Best Prepaid iPhone Plans in U.S.

Prepaid iPhone Plans in U.S. : If you are living in the U.S. and want to save a bit of cash through your iPhone then choose the best prepaid plan for your iPhone. Nowadays, there are enormous options available in the market for every talker, texter or web surfer for a prepaid plan.

Some may require modifying a few settings in iPhone to get things like picture messaging fully up and running, but if you need to save some cash or just don’t fancy signing contracts, then the prepaid plan is a great option.

Know All the Best Prepaid iPhone Plans

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There are various options available to choose from:

  • Best Value: Boost Mobile
  • Bulk Data: Mint Mobile
  • Overall Best: T-Mobile
  • Best Coverage: AT&T Prepaid
  • Best International: Straight Talk

Let us discuss the above-mentioned options in detail.

Best Value: Boost Mobile

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Boost Mobile is a CDMA carrier that is used for Sprint’s network. There are two different kinds of data plan options, starting as low as $30 (sign up for monthly auto-pay). On the other hand, with the base plan, you get 3GB of LTE data every month that can also be used for tethering.

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The second plan is $50 per month to enjoy unlimited LTE data. It includes 12GB of tethering that can be extended to 30GB by paying $60 or simply in $80 you can avail 50GB of hotspot data.

All the above-mentioned plans include unlimited talk and text with unlimited music streaming without using your monthly data allocation. 

Advantages of Boost Mobile

-> Includes hotspot

-> The user gets per month 50GB of hotspot

-> Low price

Disadvantages of Boost Mobile

-> Sprint’s network does not work properly everywhere.

-> CDMA limitation means no simultaneous data and voice.

Bulk Data: Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile

Mint mobile is a T-mobile MVNO that stands for Mobile Virtual Network Operator. Whenever you buy any plan in bulk it offers cheap data plans.

You can simply pay in advance for 3 months, 6 months or for 12 months and enjoy the service in as low as $15 per month for 3GB with high-speed data for every month.

On the other hand, if you want the convenience of paying for a whole year in a single shot, then 3GB per month plan comes at just $15. Also, simply pay $25 per month if you want a plan of 12GB per month.

Mint Mobile is an iPhone friendly network. In this, all plans include talk and text services. Just put the SIM card, turn it on that’s it. It works great!

Advantages of Mint Mobile

-> Comes with cheap and best data plans

-> Pay for a year in advance

-> Nationwide network

Disadvantages of Mint Mobile

-> Data service gets slow in congested areas

-> No unlimited option

Overall: T-Mobile


T-Mobile has become very popular since it has abandoned contracts, but the company offers great prepaid plans that are quite a steal deal. Here, you get two sorts of pre-paid services starting at $40 per month for 10GB of LTE data.

T-Mobile also has one prepay plan that offers you unlimited LTE data for $50 per month. The above-mentioned 10GB plan is best for tethering as well because it comes with LTE speed.

All T-Mobile plans include unlimited talk and text with unlimited streaming. The T-Mobile prepaid plan not only works in the U.S but it works throughout North America, Canada, and Mexico.

Advantages of T-Mobile

-> Nationwide coverage

-> The network works throughout North America

-> Fast LTE network

Disadvantages of T-Mobile

-> T-mobile coverage can get weak in rural areas

Best Coverage: AT&T PrepaidImage result for AT&T Prepaid

AT&T prepaid is the new name for the GoPhone brand that comes with a great AT&T coverage. The entry-level plan starts at $35 per month that includes 1GB of high-speed data.

The second plan comes at $45 that includes 8GB and if you want an unlimited plan then pay $65 per month and enjoy the unlimited plan. All the plans include unlimited text services and calling services in the U.S. and unlimited texting to over 100 different countries.

If you want to avail text and calling service between or within Mexico and Canada take $45 or $65 plan. With a $65 plan, you can add a mobile hotspot just by paying an extra $10 each month.

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Advantages of AT&T Prepaid

-> High-speed network

-> Nationwide network

Disadvantages of AT&T Prepaid

-> Bit expensive

-> Overpriced entry-level plan

Best International: Straight Talk

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Straight Talk is also an MNVO that piggybacks on AT&T’s network to provide great coverage at an affordable price. At just $30 a month, you get 1500 minutes and 100MB of data.

If you want unlimited text and calling service with 2GB of high-speed data then simply pay $5 extra and enjoy the unlimited service. If you are a web surfer and looking for more data, pay $55 and enjoy 12 GB of data.

On the other hand, at $60 plan get 8GB and unlimited talk and text service to mobile numbers in Canada, China, Mexico and more.

At Straight Talk, you can pay in advance for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or even for a whole year at a single shot. It is of great use as just pay in advance and enjoy the services without any hassle.

Advantages of Straight Talk

-> Uses AT&T network

-> Pay for a year in advance

-> Get plans with unlimited calling and texting service to china.

Disadvantages of Straight Talk

-> Expensive for heavy data usage.

-> No unlimited data option.

Everything mentioned about various plans above will help you choose a prepaid carrier as it includes advantages and disadvantages as well.

For most of the users, carriers that have piggybacks on AT&T or T-Mobile’s network will have the best coverage. But if you are living in an area that supports great Sprint then boost carriers work great with some nice plans.

AT&T prepaid or T-Mobile is highly recommended as it has the best coverage. They even offer reasonably priced unlimited plans with nationwide LTE coverage.

On the other hand, Mint is the best option if you do not require much data and want to save a bit of money, then simply switch to Mint Mobile. In this, you can buy 3 months of 2GB LTE data at once by paying $45 ($15 each month).


From the above-mentioned options, you can choose the best prepaid iPhone plan according to your needs.

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