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How to Change Wallpaper on iPhone or iPad?

Wallpaper is the way to make your iPhone look yours; you can customize your phone’s look with amazing looking wallpapers. On iPhones, there are sundry of options for wallpapers; these default wallpapers are all HD with vivid colors and graphics.

You can even choose dynamic and live iPhone Wallpapers, which looks wondrous on the iPhone’s screen. When bored with the built-in wallpapers, you can either download wallpaper images from the internet or Change Wallpaper on iPhone from your photo library.

You see the Wallpaper on your phone’s screen numerous times, and a good wallpaper on your screen will cheer you up. So if your new to iPhone and don’t know how to set Wallpaper on your home and lock screen and everything else read the article.

Stock Wallpapers in iOS 13

With iOS 13 came a new series of stock wallpapers with new gradient colors and effects. The stock wallpapers can Change the Wallpaper on iPhone into two modes one is the light mode, and the other is the dark mode. There are majorly five to six colors with different shades in the color palate of stock wallpaper i.e., is blue, green, red, white, and black.

Apart from Apple iOs 13 wallpapers, you also have access to all other previous iOS wallpaper. These wallpapers dwell in perfectly with iPhone’s look or theme. You can also choose the live backgrounds for your iPhone, which moves and seems real; however, it’s not good when your phone is low on battery as live wallpapers consume battery.

When your phone is running out of battery, you can turn your live Wallpaper into a still image. When bored, choose the image from the photo gallery, pick a photo captured by you, or a downloaded image. Scroll down to know all of these.

Change Wallpaper in iOS 13

Step1: Head to Settings on the iPhone or iPad.

Step2: Scroll through the options to find Wallpapers click on it when you see that option.

Step3: Click on the ‘Choose a New Wallpaper’ option.

Change wallpaper

Step4: Select the type of Wallpaper you want to have from Dynamic, Stills, and Photo library.

The Dynamic wallpapers are from Apple Stock wallpapers that change its effect according to your phone’s movements. The stock wallpapers on your iPhone with no movement or effects are Still wallpapers. The third option is the Photo Library, which lets you choose a wallpaper image from your Gallery.

Step5: After you select the type and select and click on the preview mode.

Step6: When you are previewing the image, adjust the size of your image and crop according to the phone screen.

Step7: Click Set

Step8: Now select the option of where you want to set your Wallpaper that is only on the lock screen, only on the Home screen or both. You can have different wallpapers for the home screen and lock screen or keep the same Wallpaper or the same for both.

Change Wallpaper Using Photos

Do you prefer camera clicked photos rather than stock images for Wallpaper? Stock images look fancy, but photos we click bring memory and are more cherishable. If you want to set images that you click or were sent to you by someone, then you can go the photo app for that pick the best image for your Wallpaper.

Step1: Open the Photos app (Gallery) on your iPhone or iPad.

Step2: Go through your Gallery and different folders and pick one photo that you want to set as Wallpaper.

Step3: Once you have selected an image, click on the share button on the bottom left corner.

Step4: In the share, the menu looks for the option set as Wallpaper and click on it.

Step5: Now select the type you want to set it as still Wallpaper, Live that can only be applied when it’s taken as a live image.

Step6: Click on Set

Step7: Select where you want to put your Wallpaper only on the lock screen, Home screen, or both.

Different Ways to Change Wallpaper on iPhone or iPad

The above-mentioned steps are the inbuilt or default options for changing wallpapers. There are many other ways to Change Wallpaper on the iPhone, which opens up a huge gallery of eye-soothing images. Let’s see what these methods are and how it works.

Wallpaper Apps

What if you get bored with the stock images and do not find a good photo from your Gallery? There are not too many stock wallpaper images, and it’s ok to look for different and good options. If you are thinking of downloading images from Google, then you might have to compromise on size and resolution. Here is when the wallpaper app for iPhone comes and makes the task easy.

Here are a few best wallpapers Apps you can download from the Appstore.

1. Everpix

Everpix APP

If you don’t compromise on the quality of images than Everpix will be a good choice for you. Here you get images in full HD quality. You can select from more than 4000 wallpapers here. The images here get updated on its own when you are connected to the Web.

