10 Best Free Netflix Alternatives

Free Netflix Alternatives: Netflix is undoubtedly the highest used Video streaming services around the world. It features endless content and has the most number of users. In spite of being the most popular streaming services, it’s not the only one; there are numerous streaming services present than you think of.

These streaming services cover some excellent video content and bring shows from different corners of the globe.

America only has 200 Streaming services for its users; several countries have their streaming services available. Streaming services are the thing now, gone are the days for cable. With these streaming services, you get the best of both worlds that is some original web content as well as popular TV shows and movies.

Top 10 Free Netflix Alternatives Apps 

There is so much to choose from, and selecting a few can be hard, and once you choose, you have to pay for the subscription. But it’s not necessary for you to heavy your pocket when it comes to streaming service.

There exist free ad supporting video streaming applications that you can download on your phone and other device and access it anywhere, anytime.



The Internet Movie Database is owned by Amazon; it is a part of Amazon’s owned IMDM. Previously named by Freedrive is now a popular free ad-supported anime streaming online app available for iOS as well as Android users. IMDb TVvalues quality rather than quantity. this one is one of the best platforms from all Free Netflix Alternatives.

There are over 384 contents you get at IMDb TV, but all of them are popular ones with popular actors. There are a lot of classic movies from the 90s that you will enjoy watching. IMDb is particularly suitable for streaming movies online and not for those who are looking for documentaries and dramas.

Here you will bind all the blockbusters and super hit fit films that everyone talks about. However, the movies you get here, not new releases. You can stream IMDb TV with many TVs and devices like Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, Xbox, Playstation 3, and 4.

Initially, IMDb featured TV shows like Heroes, The Bachelor, Fringe, and movies like Foxcatcher, Samurai, True Romance, and more.

People enjoyed IMDb is the popularity lead to expansion of content, the new line up includes films from huge production houses such as Warner Bros, Sony Pictures Entertainment and MGM Studios.

Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle

SonyCrackle is one of the initials streaming services that made online video streaming popular. It may have lost its popularity, but it still delivers pretty good content. This free video app is now owned by Chicken Soup for the Soul entertainment. You can far except some unexceptional shows soon enough.

Crackle is a free service, so it has ad-support, you have to wait for 30 to 30 seconds for the ads while you watch shows. Crackle features TV shows, blockbuster movies along as well as some originals.

For a free app, there is a lot of content you can find it, around 150 films, and more than 70 shows. Crackle is primarily known for the classic content it has like Starship Troopers, Ace Ventura, 300 miles to Graceland, Seinfeld, and many more.

You can stream Crackle on various devices; it is compatible with mobile and computer accessories, Smart TV, Game consoles. To stream this application, all you have to do is to register with ID and password.



A DVD supplier company named Midwest owns hoopla. Hoopla free video streaming service has all kinds of content, but some of the best types of stuff you can watch on Hoopla are dramas, classic, documentaries, and horror and comedy films.

The best thing about Hoopla is that it contains the most number of oscar-winning shows and movies. If you have appreciated good stories and look for out of the box shows, Hoopla is a must-try for you.

Hoopla is not just for video streaming, but it more, it is also a groundbreaking public library that lets you borrow content of all kinds. With Hoopla, you can borrow music, audiobooks, ebooks, comics, and of course, TV shows and movies.

You can use the Hoopla app on your mobile phone and enjoy the entertainment library from any corner anytime. Hoopla updates it’s the library with new content every day so you will never get bored.

Hoopla operates through the library system; it is straightforward to use Hoopla just sign in using a library card and rent a certain number of content per month like 15 or 20. The best part of using a library system is that ads will not interrupt you.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV

Tubi is again an ad-supported free streaming service that delivers exclusive content with two minutes of commercial after an hour of video streaming.

The company wants to provide the best material they have stated that the company will invest $100 million for the licensed content, it will be the highest amount of spending for a free streaming service.

Tubi TV is available for almost all devices such as Android devices, iOS devices, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Xfinity X1, Samsung TVs, Sony Smart TVs, PlayStation, Chromecast. Tubi TV has thousands of content that include content from well-known studios like Paramount, Lionsgate, MGM, and more.

It has exciting categories Highly Rates, Not on Netflix, and more. These categories will help you choose better and discover shows of your choice.

You don’t have to scroll through all the shows and movies, just choose a class that interests you, and that’s it though an excellent free Netflix alternatives Tubi TV will disappoint you when it comes to new releases.



Similar to Hoopla, Kanopy features a library system that has stacked over 4000 movies to access for free. This library system is more vast; it’s available in participating public libraries, colleges, and universities, have collections from all around the globe. Kanopy features foreign films, different language shoes, independent cinema, and documentaries.

