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Google Maps Not Working? Here is what you need to know

Google Maps Not Working

Google Maps is the easiest and most preferred way to navigate to a different location. Google app also helps you locate the place that you hardly find on your own. This app not only enables you to search your preferred site but also nearby places such as petrol pumps, hospitals, restaurants, schools, police stations, and a lot more in a specific area and locality. However, if you want to get the most accurate result from this app, then Google Maps needs your precise location, which is indicated as a blue dot on your mobile app.

How to Fix Google Maps:

For frequently, this app may fluctuate and cannot find the user’s current location. This is a rare occurrence considering the accuracy that Google Maps provides. Therefore, if Google map could not find the exact location of yours, then it tends to deliver improper results in the end. You cannot identify the precise reason behind the failure of this app as there are a few distinct reasons that lead to generating such error.

However, we have identified two primary reasons that create such conflicts, and you face difficulties while finding location. The first reason being the weak GPS signal, due to weak GPS signal your device can behave differently. Another reason is that when the compass is not adjusted correctly.

You are at our page which means you are facing a problem with your Google Map and could not find the location accurately or Google Map takes way too much time to find the place that you wish to move. In this article, we have covered three different ways to improve the location accuracy in Google Maps. Besides providing a solution to increase Google Map accuracy, we have also included a few interesting stories and facts on Google Map that you would like to read. These are more of a story and some exciting features that are associated with Google Map.

Before we move toward the solutions, everyone must understand how Google Map functions and tracks the location. Here are some factors that you might look at which brief you about

How Google Maps Tracks the sites:

GPS: With the help of satellites it gets the location up to 20 meters

Wi-Fi: With the help of nearby Wi-Fi connection Google Map knows the place

Mobile Network: This helps Google Maps provide the most accurate location.

In the event when any of the signals mentioned above are weak, Google Maps can struggle to get you an accurate location. So, what are the solution to fix this issue? Continue reading this article to know about the methods that are used to improve the Google Map location accuracy. We have briefly explained three ways that can help you solve the issue. All the techniques are straightforward and easy to carry out.

Method 1: Manually calibrate the GPS 

When the blue dot in the Google Map fluctuates, then you can try this method to improve the app accuracy. Look at two simple steps mentioned below to fix the issue:

  1. Launch Google Map app on your mobile device
  2. Start creating a figure 8 until the compass is calibrated in Google map

Method 2: Toggle on High-accuracy Mode 

Follow the steps mentioned below to fix the problem:

  1. Navigate to the Settings on your Android smartphones
  2. Now, head to the Location option
  3. Toggle off the Location service using button at the top
  4. Next up, go to the Mode and select ‘High-accuracy’ modehigh accuracy mode


Method 3: Mobile Network

This is a very basic method. You need to connect to a Wi-Fi network or else you can ensure that the signal strength remains decent. It also helps you boost the location accuracy.

Google Maps set to Get this new Feature soon 

Google has managed to display a new live augmented reality walking direction feature in its bucket. Since it has been only two years that this feature is enrolled amongst the users, they are yet to get used to it. Google introduced this feature at Google I/O developer conference.

Earlier, when this feature was launched. Google has only allowed this feature to be included in Google Pixel devices and Google Map local guide. Now that after getting high praise, this feature has been rolled out to Android devices and iOS devices. However, there is one unique inclusion that these smartphones need to have ARCore and ArKit in order to get access to the Google Map and its new features. This feature is now named as Live view, and it displays Pokemon Go as live walking directions to the users.

Google Maps set to get this feature:

The Google update will be launched partially, and it will soon be available to the users depending upon their location. So, we can assume that it will take some time for each smartphone user. The people who have already access to by his new update can tap on the nearby location on their map. Here, you need to select the Walking icon provided on the Google Map. Once you choose the Walking Icon, you will have a new option available for you that is Live View. In order to start the navigation, tap on the Live View option.

According to Engadget, initially, when this feature was launched, it worked fine for the starting phase. However, there are a few rough edges that needed to be fixed, so new updates were required to be introduced in order to fix the bugs. After the arrival of Live view, it looks like Google has immensely improved its functioning. It is way better than the current clumsy and confusing walking direction in Google Map. For users, getting a live location and direction right on their smartphones provide ease of walking.

While Beta version of this app including this new app has been introduced to Android devices and iOS devices, users are allowed to test this app and are given the authority to try and experience newly launched features. All users need to do is navigate to the Google Play store and download the Beta version of Google Maps; you will be amazed by this new feature.

Moreover, what you expect from Google when it comes to safety and security aspects? We bet Google Map is one of the most reliable apps in terms of being a well-reputed company for security. Now, a safety feature that has got the direction where users have been focusing on for long. This feature works on the surrounding of your actual location, and when you are misled from that location; it will automatically warn you that you are heading towards the wrong direction so that you might suspect the situation. Hence, it can be said that Google has significantly well with the introduction of this particular feature.

