How to Watch Live Broadcast TV on your Apple TV without Cable?

Watch Live Broadcast TV: Apple TV was one of the earliest launched streaming services; it made a revolution on the entertainment. It was relaunched recently with more amazing features. Apple tv now has millions of contents for everyone.

Apple TV is an entertainment box that you can bring at your home. With a massive library of streaming services, there’s content for everyone for every mood. It includes Amazon Prime. HBO Now, Hulu TV, DirectTV and much more. You probably won’t leave your sofa for hours watching these. 

Enjoying these amazing shows doesn’t mean you have to miss out on watching live TV broadcasts. Apple TV without cable also offers free TV and anime streaming websites features that don’t require a cable subscription.

We usually watch broadcast television on our TV through setup box and over the air HDTV antenna. But now you can enjoy TV broadcast right on your Apple TV thanks to HDHomeRun.

HDHomeRun lets you watch television on your Apple TV without cable not only that, but you also watch TV broadcast right on your iPhone as well as iPad. Now you don’t need to buy for your cable channels, all your family members.

You don’t have to fight over tv remote, and all the family members can watch their shows simultaneously on different devices like an iPhone, computer or more. With the HDHomeRun subscription plan, you can even record live TV and watch it whenever you wish without any commercials.

Keep reading this article to know more about HDHomeRun features, how does it work, and how to set it up with your Apple TV.

What is HDHomeRun and How does it Work?

HDHomeRun looks like a small router in the size of Apple TV without cable or even smaller. This box works as a transmitter which you have to connect with your router and OTA antenna. With this device, you can stream live TV on any kind of device that is using the same internet connection.

Here how the connection works, 

Step1: You first have to connect your ethernet cable to the internet modem at your home.

Step2: After that OTA antenna to the modem, you don’t need to connect the antenna with your tv set.

Step3: Plug the device into a power source

Step4: Using a device like an iPhone or computer, you can scan for local apps using a companion app.

apple tv app

Step5: Download the HDHomeRun app on your device and starts watching TV broadcast instantly. To watch TV broadcast on Apple TV you will need a third-party app; channels are one of the highest-rated apps for that.

Step6: You can install the app on any HomeRun that’s it!

Benefits of having HDHomeRun at your Home

HDHomeRun is most enjoyed by people who don’t have a cable subscription and want to watch the live broadcasts. There is HDHomeTun box also for people that do have a cable subscription? 

HDHomeRun is a lot different than watching CBS or ABC on TV. There are two main benefits of having HDHome Transmitter, which is as below:


The first benefit is that you can watch Television broadcast on any device in your house that supports this app. Each family member can operate this app with different and watch different shows at the same time.

You can watch TV on your mobile phone, tablet, computer even set boxes like /amazon fire and Apple TV. Now you don’t have to sit in one place you can watch it anywhere.

The second benefit comes with the HDHomeRun DVR subscription plan, which allows ti to record the LiveTV and watch it on your preferred timing without internet and no commercials.

You don’t have to buy the subscription if you don’t want to watch recorded shows. But if you are the person you would love to watch a show on a repeated basis. If you would like to save some content offline viewing than HDHome subscription is something you should go for.

Which things to watch free live TV on Apple TV?

Watching Live TV is actually not free of cost as you will need to buy an HDHomeRun box if you don’t have it. You will also need a few other things like an Internet modem and an HDTV antenna. Before we go this in detail you first need to check if your country supports digital TV that receives ATSC or DVB-T and DVB-T2, DVB-C, or QAM.

HDHomeRun Box

You will need an HDHomeRun box; there are different transmitters available in the market. You can choose as per your requirement.


HDHomeRun Connect Duo

Price: $100

This transmitter works for HD and SD playbacks. It has wireless internet connectivity with which you can stream LiveTV on up to two devices simultaneously. 

HDHomeRun Connect Quatro

Price- $150

The connect Quatro has the same features of ‘Connect Dual,’ but here you get four tuners.

Here four people in your house van watch live TV simultaneously on different devices.

HDHomeRun Extend 

Price- $180

HDHomeRun Extend comes with extended features like video transcoding. If you face an internet connection every now and then, you should go for this model. It compresses videos in real-time, so your bandwidth doesn’t get maximized.

HDHomeRun Prime

Price- $130

The Prime model is for those who already have a cable subscription. With this, you will need a CableCard and digital cable subscription which you rent.

HDTV Antenna

Beside ‘HDHomeRun Prime’ you will also need the antenna, the HDTV antenna with a coax connector that works as a receiver in your location. The price of antennas depends upon how far you live from the local broadcast center.

ota antenna

You would probably need an indoor antenna which comes in the price range of $15 to $30 or you might need the outdoor mounted antenna that will cost you up to $150.

HDHomeRun Application

After you have all the above things, you would also need to download the HDHomeRun App for Mac, iPhone, or iPad. HDHomeRun is right now not compatible with Apple TV, but other software can help you with these like channel app. This software are available in the app store with different subscription depending on what content you are looking for.

apple tv app

If you want to use Channel for Apple TV, it will cost you $24.99 to watch live TV on Apple TV. The iPad and iPhone version of the Channel app is completely free. This app comes with amazing features; you can record the channel you are watching for up to 30 minutes. You can press the record and move on to work, it’s the best way to skip commercials. And You will get access to full DVR support.

How to Setup HDHomeRun at your home?

Setting HDHomeRun is not as difficult as it may seem, Refer the step by step guide to set HDHomeRun at your home now.

Step1: Decide the location at your home where you want to set the connection. All the connections will be with HDHomeRun box, modem, antenna, and a power source. You do not have to connect anything to your TV or Computer. 

Step2: Disconnect the OTA antenna from your TV set. You now have to connect the antenna to the HDHomeRun box through the coax cable.

Step3: With the ethernet cable connect HDHomeRun with your home router. One end of the ethernet cable goes to the box and plug the other end into the ethernet port on the router. This connection would be permanent, so make sure you have enough space to set up the box along with the antenna. You can also buy a longer ethernet cable if you need it.

Step4: After you finish setting all the cords, plug the power source.

Step5: A green light will be turned on the HDHomeRun box after that open myhdhomerun.com where you have to scan channels.

Step6: Download required software that works for your device from myhdhomerun You can download the HDHomeRun app on your iPhone and iPad. 

There are plenty of other apps like Emby, Kodi, Plex, and as I mentioned earlier Channels and also InstaTV pro is high ratings on the app store.


That was all about watching live TV on your Apple TV without cable; After you try, the HDHomeRun do let us know your reviews. We hope you found this article useful if you have any queries, connect with us through the comment section below.

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