Best Fitness Trackers (Smart bands) in 2024

Fitness Trackers helps you stick with your health goals, and it is best to keep track of your health daily activities. After you put it on your wrist and set up it keeps track of every footstep you walked, hours of sleep and heart rate, calories your burnt, periods date and more.

Whether it’s an app or a device demand for fitness-related tech products is huge nowadays. There are all sorts of fitness bands for everyone type. Whether you are looking for a cost-effective and straightforward fitness band or you want an advanced tracker that tracks your oxygen level and stuff like that. Choosing Fitness trackers could entirely be a challenge; that’s why we bring you this article to help you choose better.

List of Top Wearable Fitness Trackers

Fitbit Versa

Fitbit Versa

Fitbit Versa provides a perfect balance of tracking as well as smartwatch features. There are so many things that Fitbit Versa like it monitors Heart Rate 24/7, Sleeps tracking, and walks, and you can even use it for calling and texting. You can check on your notification while you run without peeking into your phone. 

There are a total of fifteen exercises that you can take the record with Fitbit Versa to know how many calories you have burnt. You can track activities like biking, running, yoga even, swimming as it’s water-resistant up to 50 meters.

One of the best features of Fitbit Versa is that you can listen to music while you are exercising and that to Phone Free. You can store up to 300 plus songs on this tracker as well as download station from Pandora and Deezer.

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Battery: Fitbit Versa provides four days battery backup

Fitbit Charge 3

Fitbit Charge 3

Fitbit Charge 3 features a stylish fitness tracker model that has a changeable watch style straps and thin touch screen. You can check different stats by swiping on the screen that has an excellent response. There are buttons on both sides of the screen with which you can easily access apps and settings. 

‘Fitbit Charge 3’ is an excellent update of Fitbit charge 2. It features a good battery life, heart rate monitor; Automatically recognizes workout your perform and your calories. Keeps tracks menstrual cycle which you can keep on the dashboard as you get a reminder when your period dates are close.

Fitbit charge 3 has the auto-stop features which mean if you stop while exercising it pauses and automatically starts when you are back on the run. If you have a fitness goal in mind, you can set it here; Fit bit had goal-based exercise mode which helps you achieve your goal and also track your progress. It totally motivates you to be healthier.

Battery: Fitbit charge lasts up to 7-days once fully charged.

Available on Amazon

Garmin Vivosmart 4

Garmin Vivosmart 4

Garmin Vivosmart 4 tracks all the activities a fitness tracker should cover, but what separates it from others is the health tracking features.Advanced sleep tracking with REM sleep. With the Pulse OX-sensor, it can gauge the blood oxygen saturation level at night. 

This tracker motivates you to stay a healthy lifestyle and feel relaxed. If you experience stress on your day to day life, you can measure your stress level with Vivosmart, so you will know when to calm down. This tracker will also tell you when you are relaxing and everything else such as breathing timing, body energy every movement of yours.

Talking about the look Garmin Vivosmart has a stylish metal design; it comes in five splendid colors that will look amazing on your wrist. It has easy to read display, and the slim finish will suit perfectly on a slimmer wrist.

Available on Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Fit

Samsung Galaxy Fit

If you look for a fitness tracker that doesn’t feel on your wrist, this is what you need. Samsung Galaxy fit is a lightweight and durable fitness band. Galaxy fit is super comfortable and light on your hand. You can wear it all day tracking all your activities and don’t worry about wearing it long as its durable. Galaxy fit has military-grade durability, so your tracker remains safe from bumps, dust, extreme heat and cold. 

You never have to compromise with the screen when it’s Samsung. Just like all Galaxy phone Galaxy fit comes with AMOLED color display, which enhances visibility, so you have all your information with a glance. You can use Galaxy git to see your notification and give a quick reply to any message and stay connected to the network. You can even glance at your schedule, forecast, and more.

There is  no need to press any buttons while you start to exercise or do any kind of activities thanks to the Automatic Fitness tracking feature. Galaxy Fit automatically detects your movement and tracks whatever activity you are performing. Whether you are walking, swimming, cycling or running Galaxy Fit will figure out everything on its own.

Battery: Garmin fitness tracker lasts up to 7-days once fully charged.

Available on Amazon

Top Budget-Friendly Fitness Trackers with basic Features

Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Xiaomi Mi Band 4

If you are looking for a basic fitness tracker that is reliable as well as cost-effective than Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is the best option to go for. It has many good features compared to the last version that is Mi Band 3, which includes a color screen. This sport version has a clear easy to read screen, which also makes navigation easy.

There are a total of six work modes for you to choose from; it includes treadmill running, cycling, walking, swimming, and general exercise mode. It takes accurate tracking on swimming, and it recognizes different swimming styles such as backstroke, butterfly, freestyle. Overall this band provides a good deal of features at a fair price. 

Battery: You don’t have to juggle between your chargers as Mi Band 4 gets you a great battery backup of 20 days. 

Available on Amazon

Fitbit Inspire HR

Fitbit Inspire HR

Fitbit has launched exclusive fitness trackers, and that’s why it tops as a Best Fitness tracker brand. Inspire HR model of Fitbit has all tracking capabilities with a budget-friendly rate. It tracks activities and also takes care of your health status through heat rate tracking and calorie burn. Inspire HR to track sleep automatically; it uses REM Sleep to understand sleep timing so you can now sleep better.

You can sync tracker with phones and use the Fitbit coach while exercising; it will guide you on your workout with step by step guidelines. You can challenge your friends with workout targets or simply share your activities and health track with your friends. It will help you stay motivated to your goals and also inspire you to work harder.

Fitbit Inspire HR covers women’s health; it lets you understand your body more accurately. Not only you can keep a record of your menstrual cycle but you can also record symptoms and PCOD problems. 

