Disabled Apple ID? Here is what to do about it

Disabled Apple ID

In specific situations, your Apple ID may wind up disabled, and you could wind up locked out of it. These circumstances are baffling. However, there are various reasons why an Apple ID may wind up disabled. 

We’ll discuss the different reasons an Apple ID could end up disabled and what can be done in this piece.

For an assortment of reasons, an Apple ID may end up disabled. Typically this relates with an important message like “Apple ID Disabled” or “This Apple ID has been disabled for security reasons” or some other warning that you can’t sign in to the locked Apple ID since it has been disabled. This can be seen when attempting to login to an Apple ID on iPhone, iPad, Mac,, or some other spot you may try to login to an Apple ID. 

Clearly a disabled Apple ID is a significant ordeal in light of the fact that about the whole Apple universe is gotten to through an Apple ID, including iCloud, Music, iTunes, App Store, and substantially more, so you’ll justifiably need to recapture access to an Apple ID to re-empower it and fix the issue.

Why your Apple ID is disabled?

Apple may cripple your Apple ID for different reasons. However, they’re normally all attached to a certain something: keeping you secure. In circumstances where your Apple ID is locked out, there are different kinds of messages you may see contingent upon where you’re attempting to sign in and what rendition of programming you’re utilizing, regardless of whether it’s from, your iPhone, or your Mac.

Among those are: 

  • “This Apple ID has been disabled for security reasons” 
  • “You can’t sign in light of the fact that your account was disabled for security reasons” 
  • “This Apple ID has been locked for security reasons” 

Regardless, the message you may see about your Apple ID being disabled is normally brought about by security issues. The most widely recognized reasons an Apple ID gets disabled or locked are: 

  • Somebody attempted to sign in to your Apple ID mistakenly too often 
  • Somebody entered your security addresses erroneously too often 
  • Other Apple ID account data was entered inaccurately too often 
  • Suspicious actions

What is the primary thing that you can do about it? 

On the off chance that your Apple ID is ever disabled or bolted, Apple has an account recuperation framework set up, called I forgot, which you can use to recover access to your account. As a rule, yet not every one of them, you will be approached to reset your Apple ID secret word to access your account indeed. On the other hand, you can likewise utilize two-factor validation to open your Apple ID on another confided in the gadget or cell phone of yours; simply remember that in case you’re utilizing two-advance confirmation, a recuperation key will be required just as a confided in the gadget. 

If you are fruitless in recovering your Apple ID too often in one day, you may need to hold up an entire day before you can continue with more tries to open your account. This is another security include that forestalls animal power assaults from programmers from being compelling. 

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On the off chance that despite everything you experience difficulty getting your account opened, which more often than not shouldn’t be the situation in case you’re the genuine proprietor of the Apple ID, you have another choice: call Apple and have them help you via cell phone.

Remedies to stop this happen

A locked or disabled Apple ID is not the slightest bit agreeable, so there are a couple of things you can do to shield yourself and shield your account from getting locked again later on: 

Do whatever it takes not to give your Apple ID email out – If you give such an enormous number of individuals your Apple ID email address, the chances are that one of them may try to be ‘that individual’ and lock you out of your account by attempting to expand unsanctioned access or intentionally entering a password key wrongly again and again. I call these individuals login trolls. 

Simply sign in to your Apple ID through Apple – Tons of individuals are tricked every day. A fake brief, derided up the site, or phishing email declares to be Apple and necessities you to sign in with your Apple ID. Avoid these sorts of prompts to sign in to your Apple ID except in case you’re 100% sure they’re from Apple since they might just endeavor to take your data. 

Use a robust Apple ID password – The more you keep individuals out of your Apple ID, the more plausible you are to avoid issues along these lines. Envision an individual’s structure getting to your account and playing with your Apple ID settings by having a robust password that is incomprehensible be undermined regardless. 

Set up two-factor affirmation or two-step check – These account recovery systems are altogether logically accommodating that encountering only babble with security questions. Consider setting these features up for your Apple ID to fabricate your account’s security.

How to fix your Disable Apple ID and Restore it

To do so, the following are some essentials that you require during solving the Disable Apple ID issue. You will require your first name, last name, and email address which are linked with your Apple ID. Without these, you will not able to solve the issue in the first place.

Follow the steps mentioned below to fix your Apple ID disable 

Step 1: Use desktop site and fix your Apple ID account via web browser or any computer

Launch Safari or google on your computer and navigate to the website: It will redirect you to the iForget Page by Apple.

Step 2: Provide your detail as per the requirement

Once you write down your detail, you need to click on the Continue button as shown in the following image.

find apple id

Step 3: Now from the next screen, you need to select the method which you prefer most

From the following list of methods, you need to select one to reset your password.

