5 Best Apps for Streaming Anime Online

Apps for streaming Anime online: Anime since long have been our generations stress buster. It’s the go to place for any kid these days with immensely popular shows like, Naruto, Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z and many more which enjoy not just a decent fan following but an almost cult like following which in not just Japan, where they were created, but all across the globe especially in countries like USA, UK and India.

It has been every kids dilemma as to where to find apps for streaming Anime on their mobile phones which are mostly Android.  Just for that very same reason, we bring to you 5 of the best anime streaming applications on Playstore that work flawlessly on the Android phones. 

Best Legal Apps To Watch Anime Online:

  • Crunchyroll

The mecca of anime lovers, Crunchyroll is the first word out of the mouths of anime lovers when you ask them a free anime streaming app. This application is unparalleled in its user interface, seamless visual experience and highly intelligent navigation and recommendations. 


What’s more, if you get bored watching the anime (why would you ofcourse!!?), you can start reading the mangas available in the app too. And all of this is for FREE with the occasional ads in between, a small price to pay to be honest.

Click Here: Best Websites For Streaming Free Anime Online

Crunchyroll has a user-friendly interface so you will not get lost while using the app. Search anime movies alphabetically, by popularity or by genres.

  • FunimationNow

Another one-stop collection of the best apps for streaming Anime out in the world with both subbed as well as dubbed versions available free of cost and in a lossless manner. The user interface on fun animation now is probably the best amongst all your free versions.


However the free version of FunimationNow isn’t ad free but the premium version is ad free and allows you to watch HD anime videos at just 6 dollars a month or whatever the conversion rate of Dollar to INR is at the time of you reading this article.

A recent version of the app has the amazing feature of offline streaming, that is downloading the anime to watch and watch it in places where you can’t afford high speed internet or during car rides or travels to other places.

One catch of this app though is that it isn’t available in countries other than USA, UK, Ireland and Canada. A problem which can be easily overcome with single change of your device’s IP address and MAC rendering.

  • Funanime – Free Anime Online & Manga Rock for Fanz

Funanime, as the name suggests, is an intensely fun app for streaming anime on your android mobile phones. The best part of the application is its uber clean and cutting edge interface and to add to it the app does not require any unnecessary sign up or login. Isn’t that all that we wish for from these apps?


On the settings menu you can change your display setting as well as the preferred language (YESS, IT HAS ANIMES IN MULTIPLE LANGUAGES) and start watching any anime you can think of. The episodes are arranged chronologically and the viewing experience is seamless and unparalleled.

  • Gotardo Anime SD

This is probably the most nonsense app we have, and not just for anime viewing. Gotardo Anime SD app doesn’t require much, just a person who knows which anime he wants to watch and you are golden. The app does not require any signup or registration of any sort which is probably the best thing there is.

gogo anime

You can turn on the night mode, an amazing feature which the app provides if your eyes get tired from all that binging and the mobile’s backlight and then sit back with some soda and chips and relax as you binge watch Naruto all night long.

  • Netflix, Amazon Prime and More

Would be a proper shame if the list did not include the liked of Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc, and the proper giants of the movie or TV Show streaming industry. These apps and websites, though a little costly, contain unfathomable levels of anime content all ready for you to binge watch.

netflix prime

Amazon Prime being the cheapest of the lot priced at just about a 1000 rupees for the entire year which is a pretty sweet deal. 


So, these were the best anime streaming apps available in the market currently, most of which are free and do not require you to login, signup or any other registration of any kind. You can find all of these on Google Playstore easily and can start with your anime binge watch right away. 

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