Kanopy is versatile in terms of content from the Indies, foreign, and traditional films; it has the best of everything. There are classical gems that you will hardly find it on other apps or services.

Unlike Tubi Tv and other free services, Kanopy has some new releases. With library support, Kanopy has several kinds of shows, but somehow, it lacks on family and comedy shows.

Kanopy is not only for entertainment, but this platform is also for students who look for educational videos related to health, social science, business, and more.

You can also learn concepts and skills like refrigeration and AC repair. Overall, Kanopy is excellent for those who enjoy indie and foreign films, discover different cultures and content from different corners of the world.



You can enjoy Vudu with your whole family; it is best for family shows and comedy movies. So if you often watch TV with your family and friends, this Streaming service is what you should register. You will also get to watch new releases and great classics. Vudu is a vital part of Free Netflix Alternatives.

Vudu is also majorly known for providing rental services, but that doesn’t mean you have limited free content. At Vudu, there are over 3000 movies and more than 200 TV shows that you can watch without paying a penny.

If you are a 90s kid, Vudu will take you to a nostalgia trip as many of the shows here are from 1990 to 2010.

Vudu page has categorized shows in many parts letting you pick your interest quickly. Categories you get at Vudu includes popular on TV, Only on Vudu includes originals too, sequels and remakes, romantic movies, the family adventure include kids favorites, indie horror, big heist, NSFW laughs, Family, Buddy Comedies and much more.

Internet Archive

Internet Archive

Internet Archive brings to you all public domain that includes a massive range of movies, and everything here is for free, you do not even have to sign in to an account. If you wish to mark favorite shows and movies, you will have to create an account; otherwise, it’s alright.

What is Public domain you ask, it is a code for old, mainly black and white, this platform features incredible classical movies like Gulliver’s Travels, plan nine and more. Internet Archive is only accessible on the browser, whether it’s on the computer browser of mobile browsers like safari and chrome.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV

Movies, Sports, Gaming, Animations, Adventure, News everything is free on Pluto TV. Pluto gives you access to endless content; there is a lot in every category, many exciting things to watch. One of the best features of Pluto streaming service is that it lets you watch live broadcasting tv channels, there are 50 plus shows live channels.

Pluto has basically everything, the most number of content is filmed, pluto TV has over 1000 films. There are a lot of categories filled with lots of content.

There may be some B or C grade junk as well, but that doesn’t lack good stuff. Pluto undoubtedly contains gems oscar nominees and great films like the Black swan, Birdman, Fly Away Home, and more.

You can stream Pluto TV on your desktop browser or download the Pluto TV on your Android or iOS phone. You can also stream this service on your smart TVs and channels for Apple TV, Fire TV, and Roku.

Roku channel

Roku channel

Roku channel is part of Free Netflix Alternativ and also free streaming service available for Roku device users. You can only access these streaming services if you are connected with Roku Channel; if not, skip this part move toe;l next one.

If you do have Roku TV or plan to have one, you can go for it. Roku isn’t a free service, but you can access free content, so not all the shows and movies you see on the screen are for free.

There are many shows and films you can only watch after you subscribe. Roku partners for movies are Lions gate, MGM, Sony, and Warner, along with free shows available on Roku’s existing channels like FilmRise, popcornflix, Vidmark.

Finding your favorite show on Roku is very simple to search with the title, genre actor, or even with director name.

Roku channel consists of some best films for every genre and pretty good collection for horror and crime movies. This streaming service lacks many genres, and categories like it don’t have many selections for kids or documentaries, family shows, or new releases.



Unless you live in a den, you all know about youtube, there is so much content youtube has to offer to the audience. Here we are not talking about the videos that people upload movies and originals.

Apart from rental movies, Youtube also has some free stuff like over a hundred content for free. To see the Free movie list go through the open to watch section.

Do not get confused between Youtube and Youtube Red, Youtube Red comes with subscription plans and has many originals and new releases.

The best part of using Youtube is that you can stream it on any platform Android, iOS, Smart TV, All computer devices. The free stuff on Youtube is very less compared to the other streaming service, but the things you get here are exclusive.

Youtube is also suitable for documentaries and one of the best options to stream music of all kinds. All solid music albums of widely known stars are released on youtube like Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Coldplay, and many more.

If you are ok with renting movies, Youtube is a great option; however, for free stuff, it should be on the bottom of your list.


Enjoying video content does not always have a price tag, enjoy new material and old ones on these free Netflix alternatives. All of these are for free, so you can check out all and shortlist your favorite ones or keep it all. Do let us know which one did you find the best in the comment section below and why.

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