Battery: Fitbit Inspire HR battery life is up to 5 days

Available on Amazon

Fitbit Inspire

Fitbit Inspire

If you want to keep it simple and affordable Fitness Inspire does that for you. It tracks your activity, including walking distance per day, sleep, and calories you burn. It recognizes some of the activities automatically and keeps track of it, such as running, swimming, and cycle rides. Do your alarms disturb others than set silent alarms on your tracker? The silent alarm will just buzz around to wrist enough to wake you up without making any kind of noise.

‘Fitbit Inspire’ is for those who only need simple tracking features. It keeps track of your activities of seven days so that you can check your weekly progress. When you achieve your fitness goal, you will receive a notification on-screen celebration. Fitbit Inspire is compatible with all kind of devices it features pretty good connectivity range, the syncing range is up to 6 meter.

You can look at the notification of social media apps and messages right on your watch. Like all the Fitbit bands, the empire model also lets you can compare and share your fitness score with friends. Embrace your fitness goal with cool design, and the replaceable band inspires fitness band comes in splendid colors and sangria one pretty good.

Battery: Fitbit Inspire battery life is up to 5 days

Available on Amazon

Top Sporty Smart Watches

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

Samsung Galaxy Watch offers quality fitness tracking with a classy design that does with every look. It’s sporty, and it is durable and comfortable too. The automatic tracking feature tracks up to six main exercises like cycling, swimming, and running. This smartwatch can track up to 35 additional workout forms that include gym routines and outdoor activities. It also checks up your stress level and alerts you when it’s time to relax. 

You can glance at your progress with clarity on the AMOLED screen. You can wear your watch daily and take it wherever you are going; it has military-grade durability. You can easily connect it with other devices through Bluetooth and wifi. It has all the smart features you need. Galaxy watch active keeps you motivated through step challenges.

Galaxy watch Active keeps you always connected to the network. You can anytime send replies using speech to text, emoticons or intuitive keyboard even while your phone is charging on the nightstand.

Battery: Samsung Galaxy watch active battery lasts up to 45-hours.

Available on Amazon

Fossil Gen 5

Fossil Gen 5

Want something more than a fitness tracker what about a smartwatch. Fossil Gen-5 covers everything a sports enthusiast needs, along with a smart operating system. Fossil Gen 5 has an elegant design that charm up your look, it will suit perfectly on wider wrists.

Talking about smart features, Fossil Gen includes Snapdragon wear 3100 so no compromise on speed. There is GPS on it, and you can look for navigation wright on your watch. It features NFC which makes files transferring, online payments, and stuff possible.

You can use Google pay and store hundreds of songs here. You don’t need to open your phone every now for such stuff you can do complete small tasks with your smartwatch.

Although it the best android smartwatch with OS technology, it is water-resistant to 30 meters so you can swim with it. It measures your heart rate and all kinds of sports activities like walking, climbing, cycling and more. Set a target, and Gen 5 will help you achieve it by reminding and tracking your goals. It doesn’t have LTE connectivity, but if ok with wifi connection this watch offers an amazing deal.

Battery: Fossil Gen 5 smart can last for 2 to 3 days with a single charge

Available here

Garmin Forerunner 245

Garmin Forerunner 245

Forerunner 245 helps you to achieve your fitness goals, with all the smart features, you only have to work and exercise and rest will be done by Forerunner. You can track your progress miles by miles; it will give personalized training and will prepare for your target goals.

It knows it what amount of training could be right for you. Bands can understand how your performance is affected by heat and altitude and keeps track of everything.

Forerunner saves all your performances, and you can look to the training status, which showcases your exercising history. Here you can if you are achieving a goal, overreaching, or lack in performance. The recovery times predict when you will be ready for the next challenge, which will maximize your workouts.

There are even more ways Forerunner helps yous workout. You can join Garmin online fitness community through the tools available on your watch. Train smarter create custom workout or download and sync to your watch. 

If you can’t go running without music Forerunner 245 lets, you enjoy a perfect playlist. The Gps Smartwatch has plenty of storage space where you can store up to 500 songs. You can easily transfer files to your watch through the computer. If you don’t want to download songs, you can even use a music streaming app and sync on your phone such as Deezer, Spotify and more.

Battery: Garmin Forerunner 245 smartwatch provides 7-day of battery life

Available on Amazon

These are top fitness tracker for the year 2021 If you are still confused about

How to Choose the Best Fitness Tracker?

Plan a budget: There is plenty of fitness tracker out there, from basic features to some amazing smart ones. So you should first decide the price range and then go through fitness bands that fall in the range.

Choose Features: After price sees decide on features you want on your fitness tracker, something that is important to you. Whether you want a GPS or Heart monitor or music system, or you just want a simple tracker that records footsteps and some other activities, decide first.

Now look and compare different fitness band. Compare all the features and level of features, for example, if you want a fitness tracker with which you can swim, check how much resistance it is to water. 30 to 50 the meter is quite sufficient.

Check the style and size of your fitness tracker: There are various styles and sizes in the fitness band. You have to decide what style of fitness tracker you want. There is a standard design of fitness bands, and there is a fitness band that looks like watches. 


Talking about wristband in the Fitness tracker, there is quite an option to choose from. If you have a bigger wrist choose a tracker that has wider bands and if you have a slimmer wrist you can opt for thinner bands. The best thing is having an average size wrist if you are one of them you can try any size band.

Wait no more grab your favorite fitness tracker now. Do let us know which one of these you liked the most. If you already bought to share your experience through the comment section below.

We hope you found this article useful if you have any queries, connect with us through the comment section below. For more iPhone or Android-related content keep visiting our website Phoneier. We curate information around phone technology and also bring solutions related to issues with the software, phone applications, and accessories. 

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