Along with thousands of images, you also have many categories, so choosing a suitable wallpaper is easy. You can mark favorite an image if you want to save it for later, before making the image the Wallpaper you can preview it and see how it looks on the screen and then select it you like it.

2.  WLPPR App


Do you love nature or are fascinated by universe images? If yes, then there are super cool and soothing images in these apps for you. Images of nature, geographic location, Earth, and the Universe.

The best part of the images you find here is that there are scientific descriptions and remarks mentioned along and also sources. You can also share the geographic location of the Wallpaper with your friends.

It looks astonishing when set as Wallpaper on the iPhone. Maintaining theme new images are constantly added to the WLPPR App. If you like a few images very much, you can bookmark it and set it as Wallpaper at any time.

3.  Icon Skins and Themes

Icon Skins and Themes

If you are bored with simple images that are available everywhere, look into this App to find some catchy and unique options. The interface of the Icon Skins and Themes is very interesting; it full of colors and icons.

You will get unique images here like handmade wallpaper design in high quality. Every week The App is updated, and you get many new wallpaper images. There are a few customization options available for you to change the look of the Wallpaper; for example, you can blur the image or part image through blur tools and more.

4. Vellum


Vellum Wallpaper app is one of the highly-rated Apps for iPhone wallpaper set. There are many reasons for it to be the best App it has varieties of wallpapers, which is categorized beautifully. All the types or categories of the Wallpaper are represented very perfectly so you can easily pick a wallpaper. The interface of the App is super easy to understand and use.

You will see options like scenic views, Designs, and also a daily wallpaper column where each day a new wallpaper gets updated. You can preview your Wallpaper and can also apply the blur filter on it. All the themes in the App are updated on a regular basis.

5. Kappboom

kappboom app

Kappboom App is not just a wallpaper provider; this App does more than that. Kappboom gives you various things to put as your phone’s background that includes cool facts, inspiring quotes, drink recipes, and more.

You can edit your preferred Wallpaper in cool effects form collages, and what not? With this App, you will never get out of wallpapers as it has more than 200000 wallpapers. This App is full of interesting things, so it will never disappoint you.

Change Wallpaper on iPhone With Shortcuts

In the latest iOS 13, you can use a shortcut app for creating an automation task that also includes changing wallpapers daily. With the shortcut, you will automate daily wallpaper changing that will automatically be pick from your Gallery. Follow the steps below to use this feature on your iPhone.

Step1: You first need to download and set up Ransomize Wallpaper Shortcut App.

Step2: You have to edit the shortcut and change the Album field./

Step3: Create a new Automation by going to the automation tab.


Step4: Set a date on which you want the automation to trigger and select a randomize wallpaper option.

That’s it now Change you will Wallpaper on iPhone daily automatically.

Turn a GIF into a Wallpaper

Are you always using GIFs in your chats and stories? Now you can turn a GIF into a cool wallpaper. Follow the steps below:

Step1: Download GIPHY App on your phone,

Step2: Choose a GIF that you want to set as Wallpaper.

Step3: Click on the Menu button and choose the option convert to live video. The GIF will be now saved to your phone gallery i.e. Photo app

Step4: Now, as mentioned above, make the live video your Wallpaper. Go to setting, select Wallpaper, select new Wallpaper, and choose the photo you created and click set.

Manage and Sync Wallpaper Collection Using Files

Want to download images from the Web and use it easily? You can if you are using iOS 13 on your iPhone or iPad through Safari Download Manager.

Follow the steps below:

Step1: Download images from the internet through Safari Download Manager and save it in file App.

Step2: Visit the page containing image, press, and hold the image and select download linked file.

Step3: The photo will be downloaded with the original resolution. You can view this image in the download folder of the File App.

Step4: If you want, you can select multiple images together and then save it on iCloud. Select and move all the photos you wish to make Wallpaper and save some space on your phone,

Step5: When you want to make it as Wallpaper you can select that particular image save it in Photos and then make it your Wallpaper as mentioned above.


These are the best ways in which you can Change Wallpaper on iPhone. Tell us which one you liked the best in the comment section below.

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