Google Map has something more to display when it comes to providing a quality feature. It has additionally included a few highlights that allow users to assess the traffic situation and risk report and alternative routes. In the upcoming topic, we will be focussing on how to you can boost Google Maps performance on  Android smartphones as well as iOS devices. Let’s get started then! 

How to Boost Google Maps Performance on Android Smartphones 

There is hardly one or two drawbacks that an expert can derive when you assess the quality and accuracy of Google Maps. It’s the Google Maps loading issue that now takes the talking when it has very few instances that indicate that Google Maps has failed rarely! But, it did fail. That means the Google Map loading issue still needs to be assessed carefully.

Not most the time users have faced this issue, but when it occurs, it may annoy you when you could not find the location in expected time due to the loading of Google Map. Sometimes, it is experienced that Google Maps takes longer than usual time to load and that quite annoys people who are very cautious about the importance of time. If you are also facing such an issue then you do not have to uninstall the app completely, you could consider following solutions that will help you fix the loading issue without uninstalling the app in the first place.

The prime reason would be internet connectivity. Without your knowing, the internet connectivity may tend to fluctuate, and sometimes it can break down, causing you less speed and accuracy with your internet connectivity. Due to the inefficiency of your signal strength, Google Map tends to slow down while loading. Another factor that impacts the Google Map is the Inappropriate arrangement of your GPS, or you can say a lack of efficiency in calibration. You may want to consider the following steps after getting to know the factor that affects Google Map accuracy.

Significantly, the latest update might have affected that app and the aftermath are all we know. We presume that most of you have been facing this issue after updating the Google Map. Additionally, it is possible that you might not know whether Google Maps has been updated or not. In such a case, we recommend you try an older version of Google Map.

To restore the original version app, follow the steps mentioned below

  1. Launch Settings on your smartphone.
  2. Navigate to Apps
  3. Find the Google Maps from the list and click on it.
  4. From the top right corner, tap More!
  5. Tap on Uninstall Update option

That’s all from the process side. Another thing that you need to do is clear the cache for the apps like Google Maps stores data such as shared location, map tiles on your device. To do this follow the mentioned steps below.

  1. Open Settings app and tap on the Apps
  2. Now, locate Google Maps and tap on it,
  3. Open the Storage option and tap on Clear Cache option

Note: As might like to know that once you clear cache from the Google Map, all the data stored on the phone related to Google Maps will be erased. Additionally, a few instructions such as the location of the map might perform varying depending upon the device and its operating system. 

Google Maps adds 3 new features in India

 Thanks to Google’s thinking of exploring and providing the ease of transportation through its accurate location finder feature. Now, that Google has launched three amazing features for the Indian users, it has rapidly increased the number of users. These features have the exact quality that you have been thinking for a long time. Let’s look at what these features have to offer to the Indian people.

Google Map has redesigned Explore tab, a new ‘For You’ experience and most thoughtful inclusion that is ‘Dining Offers’; this feature mainly, helps users find the nearby restaurants. It also suggests the name of the restaurants that have fantastic offers going on for dine.

As thoughtful as it gets, Google Maps new shortcuts to the Explore tab. Now, you can easily find all the places which are needed necessarily. Restaurant,  ATM, Petrol Pump, Shopping Centre, Hotels, Hospitals, and many more are added as a shortcut. All you need to do is tap on the desired place that you are looking for, and you will be shown all the available routes with their accurate location. With the help of Machine Learning, Google App has become capable of finding the top suggestions from the categories above across every city.

Users can now quickly look for the neighborhood in the city. All you need to do is tap the arrow beside “Explore NearBy’. It will redirect you to your desired location. It enables users to explore not only their own city but also any city of India. User can look placed from another town as well; Google Map provides that much of accuracy across the whole India.

The For You tab provides specific data to users depending upon the user’s interests and priorities. It serves information on new restaurants, trending places to visit, and suggestions based on the user’s attention. In addition to that, this feature also suggests other businesses based on the company that users follow regularly. The small For You tab functions like a giant stride, with a single tap, you can cover the whole city and find out whatever you are looking for with ease. More interestingly, this app is always going to improve with its features since their area of interest is providing users the accurate location.

Last but not least, Google Maps has also included the Offers section in the bank. This feature allows users to find their top deals and redeem those deals in the listed restaurants across 11 major cities in India. Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Pune, Chennai, Kolkata, Goa, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Chandigarh, and Hyderabad are those cities that utilize this feature. In order to use this feature, users need to simply tap on the Offer button provided on the Explore tab. Users can also filter out the restaurants based on the offers they provide.

The offered feature has been developed in partnership with Easy Dinner. Here users can find out over 4000 restaurants that servers the discounts. In addition to that, it is expected that Google will launch a few more categories and partners in upcoming years. Google Map users get an amazing offer due to EasyDinner prime. It offers for 15 days across 1500+ restaurants. Each of the restaurants offers at least a 25% discount. If you want to check the best offers for you, you need to tap on the Exclusive whenever you are surfing in the offer section.

