How to Power Off, Power On & Hard Reset the iPhone X

There will be a specific situation when you need to turn off your mobile device. If we talk about iPhone X, there are a few cases that have occurred in the history where the mobile device had frozen or stuck on the Apple logo. In such a situation, you have the prior solution, and that is restarting your iPhone. Eight out of ten times, you would have a solution.

What are other situations or places where you need to keep your mobile switched off? If you ever traveled by flights, you may need to keep your iPhone off, especially when you are on your international journey. International flights take time to drop you at your destination, and meanwhile, you should not want to waste your device’s battery. 

Moreover, the device screen turns blank due to a software glitch, a buggy app causing problems in the interface, and software update, these are such events that require restarting the iPhone. Luckily, iOS is an exquisitely stable operating system. Hence, with a few easy steps, you can Turn On/Off or Restart your iPhone X.

How to turn off and restart your iPhone X?

How to turn off and restart your iPhone X?

There are three primary ways to turn off the iPhone X and later versions. A specific feature inside the iOS settings lets you power down your iPhone. You can use hard reset in order to restart your iPhone. Lastly, with the help of physical buttons on your device, you can easily switch off your iPhone X and later versions.

As we know, restarting a device can eliminate various minor issues and bugs from your mobile device. In this article, we will explain to you how hard reset and soft reset can help you solve the frozen Apple logo. Additionally, you will be guided on how to recover from a blank screen by rebooting your iPhone.

So, without any further delay, let’s get started. Continue reading to learn more about how the user can power off the iPhone and how to perform a hard reset and reboot.

How to Power Off the iPhone X or later version using physical buttons?

How to Power Off the iPhone X or later version using physical buttons

In this article, we have covered the method in which you can shut down your iPhone and later models with the help of the Settings app. However, it is not considered as the fastest way to turn off your device. We recommend you to use the fastest method which is restarting your iPhone using the physical buttons provided on your device. Follow the steps mentioned below to do so:

  •  Simultaneously press and hold the Side button/Sleep button/Wake button + Volume button. You can press volume button either up of down.
  • Next up, release all the buttons when you see the shutdown screen.
  • To power off your iPhone, slide to the right!
  • That’s all, make sure to release the buttons in time and don’t press it for too long, otherwise, you will be redirected to the Emergency SOS. You do not want to get engaged in it, do you?

How to Force a Hard Restart on the iPhone X or later version using physical buttons?

This method does not contain any extra steps since it is quite similar to the earlier technique. The only difference is the time when it is used mostly. Mostly when you have a frozen app or a blank home screen or experiencing a bug in your device, you can opt Hard Reset to solve the respective issues. Follow the simple steps mentioned below to perform a hard reset.

  • Press and release the Volume Up button
  • Press and then release the Volume Down button
  • And again Press and keep the Side/Sleep/Wake button. Don’t release it until the screen turns off.
  • If you mistake to press the Volume button, Siri will appear. Try again and press volume buttons properly to avoid such a situation.
  • After eight to ten seconds, iPhone X will switch off and restart.

How to Power Off the iPhone in the Settings App?

How to Power Off the iPhone in the Settings App

This method is compatible with iOS 11 and later updates. As we know, using physical buttons is the fastest way to turn off or restart your mobile device. However, it gets awkward for some users to press buttons properly. Don’t worry; we have another option to power off the iPhone X from the Setting app. This is an alternative way to restart or turn off your phone, introduced in iOS 11 and later versions. Follow the steps mentioned below to shut down iPhone X using Setting App.

  • Open Setting app
  • Choose General
  • Scroll down to the bottom
  • Tap Shut Down
  • Slide to turn off the device

How to Turn on the iPhone X or later versions?

There will be certain times when you need to restart your iPhone X.  If you perform a hard reset, you need to turn on your iPhone back. Note that you need to enter the passcode before Face ID recognition whenever you hard reset or shut down the device. Follow the steps mentioned below to turn on iPhone X.

  • Hold down the Side/Sleep/Wake button until you see the Apple logo on your device screen.
  • Once it  restarts, you need to swipe up from the bottom of the device screen and write down the password when asked

Final Words!

We hope that this article will help you power off, power on, and hard reset the iPhone X and later versions. If you have any queries regarding iOS and Android, you can reach out to us. 

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