with your car controls, knobs, buttons, touchpad, and touchscreen.

iOS 13 revamp Carplay features, you get an improved interface. The new interface shifts the system map to the left side of the display, and the right side of the screen displays all the audio controls along with Siri’s suggestions.

All these features make CarPlay more accessible and simpler. If you feel the need to use your iPhone while you drive, switch to car play, and make use of your phone without moving your hand from steering.

iPadOS The New iOs for iPad


Apple has released a tweaked version of Apple iOS 13 for iPad known as iPadOS. It includes all the iOS 13 features with some additions that will work, particularly on iPad and not iPhone.

The home screen button on iPadOS is tighter compared to the iOS 13 version. In iPadOS, you can quickly glance at widgets and access new gestures for text selection, copy-paste, Undo-Redo, etc. With these gestures, you can save some time.

iPadOS allows you to multi-tasking; you can split the iPad app into two windows of the same app. For Instance, you can open two notes window and access it simultaneously side by side. Now you can use improved file management. iPadOS users will get a new Safari version to give you a desktop-like experience or even better.

If you have checked the list above, you might be aware that several iPad that worked with iOS 12 will not be compatible with the latest iPad OS 13; this includes prior generation iPad Air and a few iPad mini models.

Big Accessibility Features: Mouse Support & VoiceControl

iOS13 has not one but two powerful Accessibility features, both have a high impact and have got everyone’s attention.

Starting with the first accessibility features, it is a part of Assistive touch and allows USB mouse support for both the iPhone as well as iPad. Users can use the mouse with onscreen circular blob functioning as a cursor; you can use your iPhone or iPad as a computer with simplified navigation. You still don’t have the trackpad support; however, you can expect it soon.

Follow the steps below to activate mouse feature on your iPhone:

Step1: Head to Setting

Step2: Select Accessibility and look through all the options.

Step3: Select the touch tab and go for head to Physical and Motor

Step4: Click on Assistivetouch and turn on the toggle button

Step5: Go back to the Physical and Motor menu and select Bluetooth devices. Now pair your mouse with your iPhone.

The second most potent accessibility feature is voice control. With the voice control feature, you can navigate all the features of your iPhone through voice commands and optional audio description.

This feature is also available for iPad as well as Mac devices. It’s pretty cool to access your entire phone through your voice. Try it yourself, and I am sure you will be amazed by the feature.

Apple’s Privacy Page

If you have any doubts regarding Apple’s privacy features or require any information related to it, you can go to Apple newly launched Webpage. This website tells you how privacy features works and all about it.

You will also see the summary of how Apple protects user’s data while you use Apple’s core apps or browsers like Maps and Safari.


That’s all about iOS 13, and now when you update your phone to the new OS, you will know what you are getting. Make most of all the features and have a great experience. You can contact us through the comment section below.

For more information related to mobile phones, App, websites, and all the other devices, visit our website phoneier.com.

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