  1. You can select Answer security question and follow the required steps in the process.
  2. You can tap Get an email to reset password. In this method, Apple will provide you an email, with the help of that email, you can reset your password by following respective steps.
  3. You can choose to enabling two-factor verification method to reset your password. Note that it is easy to reset password from reliable device.
  4. If you have two steps verification enabled on your device, then you need to provide Recovery Key to initiate the process. After that, you need to follow the steps required for completing the process of resetting the password via two steps verification.
    reset password

Step 4: Check in your email

If you don’t want to use two steps verification technique to reset the password, you can always choose the second option. In which, you need to check the email that you would have received by Apple. In that email, click on the Reset Now button to change your device password.

Check in your email

Step 5: Provide a new password and then click on Reset Password.

Note that you need to make sure that the new password that you are providing must be different from the older one. In addition to that, you need to make password that is not encrypted easily.

Step 6: Completion

Now, if you have performed all the above steps accurately, then you will be able to reset a new password which will fix Apple ID disabled issue. Apple will reset the password and you will get your account the same as earlier.

password changed

Note: We suggest you to change your Apple ID password once you have successfully enabled your Apple ID. You can change your password from the Settings app. You will need to require a password whenever you want to download any application from the App Store.

Fix Apple ID Disabled using the Two-factor Verification method.

Follow the steps mentioned below to reset the Apple ID password on your iPhone or any other iOS devices.

Apple ID password

  1. Launch any reliable iOS device
  2. Navigate to Settings 🡪 Apple Profile & Security 🡪 Change Password 
  3. Follow the steps shown on the screen to change or update your device password.

IF you use Mac, then follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Go to the Apple Menu 🡪System Preferences 🡪iCloud 🡪 Account DetailsAccount details in icloud
  2. Here, you need to choose Security 🡪 Reset password

Note: you need to enter the password which is used to unlock your device before resetting your Apple ID password.

Ensure that you provide trusted phone numbers so that in future, you can easily reset the Apple ID password.

We recommend our reader to provide more than two trusted numbers whenever they are able to get their Apple ID back on track. Follow the steps mentioned below to add trusted phone number to Apple ID account.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap on Apple ID Profile
  3. Next, choose Password and Security
  4. Click Edit
  5. Add trusted phone numbers

Here, you need to provide the passcode by which you unlock your mobile device. Once iPhone accept the password, you can add the trusted number and verify those numbers by texts or phone calls. You must be wondering why it is necessary to add trusted numbers, the reason being, you can use these phone numbers to validate your identity and recover your Apple ID and iCloud account.

Fix Apple ID disabled issue by using two-step verification

With Two-Step Verification, Apple necessitates that you confirm your identity by entering your Recovery key. At the point when you empowered Two-Step verification, Apple provided you with a 14-character Recovery Key with directions to print and keep in a sheltered spot.

Follow the steps mentioned below to fix your Apple ID, you need to use your Recovery key in order to get access to your Apple account.

Note: Ensure that you never lost your Recovery Key, because, without it, you will be not able to get access to your trusted device and more importantly, you cannot reset the password.

How to Recover Apple ID and Password with Two-step verification.

Follow the steps mentioned below to restore Apple ID and Password via two-steps verification.

  1. Provide your Apple ID and choose the option to reset the password.
  2. You need to enter your Recovery key for performing two-step verification method
  3. Next up, you need to select any of your trusted device on which Apple will send a verification code 
  4. Enter verification code
  5. Change the password and select Reset Password

Once you reset your password, you can sign-in to your Apple ID. Make sure to change the passwords as soon as you enabled the Apple ID. You can change the password from the Settings app which enables you to download any applications from Apple Store.

How to fix Apple ID Disable and reset the password using Account Recovery (Two-factor authentication)

Even if you are using two factor authentications, and still cannot get access to your Apple account, then you will only have one option left to reset your Apple ID password that is Account Recovery.

What is account recovery?

Account Recovery is Apple’s computerized procedure that tryto get you over into your Apple ID account as fast as could reasonably be expected while denying access to any unapproved clients. 

Account Recovery

To guarantee your security, this recuperation procedure frequently takes a few days to finish and relies upon what specific verification data you can provide to affirm your identity as the proprietor of the account. Note that you should only use this method when you don’t have any options left. You can always choose to select other’s device to reset the password.

Account Recovery on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Follow the steps mentioned below to do so,

  1. Go to Settings App
  2. Sign-in
  3. Now, you need to select Don’t have an Apple Id or Forgot it.
  4. Next, tap Forgot Apple ID
  5. Provide your Apple ID and then, tap next
  6. Enter your trusted device number
  7. Finally, follow the instruction shown on the screen for account recovery.
If you use Mac, follow the steps mentioned below:
  1. Navigate to the Apple Menu 🡪 System Preferences 🡪iCloud
  2. Select Forgot Apple ID or Password
  3. Provide your Apple ID and click Continue
  4. Provide the trusted cell phone number and then click on continue
  5. Finally, follow the onscreen instruction to recover your Apple account and fix the Apple ID disabled issue.

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