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Top 20 Free Online Anime Streaming Websites 

Anime isn’t just a Japanese cartoon. They are a cultural phenomenon with people world over crazy about these Free Anime Online. Right from Death Note to Naruto, Attack on Titan to One Punch Man.

These shows represent an entire generation worth of work and finding them on the net to binge-watch may prove to be one hell of a task if you don’t know the right sites to visit.

20 Best Websites For Streaming Free Anime Online

And that is where we come in. here is a list of all your favorite Anime streaming sites all of which is ABSOLUTELY FREE.

It is one of the best anime websites to stream videos. The best thing about this website is it is completely free. As the name suggests this site is made for anime freaks like us. It is also highly popular in countries like USA, UK, Canada, India, and Japan.

There would be ads however but that shouldn’t deter you from visiting the website though as it contains more than 10,000 episodes of different anime shows. Definitely worth checking out for an amazing experience and that too completely free.

Kissanime is another free solution for watching amazing Animes and also one of the most popular websites to exist on the internet in general. The best part is you will get premiere content and high-quality videos for your midnight binge.

To top it off you also get the mega-series, cartoons, and much more. The site has quality video playback with options to choose from and also you can stream in all available video formats like 240p, 480p, 720p and 1080p depending upon your hardware and internet bandwidth.

You even get announcements on the side about new episodes and can also read novels and mangas on the website. It even has options to report an issue or requests an anime that isn’t available in their collection.

Another amazing place to find your top anime to binge-watch. Its collection is huge and quite popular with shows like Naruto, Wonder Momo and so on.

You can even watch a lot of different anime movies on this site. The shows are dubbed in English and you will even find subtitles for the same giving you a wholesome experience.

A few videos are even available for download. It also has a facebook page, the link to which is on the website that shares updates on the website regularly and is quite helpful for easy navigation.

One of the best User interfaces in the anime streaming websites with a collection of popular anime series. The design of the website is so easy to use and uber-cool that you find yourself visiting it again and again.

The website also doesn’t have many ads to make the display all cluttered. Weirdly enough the site looks like its premium but it is absolutely free. Everything on it is well organized for you to find your favorite anime right away.

Give us some drumrolls because here comes the MVP of free anime streaming sites with hordes and hordes of anime series. It has an enormous collection of more than 20000 episodes of different series all of which is completely free. You would also find live-action titles and Korean dramas if that sort of stuff interests you.

The best part about this website though is not the fact that it is free or it has fewer ads or efficient UI but that it is COMPLETELY legal. Yes. LEGAL and FREE.

Gogoanime is the world’s most extensive free anime streaming website with a massive database that has everything ranging from cartoons, movies, and the latest Korean Japanese dramas too. You can watch English dubbed anime on this site.

In case your favorite show isn’t available on other portals and websites, you might checkout Gogoanime. The website has a lot of ads but the content isn’t affected in any way and everything is properly cluttered across the screen.

You even have multiple streams available for each episode you want to watchmaking the experience even more elaborate as if one of the channels is broken, you will find another one that works for sure.

Chia-Anime is another option for free anime streaming. It has high-quality videos and offers an excellent anime viewing experience. It also receives fast updates. The website is filled with all the popular anime series, mega-series, and Asian dramas.

The best part is that you can download your favorite anime in mp4 format. The site has an extremely simple UI and helps you navigate and find your anime in no time.


If you are unable to find the anime you want to binge-watch anywhere on any platform or portal, sidereal is your solution. All you have to do is type in the show name and sidereal acts as a search engine that finds the anime series for you.

The result displays many links some of which might be faulty but most of them work perfectly fine. Click on them and watch the anime you wish.

Coming to the next name, well we have picked up the Anime Heaven as the next suggestion. The website is entirely free on this list of anime streaming sites. You will get all the popular anime series, cartoons over here. It is really a heaven for anime fans like you. Also, you will get the ongoing series and movies.

It allows the users to download videos in different video quality. So if you are looking for a website where you can download videos and stream them, then Anime Heaven is the best option.

Another great source of free anime series streaming online with tonnes of available options but the best of all is its amazingly exceptional video quality for all its anime series.

So if you have a good enough internet connection and suitable hardware and are willing to treat yourself to an afternoon of Naruto and a bowl full of popcorn and some RedBull, you have the right website now.


Anime Nova is the best place to get the anime series, anime movies, and Korean dramas. It has daily episodes of anime shows, cartoons, and movies.

The website also has dubbed anime versions. The available videos are of high quality. You may see some ads, but the ads are not annoying. You will experience a nice viewing experience.


Another amazing option with a massive database and high-quality content. The videos do not have a download button. The content is to die for though with full episodes of almost any anime series in the world. The videos are high quality and dubbed in English as well which is always a bonus.


This is the Golden website for the golden boy of the anime world – Naruto. It has exclusive content when it comes to the Naruto anime with the original Shippuden version to the English Dubbed version. It is one of the top English dubbed anime sites with a massive collection of mangas, anime and much more.

Another amazing website for streaming free English dubbed anime series.  The site is entirely free and has all the popular anime series and also famous anime movies. Also, we kid you not when we say this, it has Hindi translation for all its contents as well.

Another masterpiece when it comes to streaming anime online. It has a high-quality video. The website went down a few months back but the developer worked incredibly hard and now it is up and running again. At least at the time of this article’s publishing. It was incredibly easy UI and amazing content blended with a sprawling video player.



You can watch anime online for free at Viewster. Although this site is mostly known as a movie streaming site, it hosts a decent collection of anime series too. The content is a little old here which might be disappointing for many.

However, if you are into classic anime titles like School Days, you are definitely going to have some good time here. Another interesting aspect is that Viewster has a different collection for different countries.

Apparently, the anime catalog for the US is the best one and can easily be accessed via proxy or VPN just the way you use Spotify, etc.

Another amazing feature of the website is it has its own mobile application as well. You know what that means. ANIME, ANYTIME ANYWHERE.

Tubi TV
Tubi TV

Tubi TV is a popular website for streaming TV shows and movies but it also lets you watch dubbed and subbed anime for free. The reason behind placing it this low on the list is its limited collection. You may not find the latest or famous anime titles here.

But since the video quality is really good you can check out the shows hosted here. One of its most important features would be its Dark themed UI and good streaming speed.


Many of you might be familiar with Crackle. Owned by Sony, this free anime streaming site hosts a handful of anime series. Even though they are less in quantity, the site makes up for it by providing very high-quality videos and an ad-free experience.

So just in case, you are interested in watching free TV shows and movies too, you should definitely check out its other sections. This Site is again not available for all countries, India included. But there are plans for its launching in our country soon.

This site is about Naruto, it has the most Naruto and Naruto Shippuden episodes and is the internet’s best source for all things Naruto packed with amazing playback and streaming quality and dubbed as well as the original version. If you are just diving into Free Anime Online and are starting with Naruto, we suggest this website above all else.

Last but not least, it would be a shame to not mention Netflix.


Now we know it isn’t free but if you are a beginner in the anime binging industry, you might as well use the one-month free subscription to get your hands a little dirty with the Anime world.

It has AMAZING streaming speed and video quality. Unparalleled content and most importantly exquisite UI that just makes you want to keep coming again and again.

That is all about the FREE ANIME STREAMING WEBSITES available.

While there are many other free anime websites out there that might let you watch the latest episodes for free But you can also download anime streaming applications, the fact that they are illegal is undeniable.

Since they do not possess the proper license, these sites are taken down quite often leaving lots of stranded viewers behind. This is why you should consider bookmarking sites from this list of best free anime streaming sites to watch anime online.

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