iPhone Not Sending Picture Messages: How To Fix This?

A widespread complaint that iPhone users come up with. And having faced the problem personally, we are aware of how disappointing it can be — not being able to send picture messages to your friends and family just because of this problem.

You will notice that when you share your pictures using Imessages, it remains undelivered with a red exclamation mark (), and a “Not Delivered’’ notification pops up. You find yourself stuck and try resolving the problem at the earliest. But after many failed attempts, you’re wondering why is it happening? You have come to the perfect place to put an end to the confusion. I am here for your rescue.

Ways To Fix The Problem Of Sending Pictures As Texts In iPhone :

Here we have some methods which have been worked upon and are found to help resolve the issue. One should be aware that this problem may sometimes occur due to a weak cellular connection also, so I would strongly recommend going according to the order in which the solutions are mentioned. This implies that you should start with the first step first and then go to the next in case it does not help.  

We have shortlisted the best three tips that would help you to get over the problem instantly.

TIP # 1: Make Sure That MMS Messaging is Enabled.

Disabled MMS Messaging can keep you from sending pictures as texts, so you have to ensure that it is enabled. To do this or only to check whether it has been enabled or not, go to the  Settings app > scroll and find Messages > and finally, turn on the switch for MMS Messaging.

MMS Messaging

Having done this, now it’s time to restart your phone. Once it has restarted, you can try sending pictures to a friend, preferably to one who has an IOS or MacOS device. Avoid sending too many pictures at a time on cellular networks, as this would raise the chances of another failure and would overburden the carrier. 2-3 pictures at a time should do just fine if the blue bubble pops up, congratulations! The problem is fixed, and the message is sent.

It may be that you Do Not Find the MMS Messaging Option. Contact your career to ensure it is enabled.

In case it doesn’t work :

  • If the tip does not come in handy, it is possible that your carrier is the culprit. Make sure whether the carrier allows sending pictures as messages or not.
  •  It is also vital to have a reliable internet connection. Sometimes to simply refresh the mobile data or wifi by turning it off and then restarting it.
  • If you’re using mobile data, go to:

Settings app > cellular network > switch the button on/off and then press it again.

mobile data off

  • For the ones using Wifi :

Open Settings > wifi > and turn off the wifi and wait for sometime. Restart it and try sending the pictures.

A lot of times the apple server goes down and the best you can do is wait for a while. In the meantime, you can go to, and check the status for Imessage. You will see a green dot if the server is working.

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Tip #2 : Turning The Imessage App on/off from the settings.

Once you’re done turning off the data connections and restarting them, you can now try turning the app on and off from the settings. This should possibly bring a solution, as it has, a majority of times.

The process is the same as above, go to :

Settings app > tap on Messages > Turn the button next to Imessage Off.

But, do not turn on the imessage on. Restart the phone and then turn the imessages on. This should have made you pass the obstacle already.

on imessages
Tip #3 : Reset the Network Settings :

Lastly, Resetting the network settings can help if you still can’t get ahead of the problem.

Note: All the Wifi passwords will be wiped out once you reset the network settings, so you will have to fill them out.

Go to :

Settings app > tap on General > Then, Reset network settings and  Confirm.


Be patient until the network has been put to default. And surprise! You’ve knocked the problem out!

We assume you would have sent a few pictures to your friends by now, and the problem is resolved. It would be really kind of you to let me know which Tip worked out the best for you and helped you promptly. Help me serve you better with your feedback.

We hope this article will help you fix the iPhone Not Sending Picture Message. 

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