Best Places to Buy or Sell a Used Phone in 2024

Buy or Sell Used Phone: It’s the era of smartphones; there are phones with every price range. However, High-end phones are always tempting. High-flagship mobile phones may have tons of features, but their crazy price money can sure burn your pocket, especially if you are a student. However, there is always a second option.

In the quest of finding a high-flagship phone considering the budget limitation of Buy or Sell a Used Phone that has all the features intake can fulfill the need.

Top Sites to Buy or Sell a Used Phonebuy or sell used phones

With the price of phones insanely increasing the market of used cell phone has become quite a thing now. There are lots of places where you can buy a phone used by a person with all the descriptions and time of use.

There are sites were people directly sell their products, and there are websites that take the mobile phone from the seller and sell it on their websites after testing it.

The value of mobile phones keeps drops instantly with the launch of new mobile phones, if you use a mobile phone it’s just become cheaper no matter how well it had preserved.

Selling your old phone may not load you with cash, but it’s still a very beneficial option when you get bored with your phone or look for another mobile phone to buy. Selling an old phone and buying a new phone with an exchange value is the best thing to do.

Things to Consider Before buying a used Mobile Phone

1. Condition

The first thing to look at when you are buying a used mobile phone is its condition. Check phone for damaged or rugged or if the condition of the phone is looking brand new. Read the Description properly ask and check the Pictures properly and check it’s refundable if in case you don’t like it when it arrives.

2. Price

Check the mobile specification and price look on different websites for the same specification and price range, so you get a best-valued phone.

3. Warranty and Purchase Slips

When purchasing a used mobile phone, you should be aware of the date it was purchased and if it includes Warranty. Having a warranty on a used phone is necessary to justify its reliability.

4. Activation

If you get a used phone locked, you have to put extra efforts to unlock it. So to save yourself from unnecessary work, purchase a phone that is unlocked.

5. Accessories

The used phone should have all the default accessories that come along with it. You should have the original charger and earphone(If it came with the box).

Along with keeping these four things on priority, there are other things to mark on your old phone. First, your phone should come with the Factory reset and no logins, Check the Sim Lock status.

There are two kinds of used phones available in the market

-> You can purchase a used phone directly from the seller through popular websites called eBay, Swappa, and Craigslist.

-> Refurbished mobile phones are made by repairing faulty mobile phones. It is not like normal second-hand phones; it made and sold directly from a manufacturer or a partnered company. Refurbished phones are available at many e-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Best Buy, Gazelle.

You need to decide how you want to purchase a second-hand mobile phone. You have the option to purchase from a person directly without involving any third-party website or app. But Beware as it might save you some money, but there is a risk of receiving a faulty phone with no warranty stated.

If you have prepared a checklist of things, you need on your phone; then it would be easier for you to buy second-hand phones. You can check your phone’s specifications and all the details from places like eBay, Swappa, Amazon, and more.

If you can compromise on the phone’s look a bit damaged on the outer body, you can get a quality product fro, sites Gazella. The phones here available with warranties and you can even get your money back if you are satisfied with the product.

We highly recommend buying a refurbished mobile phone as it comes with an extended warranty and repaired properly and tested before selling.

Best Places To Buy Used Phones

Below are the best sites to go through for buying Used mobile phones.


Glyde website sells the premium pre-owned phone. So what makes used phones premium? Ar Glyde used mobile phones to go under 30 plus functional and cosmetics tests.

The mobile phones are proved to be of the highest condition, making it just like a new mobile phone with 50% less amount of spending. Glyde website is not only for selling used mobile phones; you also get brand new phones. It e-commerce websites which communicate between a seller to a buyer.

Glyde guarantees secure payment and quality product. It makes sure that the buyer receives the right product and to ensure that it doesn’t provide the seller the payment until the customer receives his or her ordered product.

It makes the seller use a secure shipping method. Also, it takes cares you receive a satisfactory device, and even if you don’t, you can get back your money with a maximum duration of 72 hours.

You only pay the amount mentioned on the site nothing extra, but the drawback here is that the mobiles phone are limited to iPhones and Samsung Phones.


Swappa is a website that sells all kinds of tech devices from mobile phones to Chromebook, smart Bluetooth speakers, android smartwatches, and cameras. Initially, when it started, it only sold Android mobile phones, it is now one of the trustworthy websites for selling tech products.

Swappa works with a unique structure if you want to buy a phone on this website, you have to pay a small fee. This fee is for added privileges that ensures that your mobile phone will remain secure. This fee comes along with a discount, so you get your phone at an affordable price.

The payment done here is through PayPal, so it’s completely secured also costing includes shipping charges, so there is no change of price post-sale. You Swappa company does not check the phone physically, but they have their method.