This is what Huawei’s Google Maps rival may be called

In the edge of cut-throat competition, Huawei; a Chinese manufacturer company has introduced Map Kit to challenge Google Map application. Huawei turns out to be the first well-known rival company that has questioned Google on a few distinctive platforms. Map Kit is a mapping application developed by Huawei company in a bid to challenge Google.

When you assess the Map Kit application, you will get to know that this app offers developers a street navigation system. In addition to that, Map kid also enables users to determine the real-time traffic data. One significant inclusion to this app is that it shows lane change recognitions to the users. It would tend to support augmented-reality mapping and not meant to direct consumer use.

Moreover, the service would also have 40 different languages to provide dialect ease to the users, along with real-time traffic. This app is expected to launch in October. Recently, the Chinese tech giant has released the Harmony OS, which is named as Harmony OS in China. The prime aim to design this app is to get minimum reliance from the Google-developed Android OS.

Concerning the fact that the cross-platform has been advancing rapidly, Harmony OS was developed to work across a wide range of devices. You will have the option to use Map Kit in smart speakers, automobiles, computers, smartwatches, wireless headset, tablets, and other smart devices. 

This may be Huawei’s answer to Google Maps: 

A month ago, Huawei created a fuss after launching its own operating system which is considered as an alternative to Android. According to the latest news from the company, they are also thinking to change Google OS to its own operating system. In addition to that, it is also reported that the Chinese tech monster is going to launch its own Mapping system to challenge the Google Map’s navigation system.

In the latest report, Android Authority has stated that Huawei is in the process of designing its own Maps in order to compete with Google Map. Additionally, the report also says that this navigation system will be recognized as Map Kit. But, unfortunately; this feature is not available directly to consumer use.

According to what Android Authority have stated in the report, Map Kit would offer real-time traffic situation, lane change recognize, and augmented reality feature in its navigation system. This new Mapping system will be launched in October this year. In addition to that, it is available in 40 languages across the world. Apparently, this app is not open to the consumers directly since it is limited to the developers only.

Moreover, Mr. Richard, Yu; CEO of Huawei consumer division has recently given information on the company’s Harmony OS. He added that the operating system would initially be launched in China, and then it will roll out across the globe, considering how this app stands in terms of providing accurate and quick navigation. Besides this, he has also mentioned that they want to continue their association with Android; however, if there is a need to switch the OS, the company is all ready to do so without any hesitation.

Apart from this, several reports have pointed out the decreasing market of smartphones in China and their impacts on the company’s environment. In addition to that, several US companies enforce Huawei to introduce a new feature. On the other hand, knowing the market and its odd, Huawei continues to ship the smartphones. Given the fact that many companies have banned people from using devices that are developed by US companies, Huawei has pulled out a massive market in its favor.

Furthermore, Huawei has said that the company has no intention to break the connection with Android, but after launching its own Navigation system suggests that the organization is also cutting down the dependency on Google. This move brings out a very distinctive change amongst the Chinese companies since they will have the new options apart from Android.

Google Map has been the only option for a long time, but now with the advent of its operating system, smartphone companies would have another calibration option rather than Google’s Android. In addition to that, Huawei’s navigation system works not only on smartphones but also on smart devices, including speakers, television, and other accessories. Now. Imagine what we would witness if Huawei launches an alternative to the Google Map. It will offer a new feature to the users, developers, and even other companies to use the service. 

Google Maps help Delhi cops reunite 12-year-old girl with family after four months 

A recent rescue operation held in New Delhi has attracted so many people. In New Delhi, a teenage 12-year old girl was reunited by the Delhi police with the help of Google Maps. Delhi cop has successfully managed to join girl by carrying out a rescue operation that included Google Maps.

The incident took place with an e-rickshaw driver handed the child at the Kirti Nagar Police station on March 21. When the policeman asked the girl a few questions regarding the locality where she lives, the girl could only tell her father’s name and her village’s name that is Khurja. After getting such information, cops have started to check the database of missing people, matching with the location, but failed to do so.

Moreover, cops have stated that the girl was mentally ill; that’s why she could not give precise information. However, the girl told how she came to Delhi. All she could say was that she came to Delhi by train with his uncle, whose name is Pintu. She also added that the man tried to take off her clothes during the journey, but when she insisted, the man ran off.

Once the cops came to know about the situation, they have sensed the sexual assault, and therefore, they have taken the girl to check-up. Fortunately, the girl was safe, and there was no sign of sexual assault. After getting the victim’s statement, cops have registered a case, and the girl was handed over to the NGO.

With the help of Google Map:

With the help of google map Cops have identified the villages with the names of Sakapar, Sonbarsa, and Kurja, and fortunately, found out the girl’s family. This way, Google Map has helped daughter meet her family.

We hope this article will help you improve Google Map performance and understand a few interesting facts about Google Map and its rivals.

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