The listing of mobile phone is done by the person checking the validity of IMEI and if it can be activated. Physical appearance is marked through checking clarity photo is marked; every angle of the mobile should be visible clearly on the mobile phone.


eBay has become a huge platform for selling all kinds of trustable products. It almost covers every country, so you can purchase from anywhere.

this is one of the best sites to buy a used and refurbished mobile phone. It has filtering options, so you don’t have to dig too much for buying your phone. Select a suitable category, Price range, colors, and more matching result will be showcased to you instantly.

eBay is a website that features an online auction system, so there are many used phones which for you to bid on. This doesn’t mean that you can not buy a used phone with a fixed price in fact fixed price phones are sold more in number.

The best thing about buying from eBay is that you get Money Back Guarantee on your phones along with the seller profile.


If you are not familiar with Craigslist, here is what you should know first. Craigslist’s main purpose is to host classified ads that cover everything from Healthcare, farming, music, electronics, jobs, forms anything you can think of will be here.

It is a huge community covering more than 450 cities globally located almost everywhere, and so it’s one of the most visited Websites of the English language.

You will also find all kinds of used mobile phones here with valued price rate. There are plenty of choices; sellers can sell their phone from practically any corner of the world. However, you cannot see the device before you buy it. Shipping charges vary for different locations and can be high at times.

You need to check the Description precisely and contact the seller through mentioned contact details. Ask for more photos and video of the device to be double sure before making any payments. Also, ask if you can return or refund your product if in case it is received damaged.


Gazelle has its own method for selling used phones; it purchases used phone from sellers directly the phone with the best condition are sold on their website while other phones are sold to manufacturers or third-party sites for refurbishing.

This method ensures that you don’t receive faulty phones. Before selling the device a ’30-point inspection process’ is performed on phones to check if it’s operating, they also check if it’s able to connect to the network by inserting a sim card.

At Gazelle, you can buy only Samsung Galaxy and Apple devices that include iPhones, Samsung Phones, IPads, and Max devices. For selling, you get a few more options to choose from; you can sell iPhones and other iOS devices.

If you want to sell Android phones, it accepts Phones from brands like Google, HTC, LG, Motorola, and Samsung.

You might have to pay more here compared to other sites selling pre-used mobile phones, but all the phones here are available with 39-days return policy. Also, phones here are guaranteed to work. Gazelle provides flexible payment for users.


Decluttr is one of the easy ways to sell and purchase pre-used tech devices. Selling at Decluttr is quite simple and hassle-free compared to different e-commerce sites. If you have ever tried selling any tech product, you might know how tiring it could from writing Description to clicking photos and answering questions.

Decluttr saves you from all that unnecessary stuff. If you want to sell a used mobile phone or iPad select the brand and its condition, and Decluttr will provide an estimate selling price.

The process of selling the product very simple you just need to ship your product in any kind of box to Decluttr and that too for free. Your device will be tested there, and if everything seems fine, you will get your payment within a day.

You will get a fair price for your product more than carrier programs and many e-commerce sites. They guarantee you to provide the exact estimated amount; otherwise, you get your device back for free.

Decluttr even helps users to remove all the personal data from mobile phones securely and safely without tampering user’s privacy. You can choose from several modes of payment to receive your money like Paypal, Direct deposit, or check.

When buying a pre-used phone here you might have to pay a tiny bit extra compared to other e-commerce websites. however, it’s far less than the new products. The best part of buying used mobile phones from Decluttr is that everything has 14 days return policy.

If you find you didn’t receive a right a product or if it’s not working, you can return it and get your money back. Besides the return policy, you also get 12 months Warranty in refurbished tech products which makes Decluttr a trustable website.


Unless you are living in a den, you know about the Amazon e-commerce site. Amazon sells everything or anything. Talking about gadgets and devices, it sells every brand and even refurbished products.

Amazon you can buy refurbished mobile phones directly from mobile manufacturers like Apple, Motorola, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, and also from local sellers.

Buying a phone from Amazon means getting a certified product. Even the refurbished mobile phones are backed with 90-days of Warranty. If this duration you feel the pre-used phone is facing any kind of issue or doesn’t fit the Description you can replace it.

The 90 days warranty privilege is for Amazon certified refurbished product, it might not apply to phones with other sellers or manufacturers. Amazon is one of the most trusted e-commerce websites for buying Mobile phones and other tech-related products.

These are places where you can purchase or sell a decent quality smartphone. Buying a pre-used mobile phone is something you can try for a change.

It has its benefits like it’s half the price, it’s eco-friendly as you are preventing a mobile from getting disposed of in the environment. Also if you damage your phone, you won’t feel heartbroken.


We hope you found this article useful, let us know which one of these sites you like the most in the comment section below.

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